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    Giz Wiz Show #1585 for August 26th 2016 - Our 69th Independent Production!

    Thanks to our wonderful Patreon supporters The Giz Wiz Show not only continues, but is well into its 2nd year of independent production. If you'd like to support OMGchad & DickDe in our independent venture (we pay for everything ourselves, including travel) just click the Patreon link at the top of our show web page:  You can also contribute just once via the PayPal link that's there too. And thank you! Our show wouldn't exist without our viewer's support.  

    We start this week's show with an early look at a new gadget from Nite-Ize. It was introduced at the Outdoor Retailer Show that took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 2-4, 2016.

    The NiteIze Radiant 300 rechargeable lantern is packed with features, especially considering its compact size. Its ultra-lightweight, durable design features a first-of its kind carabiner handle to easily clip carry, or hang the Radient lantern. But the charging technology is where this gadget shines. The base of the lantern has two integrated USB ports - one input for re-charging the 2600 mAh rechargeable battery (in just 3.5 hours), and the other is an output for charging other small devices such as a smartphone or camera. At 300 Lumens, the intelligent switch is used to activate high, medium, and low white LED modes or a red LED mode to preserve night vision. A micro USB cord and a protective carrying bag that doubles as a light diffuser are conveniently included. The lantern is weather resistant and impact resistant (drop proof to 1 meter). Dimensions: 3.86" Dia. x 7.92" | 98mm Dia. x 201mm. Weight: 11.6oz | 329g. MSRP is $44.99. It should be shipping soon. It's not on Amazon yet. (This was posted 8/14/16)


    Giz Wiz Video:


    Product page:


    See or hear this show: (Link goes live late Friday 8/26/16) 


    A great two-in-one gadget, perfect for travelers. 

    The AirScale is a great combination of two gadgets travelers can use. A travel scale and a large capacity external battery charger. The scale alerts air-travelers of excess weight problems before airport check-in. It can calibrate weights up to 40kg or 88 pounds which you'll see on the LCD screen. In charging mode AirScale can recharge most mobile phones fully for about than 2 cycles or more. With a capacity of 6,500mAh (built with LG battery cells), the charging time is 2 times faster than many power banks found in the market offering 2A input and 2.4A output. Included in the box is a detachable hook strap that easily converts the unit to a convenient scale. And you can seamlessly switch between metric and imperial units with the push of a button. MSRP: $59.00. 

    Giz Wiz Video:


    Company product page:


    Amazon link:


    See or hear this show: (Link goes live late Friday 8/26/16)


    Chad's Crappy Corner and two final gadgets for his August theme: cheap Smart Home gadgets.

    Chad does two “smart home” gadgets this week. Chad's 1st Smart Home Gadget is Flic. Here's what Amazon says about it:

    Flic - The wireless button that creates a shortcut to your favorite actions on your phone! It has never been easier to control your smart home, find your phone or send a distress message to your loved ones. Flic makes your life simple. Flic is a simple and stylish wireless button that acts as a shortcut to your favorite actions on your phone. With one Flic, you can call a cab, text your loved ones of your location if you’re in distress, or just turn the lights on. Flic can do so much more too! $34.00.


    And Chad's take: Chad was a little taken aback when his Flic arrived with no instructions at all! He figured he'd need an app to use and when searching for one, discovered there was a Flic app that didn't apply to his device at the top of the list. It seemed the second choice Flic app was the one he needed. Once downloaded, Chad got his Flic to carry out several commands. It turns out a single Flic can be programmed to do three things of your choice. Pushing the tiny Flic once sets off the 1st command, pushing it twice, the 2nd command, and holding the single button Flic puts the third command in play. Chad showed us there are dozens of things that Flic can be taught to do, but each Flic can only do 3 of them. To do more, you have to delete something you already taught it to do. It's a tiny device, so tiny Chad could not find a way to change the battery. So Chad he fears it's another device where you have to buy a new one when the battery dies. At $34 Chad thought that was not a good thing, and down-rated the Flic to the 'really crappy' part of his 'crappy corner'. (Flic is available in 5 colors.)


    See or hear this show: (Link goes live late Friday 8/26/16)


    Chad's Final "Smart Home" Gadget For August.

    Chad's second and final 'Cheap Smart Home Gadget' is the FA Broadlink Black Bean Smart Home Wifi Remote IR Controller. 

