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    There was Match Game, Match Game PM, Match Game '75, '76', etc. But it wasn't until now that there was a


    I wrote questions for The Match Game for it's entire Goodson-Todman and Mark Goodson Productions run, never dreaming 30 years later people would not only still remember it, but love to play it. I've been posting Match Game questions on Twitter and Facebook for a couple of years now, but by putting Match Game questions on this page - everyone will be able to see the answers other folks wrote. And please remember, Match Game was a (sort of) family game show, so no answers that are really off-color!

    Thanks, Dick De


    Digging into the Match Game files, here's a question from 5/21/1981

    At the restaurant, one Waitress said to the other: "That customer is really weird! (How weird is he?) He's soaking up the gravy, but instead of using bread, he's using  ____________!"

    Just click "post a comment" below, to post your clean, or semi-clean answer! Sign it with first name, fake name, initials, etc. in case we ever decide to read some of the wackier answers on the Weekly Daily Giz Wiz. Leaving an email address is optional.

    We'll see how this goes. If it's a disaster, I can always remove this page. Thanks!