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    Here are the fun holiday gift ideas I showed on ABC's World News Now.

    Here are the holiday gift ideas I showed on World News Now. I'll post a link here a few hours after it airs on ABC.

    This caught my eye as I roamed around the Play Fair Show at the Javits Center in NYC. It lets anybody draw or write on the chalkboard surface area of their Chalk of the Town t-shirt with aChalk of the Town marker. The company says you get the best results when you lay the shirt on a flat surface before drawing and use only markers available through Chalk of the Town. Use of other markers may result in staining of the chalkboard surface. To erase the chalkboard, slightly dampen a cotton cloth with water and wipe the surface clean. They recommend using the erasing cloth included in the kit and why wouldn't you? You can let your imagination run wild and draw whatever occurs to you, or use the kit stencil to express your personal interests and style. And don't worry. Chalk of the Town t-shirts are designed to be used, worn, erased and washed over and over again! They come in kid and adult sizes. The price a kit which includes the shirt, a special marker, erase cloth and storage pouch is about $28.00.

    Giz Wiz Video:


    Company Website:


    Chalk Of The Town sent me this email: "Here is a coupon code for you . . . "GizWiz" get 20% off purchases over $20 until 12/14." (I have no financial arrangement with company, I just think it's a great idea.) 


    Holiday Gift Ideas I Showed On World News Now.

    Kodak Printomatic - another way to print instant pictures. 

    Polaroid came out with Polaroid POP camera with instant printing earlier this year. Now Kodak introduces a much-less featured camera, but at a much lower price. Seems Kodak is now part of C+A Global. And they say that the new Kodak Printomatic Camerais the first of the full product lineup to be launched in 2017 and continue into 2018. This camera is designed to bring back the nostalgia of capturing and sharing Kodak Moments and putting the print in the palm of your hand seconds after it happens. The prints from this camera are 2” X 3”, about half the size of the Polaroid print, but also at about half the cost; roughly 50 cents a picture. They also have a peel-off sticky back. Here are some of the features of the new 10-megapixel Printomatic camera: Built-in flash / Built-in lithium ion battery / prints in color or black & white / Low battery indicator / MicroSD card slot and indicator / Available in gray or yellow. MSRP $69.99 USD at major retailers and online including Amazon. IMPORTANT: The camera does not ship with any photo printing paper, but a 20-pack of KODAK ZINK Photo Paper is only $10. And if you want to save your photos you'll need to add a memory card. A 16 GB micro-SD card is under $10 on Amazon if you don't already have an extra micro SD card.

    Giz Wiz Video with more info:


    Amazon Link: 


    Company website:


    Here's a great security stocking stuffer for under $10.

    The ExcelMark is an inked roller stamp for those who don't have, or don't want to buy a shredder, but still need to get rid of sensitive papers. This device has a special pattern on a convenient rolling design which quickly hides addresses, social security numbers, account numbers, ID numbers, etc. And it can do a few things a shredder can't do, like cover private info on prescription bottle labels. The 1.5” wide roller holds the ink inside, so there's no need for a separate, often messy ink pad. I've used it several times and found that the ink quickly dries as you roll it. It works well on all regular paper, envelopes and package addresses. The company says the ink inside has a total length of stamp coverage that can reach 100 meters, which is about 328 feet. Not to worry, because the ink can be refilled when it runs out. The Excel Mark alone doesn't seem to be available alone, but is being sold with 3 ink refills for $12.99. I think this is a good deal. I wish it was available when I bought mine. If you only want the stamper go to the bottom of the page at the link below. You'll the exact same device under a different brand name for under $9.  (Remember that Amazon prices can change at any moment.) 

    Amazon link:

    ZipSnip won't let those pesky thick plastic clam-shell packages drive you crazy trying to open them!

    When scissors can't cut it, these can. The multi-purpose 4V cordless ZipSnip cuts cardboard, rubber, plastic and more. I tried it on a clamshell package and it works great, keeping hands and fingers out of harm’s way. The blade operates at 260 rpm (no load) and its maximum cutting thickness is ¼ in. The ergonomically designed cutter is constructed of high-impact nylon resin with a comfortable mold grip. The tool’s trigger is an integrated part of the handle with a top-mounted lock-out switch for added safety. The cutter has a built-in charging port that brings the tool to a full charge in five hours. An LED indicator on the tool’s body lights when the battery is fully charged. The lithium-ion battery can maintain a charge for several months. MSRP: $34.99. I saw it on Amazon 12/7/17 for $24.99 at the link below. Remember Amazon prices are constantly changing.

    Amazon link:


    Some links on this page are Giz Wiz links. You pay exactly the same as everyone else and Giz Wiz gets a small credit to buy more Amazon gadgets. I spend more than the credit I get, but it helps. Thank you. 


    First the selfie-stick, then the selfie-light & now something even better.

    There are a few Led Selfie Light Rings in the marketplace, but this one from Raphycool has a great additional feature. A built-in power bank. That means if your phone is running low on battery as you're shooting pictures or videos, you can plug your device into the Selfie Ring's 1500mAh battery. The selfie clip on light has 3 levels light: Low, Medium and High. The company says it works for 12 hours on Low, 4~6 hours on Medium, and 2 hours on High when fully charged. That of course will be less if you're also using the built in battery to charge your device. This ring light contains 32 LED's so you can also clip it on a laptop, tent pole, backpack, anywhere you need additional light. It's light weight at 2.6 oz. and it small enough to put in your tote bag or larger pocket. I haven't tried it, but the company says you can also use it for reading, without disturbing others. A rubber grip on the clip helps prevent scratches to whatever you clip it to. Comes with a micro charging cable and anti-water pouch. It was under $15 on 12/7/17 on Amazon, but prices there can change without notice. 


    Room filling lights and colors all from one small, inexpensive gadget!

    Your room can become an instant party with Disco Ball Dance Party Light. It's a small device with 7 color changing LED lights built inside. It comes with a bracket so it can be hang up or just placed on a shelf, tabler, etc. You don't have to be able to reach it, because it comes with a remote control. It's so easy to add color and fun to a party with this projector ball. There are about 6 modes, including the sound activated mode which flashes the lights to your voice or your music. Auto mode: automatically changes colors after you plug in without have to push or switch any buttons. Flash mode: lights flash, appear and disappear quickly as the music rhythm changes. No special wiring. Just plug (AC) & play. Fully adjustable movement speed too. I bought two of these for New Year's Eve. Under $14 (as of 12/1/17 but Amazon prices can change frequently.) 


    Some links on this page are Giz Wiz links. You pay exactly the same as everyone else and Giz Wiz gets a small credit to buy more Amazon gadgets. I spend more than the credit I get, but it helps. Thank you.