    Here's what Amazon says about it: How many remote controls do you have in your family room? And how many are lost under couch cushions or otherwise misplaced? BroadLink RM Mini Wi-Fi Universal Remote integrate all your IR (Compared with RMPRO-US, it canceled RF function) controlled devices into one APP in your smart phone, it uses USB cable to connect with power. Easy set up, one key to one button easy training process to transfer all functions to APP. Automatic codes update from cloud, automatic device matching without learning. Voice control supported, open your TV, air condition, DVD etc. by speaking to RM Mini 3 through APP! Automatic device matching without learning , iOS/Android app control from anywhere.Real time control, intelligent trigers. $25.99 


    And Chad's take? Chad found this FA Broadlink Black Bean Smart Home Wifi Remote IR Controller device a lot better than the Flic. He said the app wasn't buggy, that it had a huge data base of device codes, and that it was endlessly configurable. You should watch this week's show to get all the details about this device. It uses a cable to connect to power, but that didn't bother Chad. As a matter of fact he said this gadget really wasn't crappy at all. But he did point out that there are several devices that look like the one he purchased, but he wasn't sure if they were all capable of doing the job his did. So he recommends buying the one he bought, which is here:



    (That's a Giz Wiz link. It's still the same price as everyone else, but Giz Wiz Biz gets a tiny credit The Giz Wiz uses to buy more stuff on Amazon to use on the the show.)


    See or hear this show: (Link goes live late Friday 8/26/16)


    Dick's Gadget Warehouse & How to Submit Your Viewer Video.

    Our viewer video submission for Dick's Gadget Warehouse arrived with this email from Steve Main:

    Hey D&C


    You might remember me from gadget videos such as "The kitchen Night Light" and "The Thing Charger Review" Well today I have something special for you and it's not Bluetooth. I received a great gift during a door raffle at a coaches appreciation night and of course I thought of you guys when I pick out the prize from the table. I'm trying to keep a straight face in the video and I managed to keep composed on my first use of the toaster. Hope you enjoy!



    thanks for the show guys my son and I watch it every week!


    Steve & Caleb Main


    See or hear this show: (Link goes live late Friday 8/26/16)



    We’re looking for more Viewer Videos!

    We’d love to include your video in an upcoming Giz Wiz Show, so here's what we're looking for! Your home shot video – 2 to 3 minutes long, in any of the following categories:


    I bought a piece of crap: Did you buy something you ended up hating? We won't get you a refund, but we might be able to give a platform to vent your disappointment. Remember, "family friendly" language applies.


    I invented this! Did you invent something? (Or did a friend or relative invent something.) We can't market it for you, but we can help get the word out. Show us what it is, and how it works. Even if it's a prototype, you can get our (and the audience) reactions. No professional ads please.


    My Gadget Warehouse: Okay, so you don't have a warehouse. It doesn't matter. Just tell us about your favorite old gadget(s). When and where you bought it, and why you're still hanging on to it.


    My Favorite Gadget of All Time: Show us what it is, tell us what it does and why you love, or loved it! It can be a new gadget you just bought too.


    Post them on YouTube and send us the link! We'll do the rest. (Or possibly nothing, but that's unlikely.) Remember, videos should be just 2 to 3 minutes long! Low production value is fine, but we should be able to hear you and see you! If we select and show your video on The Giz Wiz you’ll a tiny amount of fame (hopefully), an autographed MAD magazine and a 35-year-old Alfred E. Neuman picture. So that's one more (so-so) reason to send in your video! IMPORTANT: We'll just shower you with praise for your video if you live outside the US or Canada since we can't afford to send stuff outside of those two places. (Thanks for understanding.)


    All show submissions go to



    The letter of the week:  


    Via Alexis Perez


    Hey guys, Hello from Puerto Rico,


    I saw this article saying that the cheap smart watch from episode 1580 has a backdoor that tries to communicate with some random IP from China when you use the pairing app.


    Since I had not received the watch when I read this article, I was able to ask Amazon for a refund based on the seller not shipping on time. If I do receive it, I'll just use it a a dumb watch (it looks cool, though), or I might try to pair with an old phone I had previously erased just to see how it works.


    Anyway, here is the link:



    Alexis J


    And another letter about our first letter!


    Hello Dick and Chad,


    I watched the episode where Alexis talked about getting the Bluetooth watch for $2.00

    Turns out that seller was a scammer. I purchased 5 watches and was informed in about 5 minutes that the watches had shipped. They sent me a USPS tracking number to boot.

    Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it was. The tracking number was bogus, and the watches never arrived. Here is a link to the seller's profile page:



    As you can see, not too many people are pleased with him.


    Most of the comments say the same thing. Phony tracking number, never received product etc... The good thing is Amazon refunded my money. Thought you might like to hear an update on these watches.


    Keep up the good work, love the show. Dave Martel