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    On these pages are gadgets I've shown over the past few years on the show. 

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    Fun Gadgets Under $10 (each) I Showed On World News Now!

    The Giz Wiz went on a micro-spending spree to see if he could find five fun tech-type things for $10 (each)  or less. Turns out one he found was only $1.60! (Well, 5 of them cost $7.99) If you missed the spot on the show it's here: https://abcnews.go.com/WNN/video/tech-10-64412139

    The really handy and useful USB Flexible Led Lamphas a soft and bendable silicone body and is easy to use anywhere you have 5 Volt USB power. That means it can be powered by a laptop or desktop computer, or you can even power it with an external powerbank that so many of us carry with us on a daily basis. And the average life of the LEDs according to the company, is 10,000 hours. That's long! So if you're carrying a small (or large) powerbank keep one of these in your pocket or backpack and then you can have a mini-lamp anywhere you go. Great for camping, book Reading, working and writing in the dark with your laptop computer. Any place you can't clearly  see the keyboard of a portable device, plug this into a 5V USB port and now you'll have a light you can bend to your needs. Five of them, in colors of THEIR choice, (no choice of color for you) cost me only $7.99 on Amazon. That's about $1.60 each, useful and inexpensive. Price as of 7/18/19 could change at any time.

    Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2SjYzxg 

    Giz Wiz link. Pay the same as everyone else GizWizBiz gets a tiny credit to buy more stuff on Amazon. Thank you if you decide to use that link.


    Carry a micro-race car right on your smartphone you if you want.

    Meet the Odyssey Virtual Arcade Race Car. Here's a bit of what the company says about their Odyssey Mobile Arcade Virtual Car: Take control of the vehicle of your choice and sprint, jump and maneuver your way around the track, all while avoiding the perilous traps that get in your way. Thanks to augmented reality, the Mobile Arcade turns your mobile device into a cool virtual race track that you can take wherever you go! 2 FREE Apps with multiple tracks and terrain changes. Non-stick/non-scratch adhesive car holster attachment. Pocket sized. Jumps and vibrates. LED lights. Age 8+.

    And the Giz Wiz take: I made a mistake sticking this on my phone as you'll see in the video. But once I straightened that out, I can see where kids would enjoy this car. I'm not so sure about the included car holder that attaches to the back of your phone case. Unless you need to play this everywhere you go I don't think you want to stick your phone with car attached into your pocket. The car is about $7 to $9 online (Target & Walmart) but I bought mine at FiveBelow for yes, $5.00. It was available on their website as of 7/17/19, but there's $5 shipping.)

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/cVns2Jd_89Y

    $7.32 at Walmart 7/18/19- price can change at any time:  https://tinyurl.com/tinyvirtualcarWalmart

    Company website: http://www.odysseytoys.com/

    FiveBelow  https://www.fivebelow.com/arcade-racer-virtual-race-car-3add9f.html 


    In hot weather here's a way to carry a fan, actually you can wear two fans!

    It's the Wearable Sports Fan.This is a weird gadget! Here's  a bit of info about it from Amazon: Hand free fan was design as a headphone to free your hands anywhere; Fashion style makes you look so cool. Hanging around your neck, suitable for traveling in hot weather. Low/medium/high speed level. 1800mAh lithium battery. 5-10 hours working time depends on different speed.

    And the Giz Wiz take: Well, you will look weird wearing this thing. (Watch this week's show to see how you feel about wearing one. I didn't think the output of the fan were good enough to cool you off, but when Dennis tried it on, he thought on a hot day at the beach, you would be really glad to have one of these. The prices for these fans are all over the place. I bought one for about $16, and another for $11 at a different place on Amazon. Turns out they are the identical fan with different names. Now you can buy them under $10 on Amazon, but delivery could take weeks because some of them are shipped directly from China. I got both of mine overnight with Amazon prime.

    7/18/17 Price dropped to $8.20 (free shipping but not Prime) Amazon prices can change at any time! https://amzn.to/2xSoFhj

    Giz Wiz link. Pay the same as everyone else GizWizBiz gets a tiny credit to buy more stuff on Amazon. Thank you if you decide to use that link.


    Your charging cables can put on a light show!

    'Flowing Power' USB Charging Cables My first 'flowing power' USB cable was about $30. Now they're under $10 (2 for about $18) and have they have a select switch to change the movement of the color in the cable. Here's more info from the company: Led Flowing Light is very cool when you use it at night, or in a darkened room. You can turn the flowing light on or off at any time. Non-toxic flexible TPE material with pure copper core. We use Optical Fiber to transmit light, much more safer than EL cold light transformer. Choose 5 lighting modes at any time. When you plug in your device to charge, the cable itself lights up with pulses of blue or red. Then the pulses will flow down the cable from the power source to your device. (Note: Turning on the light or off will not affect the device charging.) Cables are available for micro-USB, UBC-C and iPhone, so make sure you order the correct one. Sold in pairs for $17.99, so about $9 each. But there should be a 10% box to check to save $1.80.

    Amazon link: https://amzn.to/32qiKy2 


    Giz Wiz link. Pay the same as everyone else, but GizWizBiz gets a tiny credit to buy more stuff on Amazon. Thank you if you decide to use that link.


    A fun kit for kids! Add an empty soda can & an AA battery & build The Tin Can Robot!

    He's inexpensive too, under $10. The Tin Can Robot kit teaches kids the value of recycling by turning a used soda can into a fun and functional robot. No special tools or knowledge required; the kit contains detailed instructions and all the necessary parts. Use the kit to create a silly robot or a motorized monster, or a combination of the two. Requires one AA batteries (not included) and you will need one empty soda (or I guess, an empty 12 oz beer can will work too) to complete the project. As you saw on the show it is motorized and yes, the motor's included too. That's what the AA battery powers. It recommended for ages 8 years and up. I bought the kit, but I'm not as smart an 8 year old, so I didn't built it. Was under $10 on 7/18/19 - like $9.64 or so.

    Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2XOIkOv

    Giz Wiz Link. Pay the same as everyone else, Giz Wiz Biz gets a tiny credit to buy more stuff! Thank you.