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    On these pages are gadgets I've shown over the past few years on the show. 

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    Unique Outdoor Gadgets I Showed on World News Now.

    If you missed the spot on air, it's here on the ABC News website: https://abcnews.go.com/WNN/video/gadgets-great-outdoors-64016135

    These amazing straws have been around for years, but I'm amazed at how few people know about them and all the new ways you can take Lifestraw with you on outdoor trips.

    LifeStraw Personal Water Filter.  LifeStraw says you can use this straw to transform 1,000 liters or 264 gallons of contaminated water into clean, safe drinking water. That's more water than the average person drinks in a year! Weighs just 2oz so no need to lug water on your next backpacking trip. PLUS: During any disaster or emergency event locating safe drinking water is vital. The LifeStraw never expires, and its small footprint makes it perfect for most emergency kits. I asked about using it with Hudson River (salt) water and was told it is not meant for use in salt water. All the details of what the straw can do and what it can remove is available at the company website. The Personal Water Filter sells for between $15 & $20.


    There you can see all the other devices  the company makes that uses their amazing technology, including new LifeStraw releases for 2019.


    For outdoors, or even for emergencies, it's the solar powered/usb lantern.

    Ideal for camping trips, the Solar Lantern/Phone Charger.olar rechargeable, so you never have to worry about running out of batteries on your outdoor trips, (assuming it's sunny!) It can also be charged via USB when you're near power, like at home before you start your outdoor adventure.  Need to make an emergency call but phone battery is dead? The Kizen lantern has an 800 mAh battery, so while it's not enough to fully charge your phone it should have enough power to charge it enough to make a few calls.(That's if you haven't run the battery out with the lantern/flashlight.) Do you have limited backpack space? This lantern folds 2.4x smaller from full size. 3 light modes, high, low, + SOS for emergencies. When folded, it can also be used as a powerful flashlight.

    This lantern/flashlight is s

    It was $16.95 on Amazon & Prime as of 6/27/19.https://amzn.to/2XaZ2aF 

    Amazon prices can change at any time!

    Giz Wiz Link. Pay the same, GizWizBiz gets a small credit to buy more stuff to show. Thank you.


    Having an backyard party. Need a lot of balloons fast? 

    Having a party? Love balloons? Then meet the  Bunch O Balloons Party Pack! About 3 or 4 years ago on the Giz Wiz we featured the Bunch O Balloons automatic filling water balloons...that video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlWPJg6OXL0&feature=youtu.be 

    Now comes new Bunch O Balloons Party Pack! Zuru says you can save time and your breath with their Bunch O Balloons Self-Sealing Party Balloons! 40 party balloons in just 40 seconds! There's no more blowing, no more tying, and no need to add ribbon or string! Simply attach the stems to our Electric Party Pump nozzle and press GO. Within seconds, your Bunch O Balloons Party Balloons will fill and self-tie with ease and convenience. Choose between 1-Stem (8 Balloons), 2-Stems (16 Balloons) or 5-Stems (40 Balloons) and all sizes fill within 40 seconds! Each Party Pump Pack comes with 16 party balloons plus adaptor & a fast-fill hose so you can inflate all your household inflatables and water toys. Reusable and Biodegrable Premium Latex Balloons. As you'll see in this week's video, it works really well. And it's a lot of fun to use. 

    The ZURU Bunch O Balloons Party Starter Pack comes complete with the Electric Party Pump, 48 Self-Sealing Party Balloons, helium tank adaptor and fast-fill hose attachment for other inflatables, priced at $29.99 plus postage and is available now at company website. Links below.  (Company pack is 48 balloons, Walmart pack is 16 balloons as of 6/13/19)

    Available only in Walmart. The ZURU Bunch O Balloons Party Pump Starter Pack with attachment accessories and two balloon stems (16 balloons) is available for about $16.99

    Longer Giz Wiz Party Balloons video: https://youtu.be/08ABQRy5i_E 

    Walmart: http://tinyurl.com/WalmartBunchOBalloonsPartyPack   (If it's no longer available online it may still be available in Walmart stores.)

    Company website: http://www.bunchoballoonsparty.com/.


    You don't need to set up a basketball net to play this - just use your head!

    A fun toy for family and friends get togethers is Basket Head. It's aptly named because you wear the basket on your head. Assembling the hoop and adjustable hat band is easy. The kit includes Basket Head Hoop and 20 balls, 10 white & 10 red. There are no rules, you can make up any game you like. I found Basket Head at a Five Below store, but you find many versions of Basket Head online. (But Five Below had one at the lowest price, $5.)


    I saw it on Amazon for $6.99 as of 6/27/19, but that price could change at any time.




    GizWiz link. Pay the same as everyone else, but Giz Wiz Biz gets a small credit to buy more stuff to show. Thank you.


    We had this at the studio, but it didn't make air because we ran out of time.

    There are lots of these devices around for outdoor camping trips, or even for use around the home, but I thought this Multi-Function Outdoor Tool was decent for under $20. Here's Amazon's take on it: For camping, hiking, exploring, (even simple household fixes,or an emergency tool in car.) This stainless steel tool set has a wood handle combined with an axe, hammer, pliers, wire cutter, Phillips screwdriver, saw, a serrated knife, screwdriver, file, and of course, a bottle opener! – Now seeing it in person, you're not going to do any serious chopping with the axe, but it might come in handy really small branches, although the included saw might work faster. I bought mine on Amazon & it seems decent for the price. It was $16.88 as of 6/27/19.


    Prices on Amazon can change at any time.

    Giz Wiz Link. Pay the same as everyone else, but Giz Wiz Biz gets a small credit to buy more stuff to show. Thank you.