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    The Giz Wiz, Week of Oct 16th 2014, Show # 1490

    3 Gadgets From The Housewares Affordable Innovation Show.

    When I saw a beautiful wine glass in a mini torture device, I had to stop. 

    The company is Luigi Bormioli and the new collection is their Supremo line. Here’s how they describe it: Our Supremo collection is designed with an elegant bowl shape, uniquely crafted to emphasize and develop the wine’s aroma and flavor to enhance the wine’s characteristics to their fullest. The synergy of each element comes together to form a masterpiece as the chimney, conical shape, convex surface, and epicure all work in concert to bring the ultimate level of enjoyment to the wine experience. My description? Hey, it’s beautiful wine glass. They’re made in Italy and created with a proprietary system they call SON.hyx. It is said to strengthen & keep the glass brilliant. It also lets them make them lighter and thinner while maintaining their strength. The glasses are nice to handle and they are very light. They’re dishwasher safe and will retain ultra-clear brilliance thru 4,000 dishwashing cycles. It’s lead free and contains a bit of titanium which enhances the strength of the glass. Watch the video to see how well it works. There are various size stems (I guess that’s the category name for finer glasses) available. Prices, about $12.50 per stem. I saw prices a bit lower when I did a web search and many outrageously high prices as sometimes happens when a brand new product is introduced. Look for prices under $12.50 a stem (or glass) certainly not over it. You can order them at the company website. They’re brand new and may not be available everywhere yet. We recorded our video on 10/14/2014. 

    Giz Wiz Video:   

    Company website: 

    See or hear this show: (Goes live late 10/16/14)


    Sing to your tunes in the shower, or take and make Bluetooth phone calls.

    Back at CES 2012 I found the iShower. It was from iDevices, creator of the iGrill, a Bluetooth enabled meat thermometer. The young lady in the shower video is Maxim Magazine’s “Hometown Hottie”, Mayra Tinajero. iShower plays music via Bluetooth and can remember 5 Bluetooth paired devices. It not only lets users enjoy their favorite music in the shower, but in any environment that would potentially harm their device like the beach, pool, lake, etc. The Bluetooth enabled music player can be kept in a safe place up to 200 feet away while broadcasting the music to the iShower. The shower mounting can stay installed while the iShower is easily detachable. Controls on the iShower, include play/pause/forward/rewind & volume functions. The company says you can expect about 15 hours of streaming audio on 3 AA batteries, which are included. The iShower also has a time of day display to help you know if you can linger in the shower, or how to cut it short and head out to work. Installation requires no tools. The built-in hanger can also act as a stand for the unit. $99.99.

    UPDATE: You’ll probably find it hard to find a place still selling the iShower. The few sites I tried, including the company’s own website shows it as ‘out of stock’. That’s because the iShower2 is coming to replace it. According to the spokesperson at the Affordable Housewares Show, the new model due out mid to the end of October 2014 will add a longer battery life, the ability to make and answer phone calls via Bluetooth, plus a better sounding speaker. And good news, the price will be the same as the original: $99.99. It is expected to appear on the company website first, then move into stores. As of 10/16/14, it was not yet on the company website.

    Company websites:   or 

    Giz Wiz Video:

    See or hear this show: (Goes live late 10/16/14)


    Sponge Daddy! Now much would you pay?

    How much can you say about a lowly sponge, or in this case, a dish/pot scrubber? Well, it seems, a lot! I decided to stop by Scrub Daddy when I heard there really was some technology involved. It turns out you control Scrub Daddy's by something they call FlexTexture which responds the temperature of the water you’re using. It’s soft in warm water, but turns firm in cool water. I got to try it, and yes, it does just that. And according to the company it does a lot more. Let me count a few of the advertised ways! Rinses clean and won't cling to debris so it stays clean and bright. Smells fresh after weeks of use! Safe to use on your non-stick cookware, delicate china and counter tops.  There’s more, but you’ll hear it the video! You may have seen Scrub Daddy on Shark Tank when the inventor got an investment of $200,000. And you might have seen it on QVC, pitched by man himself that you’ll see in our video! It’s widely available at supermarkets, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. You can also find it on Amazon. 

    Giz Wiz Video:

    Company website: 

    4 Scrub Daddy Sponges are here for under $14 with free shipping if you’re a Prime Member on Amazon. Scratch Free Scrub Daddy (Pack of 4)

    See or hear this show: (Goes live late 10/16/14)


    Chad's Crappy Corner & his 3rd gadget in the category for October: Halloween!

    Chad's Halloween Gadgets for this week: 

    Hot Hair Blue Hairspray. Bright, fluorescent blue color, but I'm sure they have other colors too. Transform your look in seconds! Spray in and wash out. This temporary haircolor can take you to the club or to a football game. It's great for many Halloween costume. Don't forget the matching blue Halloween makeup! 3.6 oz can, non-toxic. Spray on/Shampoo out. $3.99. 

    Black Light Hair Spray. Stand out in a crowd when you add colorful highlights or transform your entire hairdo with this Black Light reactive hair spray. Spray on this magical temporary hair color to create or complete your Halloween costume and simply shampoo it out after Halloween. The black light reactive hair spray shampoos out. $3.99. I don't how much of this stuff Chad bought, but on the website it says: "Sold Out For The Season". 

    Stitched Press on Nails. Patch up your chipped nails with these Stitched Press On Nails! Green plastic nails feature black stitch details and are also glow-in-the-dark! Your nails surprisingly won't look so disturbing all sewn up. Sold out on the web, but Spirit says should be available in their stores. $5.99 

    (NOT these exactly, but similar) 

    Voice Changer. With this Voice Changer your Halloween disguise will be complete! Use this synthesizer to make any sound a scary sound. Choose from ten different voices to amplify your voice or disguise it as a monster or an alien. 10 Different voices! Voices range from low pitch to high pitch with various amplifications and robotic effect option. Includes special effects sound box and hands free microphone with cord. Clip on microphone for lapel or costume and belt clip sound box. Easily hide wire by running it through shirt or costume On/off button. Two superbright LED lights flash in sync with disguised voice. Requires one 9V battery (Sold Separately). $12.99, but $9.99 at the link below on 10/16/14. 

    And Chad’s take? Wow, this week Chad's Crappy Corner turned to have the right name -- crappy. The hair spray colors were awful and didn't show the colors. And Chad said they smelled awful. The stick-on nails didn't stick on and the Voice Changer sounded mostly like static. Even in the glow-in-the-dark moustaches didn't work. Seems this wasn't a good week for Halloween gadgets in the Brickhouse! But we have two more shots at Halloween gadgets next week and the week after.

    See or hear this show: (Goes live late 10/16/14)


    Dick's Gadget Warehouse. And how to submit your video to the show.

    Our viewer video of the week YouTube link came with this email.

    From: Nick Poverman

    To: gizwiz <>

    Sent: Sat, Sep 6, 2014 1:54 pm

    Subject: Gadget I naught to share with Dick

    This is the Eton FR 360 Red Cross radio.

    One thing I left out is it also has a led flash light.

    Nick Poverman

    Giz Wiz Note: The Eton FR 360 Radio cost $50.50 on Amazon in black as of 10/16/14. The Red model (Red Cross version) is more, but I do believe they have the exact same features. If you go to the Amazon link below you’ll see there’s a newer model the FRX3, which is listed below the FR 360. It’s about $7 more and adds a ‘find in the dark’ feature. I called Eton to find out if there were any other differences, but so far I haven’t heard back. But it turns out the Eton FR 360 has been discontinued by the manufacturer and may soon be a warehouse gadget.

    Etón FR360B Solarlink Self-Powered Digital AM/FM/NOAA Radio with Solar Power, Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger (Black)

    See or hear this show: (Goes live late 10/16/14) 


    We’re looking for more Viewer Videos! We’d love to include your video in an upcoming Giz Wiz Show, so let’s go going! 

    Here’s what we’re looking for: Your home shot video – 2 to 3 minutes long, in any of the following categories: 

    I bought a piece of crap: Did you buy something you ended up hating? We won't get you a refund, but we might be able to give a platform to vent your disappointment. Remember, "family friendly" language applies. 

    I invented this! Did you invent something? (Or did a friend or relative invent something.) We can't market it for you, but we can help get the word out. Show us what it is, and how it works. Even if it's a prototype, you can get our (and the audience) reactions. No professional ads please.

     My Gadget Warehouse: Okay, so you don't have a warehouse. It doesn't matter. Just tell us about your favorite old gadget(s). When and where you bought it, and why you're still hanging on to it. 

    My Favorite Gadget of All Time: Show us what it is, tell us what it does and why you love, or loved it! It can be a new gadget you just bought too. 

    Post them on YouTube and send our producer, Jeff Needles, the link! We'll do the rest. (Or possibly nothing, but that's unlikely.) Remember, videos should be just 2 to 3 minutes long! Low production value is fine, but we should be able to hear you and see you! If we select and show your video on The Giz Wiz you will now be awarded with some sort of prize. Like an autographed MAD magazine and some piece of crap. So that's one more (so-so) reason to send in your video! 

    All show submissions go to 


    Letter of the week: 

    From: Matthew Douglass

    To: gizwiz <>

    Subject: Listener feed back 

    Hey Chad! 

    My name is Matthew, I'm 13 years old and I live in Australia. I'm sending this email to let you know that I'm your new travel, airline and airplane expert. 

    Just kidding! Anyway, on your most recent episode of the Giz Wiz you mentioned Singapore Airlines' A380 Suites. Well, if you want to take the next step up go no further than Emirates A380 Suites! Enjoy a snooze in your 6 foot bed or socialise with fellow passengers in the bar. Enjoy a complimentary 5 minute shower at 41,000 feet (strictly timed). As you can see this is all very extravagant but if you want to take the next step up, before private jet, you can set your eyes upon The Etihad Residence. The only 3 bedroom suite. You get 3 rooms! A living room upholstered in leather from a Ferrari of course. Then slips to a fluffy robe and enjoy a shower in the bathroom, your own bathroom (unless you travelling with a companion of course)! Then when it's time to go to sleep, step into the bedroom with a custom mattress and duvet made especially for the A380. All for the bargain price ranging from $25000 - $43000 per person per way. 

    I hope you mention this on a Giz Wiz episode even though it's not a gadget i still think it's pretty cool. Thanks for the awesome show, I hope I get to see it live in person one day (I live in Australia) so you know, there a huge ocean in the way.) 

    All the best, Matthew Douglass, 13, Australia  

    P.S. I'm in no way affiliated with either airline I just love airplanes and airlines and everything aviation.

    From the Giz Wiz: I found this link at the Etihad airline website: