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Dick DeBartolo, MAD's Maddest Writer, and co-host of The Giz Wiz at GizWiz.TV, The Giz Wiz on ABC's World News Now, and on Tech Guy Labs with Leo Laporte on TWiT.tv. But wait, there's More »

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    About twenty years ago there was The Screen Savers...

    But since 2015 there's   

    Here's their website for all the latest up-to-date tech news and answers to your tech questions!



    And some info from the past like the first totally wiress web cam I've ever seen.

    NEATGEAR Arlo This is a different kind of security camera. It's battery powered and motion-activated. It doesn't need a power cord so it's really wireless. That means it can go in locations you normally could not mount a security camera. It can even be mounted outside. The flat bottom on the camera lets it sit on any flat surface, or use the magnetic mounting bracket included. It lets you aim the camera exactly where you want. View the output of the camera within the Netgear app on your smart phone, or tablet to get the best placement. Battery life lasts 4-6 months with normal usage. Batteries are not rechargeable, but are easily replaceable. A single Arlo camera starts at about $180 and that includes the base unit. If you want multiple cameras, they only need one base station and it's cheaper to buy them in bundles. Details are at the company website:  



    A nice safety addition to a motorcycle or bike helmet.

    The MotoGlo Motorcycle Helmet Safety Light provides increased visibility of the rider by adding running light, brake light, and turn signal indicators to the back of the driver's helmet. It uses wireless technology between the mounted transmitter and the MotoGlo helmet device. The company says it attaches easily to any ¾ or full face helmet with 3M adhesive. Some descriptions say there are models for full and half helmets, and other descriptions says full and ¾ helmet. Frankly, I'm afraid don't know the difference, but check before ordering. The rechargeable battery provides a full 12 hours of lighting on a single charge and be recharged in about an hour with the included USB charging cable. Turn signals flash amber, red brake lights pulse twice and then stay on steady. Running lights can be turned off, on steady, or flash. The spokesperson at the booth said the included transmitter module must be “hard wired” to motorcycle, which is a 15 minute operation. (Yeah, I'd figure on more than that.) The module may be paired to support 2 helmets. That way if you have a rider with a MotoGlo helmet, the rear helmet can light. Prices range from about $79.00 to $99.00.

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/qCQa2Gha5Qg


    It's here on Amazon for about $89.00 (As of 11/20/15) 

    Whistler Motoglo Full and 3/4 Helmet Safety Light (Black) 

    Here's a place that's selling it for under $70, but I never shopped here:



    It's $130 at the company website:



    A Tool Box You Wear On Your Wrist!

    Leatherman is famous for things like pliers that actually contain many other tools. And they always come with a leather carrying case. At the National Hardware Show 2015, they introduced something new. And here’s how they describe it. “Anytime, anywhere. The functionality of a Leatherman tool, with you everywhere. Our engineers designed multiple tools in each 17-4 stainless steel bracelet link, making usable tools like Allen wrenches, screwdrivers and box wrenches available at a moment’s notice. Adjustable to ¼” to accommodate any wrist size and fully customizable with the links you need most, the Leatherman Tread is as stylish as it is functional.” And now back to me. The Tread is coming August, 2015. And as you’ll see in the video, it’s available in stainless and a specially diamond like black coated stainless for $150 and $200. Yep, almost the price of a smart watch. But wait, there’s more! A version of the Tread bracelet that will include a watch is said to be available in Fall 2015. It will be called the Leatherman Tread QM1 and feature a unique Leatherman-designed and Swiss-made timepiece. It’s said to feature a precision quartz movement, and a shock resistant sapphire crystal to ensure scratch resistance for heavy duty wear. The price for that was not announced. In case you’re dying to know, the Tread Tools include: Cutting Hook, Bottle Opener, Oxygen Tank Wrench, Carbide Glass Breaker, 1/4” Flat Screwdriver, 5/16" Screwdriver, 1/8" Flat Screwdriver, 8mm Box Wrench, 10mm Box Wrench, 1/4" Box Wrench, 3/8" Box Wrench, 3/32" Screwdriver, 3/16" Screwdriver, #1-2 Phillips, #1 Phillips, 3/32" Hex Drive, 1/8" Hex Drive, 3/16" Box Wrench, 1/4" Hex Drive, 3/16" Hex Drive, 5mm Hex Drive, 6mm Hex Drive, 4mm Hex Drive, 3mm Hex Drive, #2 Square Drive, #2 Phillips, 6mm Box Wrench and 1/4" Socket Drive. I don't think it comes with a leather case like most original Leatherman tools. 

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/l6TTleR7Rvs  

    Company Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=72&v=gp8xR07rBH4  

    Company Website: http://www.leatherman.com/ 


    The New Screen Savers!

    At the helm of both, Leo Laporte!  Thanks to Leo and Martin Sargeant I was on the original version. Thanks to Leo and Lisa Laporte I'm now a reoccuring guest on The New Screen Savers.

    On my very first Screen Savers I showed kitchen gadgets. So I figured it would be fun on my first appearance on The New Screen Savers to show --- well, kitchen gadgets! But first -- a look back at the old days at Screen Savers. 




    With the latest Star Wars Teaser getting millions of hits in only hours, it's easy to see Star Wars Merchandise will be big!

    So here are Star Wars gadgets for the kitchen and the backyard BBQ!

    Star Wars: BBQ Tongs: Vader's Lightsaber.  Bring the Dark Side to your BBQ with Lord Vader’s very own BBQ tongs! Okay, they may not actually be Lord Vader's BBQ tongs. I'm not entirely sure they even had BBQ's on the Death Star. They are however shaped just like his lightsaber! Featuring metal tongs, a heatproof plastic handle and dark red storage case, there's even the classic lightsaber ‘vwww-ing!’ sound effects to add extra Star Wars fun to proceedings. A must-have not just for the millions of Star Wars fans out there but also for anyone who just wants to liven up their BBQ! Retail price around $40. Available in retailers such as: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, F.Y.E., Hastings, Hot Topic, and Thinkgeek.

    Amazon link:  

    Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs with Sounds - Barbecue Like a Jedi (22" Long)

    Star Wars: Talking Pizza Cutter: R2-D2.

    Totally awesome pizza cutter for the Stars Fan. Just like the real R2-D2, he boops and beeps as he slices. R2-D2 is a huge help to Luke Skywalker as a navigator, and he now helps you slice your pizza! This cutter features everyone’s favorite R2 unit astromech driod with a sharp round blade on top his head to help you slice. Measures in at about 8 ½-inches long. Retail price around $25.

    Under $19 on Amazon as of 5/23/15. 

    Star Wars Pizza Cutter - R2-D2 Pizza Wheel With Sound Effects - 9" Tall

    Star Wars: Kitchen Timer: R2-D2.

    Simply rotate his head to the required time to start the countdown (up to 60 minutes) and R2-D2 will let out a ring when the timer reaches zero. Simple. With rubber feet to prevent surface scratches, the R2-D2 Kitchen Timer will make the perfect kitchen companion for any chef, even C-3PO! Retail price around $25. Available on Amazon for under $22 as of 5/23/15. 

    Star Wars Kitchen Timer - R2D2 Countdown Timer with Rotating Head