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Dick DeBartolo, MAD's Maddest Writer, and co-host of The Giz Wiz at GizWiz.TV, The Giz Wiz on ABC's World News Now, and on Tech Guy Labs with Leo Laporte on TWiT.tv. But wait, there's More »

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    Who shoots those Giz Wiz Biz Videos?

    The number of videos shot for the Giz Wiz Show, our YouTube Channel, GizWiz.TV and even World News Now have passed the 300 mark. Almost all of them have been shot by Dennis Wunderlin. Dennis not only designed the Giz Wiz logo, but he also roams the aisles at trade shows looking for gadgets for The Giz Wiz to use on his ABC News spots, the Giz Wiz Show, and The Tech Guy Radio spots. Although Dennis has done a couple of reviews of his own, but he prefers to remain behind the camera, or more likely the smartphone or tablet we use to shoot videos. 

    The Giz Wiz video channel:


    In addition to shooting great videos, Dennis is a commercial artist for Metro Creative Graphics. He also does other freelance art. You can sample of his work at this website.

    Dennis Wunderlin's Website:



    Almost Every Thursday 7:30 PM (Eastern) 4:30 PM (Pacific) OMGchad & I record The Giz Wiz Show live. My half of the show is done from the Gizneyland Studio Below!! Chad's Studio is in Dallas. You can watch us live and join in our chatroom at: www.gizwiz.tv.

    The Schatia Family stopped by the Gizneyland Sttudio to watch us record the Weekly Daily Giz Wiz. Elizabeth Schatia shot this great photo of Dennis Wunderlin (standing), The Giz Wiz and her husband, Brahm (sitting w/o headphones.).

    If you'd like to visit Gizneyland, we do The Giz Wiz Show Thursday at 7:30PM ET/ 4:30 PT. On Saturday, I do a live radio spot with Leo Laporte on The Tech Guy radio show, and then I do an hour Giz Fiz show live for the folks in the chatroom. That happens after the New Screen Savers is over, which somewhere about 7:45 to 8:00 PM, Eastern. If you'd like to come by for Giz Wiz, or Giz Fiz, shoot me an email with the date you're interested in! I'll email you all the details. dick@gizwiz.biz.


    Ads On GizWiz.Biz

    The only revenue generated by this website is Amazon credit toward buying more stuff on Amazon. That comes when you click on an Amazon link. If you buy something, your cost is exactly the same as everyone else pays, but Giz Wiz Biz receives a very small credit from Amazon. I only use Amazon affiliate links if they have the lowest price at the time the post goes online. in some cases you'll see me post something like "Amazon is charging far more than the price you can find here" and I'll post the cheaper link. You may also see "The best deal is the company website" even if it's available on Amazon but Amazon lists it for more. Prices on Amazon can change many times a day, so there's no way for me to keep track of that, but I do indicate the lowest price I know of at the time I post it.

    Although I often review a product that was supplied by the manufacturer, they have no control over what I say about the product. Also I never agree to let a company see what my review is before it's published, recorded, uploaded or done live. I've been the Giz Wiz for more than 20 years so I have a reputation to keep up.

    Oh yes, there is a small bit of revenue from Match Game questions & MAD magazine stuff sold on this website too.

    Thanks for being a fan! (Or perhaps not a fan.) DickDe, The Giz Wiz


    Episode 1153

    Mike Meyering, the Spare Geek, recently purchased the Encore Dual USB Port Charger (Episode 1056).  He was very impressed by it, and made inquiries with the manufacturer to find out the specs of the battery.  It was a 1,700 mAh rechargeable battery; not bad for the price.

    A Tip from Colleen, and Pontifications from Tom and Dick
    Colleen once gave Dick a tip: get a power adapter and plug it into the power brick for the laptop, in place of the cable and plug that usually comes with the laptop.  That way at least you save carrying one cable.  Cables are the bane of modern technology, and Dick is still waiting for the truly wireless TV, while Tom would like all cables to be retractable, if they have to exist at all.  The thought of a wireless world gets Dick remarking that open unencrypted wifi has become rather rare.

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    Episode 1152

    Dick’s Next Visit to TWiT Cottage
    Dick is planning to do Episode 1200 at the TWiT Cottage in Petaluma.  That will be the first week of October.

    The Definitive Answer to the Missing Sock Conundrum
    Will Cool heard Dick and Leo talk about the missing sock conundrum (Episode 1141). Will believes that the definitive answer was supplied decades ago by the TV cartoon series Ren and Stimpy.  The cuplrit is the dryer.  The combination of the spinning metal drum, the heat and static electricity creates a vortex in the centre which drags the left sock to an alternative reality, which Tom calls the Planet of the Socks.

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