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    On these pages are gadgets I've shown over the past few years on the show. 

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    One of the first USB-C External Battery Chargers In The Marketplace.

    The MyCharge HubPlus-C is one their newest external charge devices. This 6700 mAh portable charger is one of the first chargers to feature an integrated USB-C cable. A lot of the new phones from LG and Samsung use USB-C for charging and syncing. USB-C can be plugged-in in either direction, and it can carry more voltage than Micro-USB cables for faster charging. My MyCharge also has a built-in micro-USB cable and a USB A port so that it can charge up to three devices simultaneously. This device uses Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which is claimed to deliver up to a 4x faster charge. But wait, there's more. There are built-in wall prongs fold down so you can charge HubPlus-C unit itself. MSRP $79.99. But I saw it here for about $60.00 here on Amazon. This is a third party vendor on Amazon.


    Company website:


    Cut down on the number of charge/sync cable you have to carry.

    Lots of students carry multiple gadgets, each one picked for a particular chore. Problem is they probably all take different charging/sync cables. One solution is the Tech Armor 3 in 1 Cable. This one charge and sync cable works with USB-C, Lightning, and Micro USB devices. Designed to charge/sync ONE device at a time, you simply plug the corresponding connector onto the center cable and plug into your device. The center connector alone exists as your Micro USB option. So it good for Apple and Android and those new USB-C devices. It's a 3 foot black cable and it's Apple mFi Certified. It's under $15.00 On Amazon the company says that: Tech Armor is a well know resource in protecting your electronics with our industry-leading LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. More info is on their product page:


    Lots of outlets, plenty of USB charging ports.

    Yes outlets and charging ports is what you'll be looking for in the dorm room, or perhaps even the classroom, airport, etc. Well the Mibote Multifunctional Power Strip can help make that happen. This is a combo power strip & USB charger needs just one 3-prong plug outlet. Once plugged it it offers 4 AC outlets + 4 5V 2.4A USB ports. So it also reduces mess and clutter in the dorm room, bedroom, office, etc. The company says each USB port can detect and deliver an ideal output current consistently of up to 2.4A . And the outlets offer 1700 Joules of surge protection + built-in over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit protection. But wait, there's more! There's an on/off switch that controls the power to the entire strip, including charging ports. There's also an LED light and illuminated USB ports that make it easy to see that the unit has power. It's under $18 on Amazon. (Price as of 8/19/17)


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    Helpful Gadgets You May Not Know About That I Showed On World News Now.

    If you missed the spot on air, it's here:  




    Someone recently showed me one of this LED light switches and I thought it was worthwhile enough to talk about on the show. I bought two of them on Amazon, branded the Aid & Prep Battery Operated Lights. This looks like a thick light switch, but it only turns on the LED's that are inside the switch! So no electrician needed. These are ideal for use as a closet light, emergency light or even to mount down low on a wall so young kids can easy turn them on or off. You could even use it as a short-term work like for fixing things in dark places, like under the sink. Batteries included, but not necessarily batteries that aren't dead, (One of my two units had working batteries, the other didn't.) So you can have light where you need it, this (advertised as NEW) version has magnets on the back as well as Velcro tape (which I didn't test - I put mine on a metal door) There are slots in the back also so you can hang the switch on a wall with screw (not included.)


    Watch this week's show is see a second version of the switch called the Tech Tools Night Light. It's works the same, but it's not nearly as bright. It might be good to light a room while you find the wired light switch to turn on. Even though LED's use very little power I don't think you want to leave this on all night as a regular night light. They're also 2 for $9.99 on Amazon, and Amazon Prime as of 7/15/17.


    Giz Wiz Video I did on these LED light switches:


    Amazon Link: Battery Operated Closet Light (Brighter One) -


    In the video of this week's show you'll see me demonstrate a much dimmer version of the battery operated light switch. Some people might actually like that better. It's also powered by three AAA batteries which are not included. That one is here - 2 for $9.99 as of 7/15/17


    TechTools Night Light (Less Bright One.)  


    And the brightest LED Switch I bought? Nebo. Uses 3AAA (not 2) and is just a bit more 2 for $12.97 as of 7/15/17 on Amazon: 


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    Meet the MEEM memory-charging cable

    MEEM is a fresh new take on smartphone back up. It's a phone charger cable that automatically backs up personal data on a smartphone to the cable. And it does that every time the phone is charged. With people using phones more and more for high quality photos and video and quick text communications, a phone’s storage fills up quickly with precious content and the more personal information stored, the higher the anxiety of losing or having that data stolen is. With MEEM, backing up your smartphone is a simple solution that fits into a daily routine. Just plug in your MEEM (either for an Android or iPhone device) choose and confirm a four-digit PIN and back up of your personal data starts immediately. MEEM keeps personal data safe in your hands, under your physical control, and inaccessible to anyone else. MEEM is available to purchase in the UK, Europe and North America direct through the manufacturer or on Amazon. Prices start at $49.99 for 16GB. Up to 128 GB is available. (on Amazon as of 6/29/17) and will depend on if it's for iOS or Android and the amount of memory inside.

    Giz Wiz Video:


    Amazon link:


    Company website: