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    On these pages are gadgets I've shown over the past few years on the show. 

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    Ho, Ho, Ho! The Holiday Gift Ideas I Showed On World News Now.

    This is what I was wearing at the begining of the spot. 

    LED Christmas Bulb Necklace. Great fun for holiday parties. Perfect also for the host or hostess to wear as they welcome guests. 9 multi-colored plastic LED light bulbs hang on a 34” long necklace. 6 light setting options range from flashing to all on/off. Batteries are included and are replaceable. I don't how long the batteries will last but LED's take very little power and have a long, long burn life. I bought mine on Amazon for $7.99, but I also found one at my local Duane Reade Drug Store for only $4.99. The only difference I see is that the cheaper set has only 3 different flashing light settings while the Amazon set has nine, including steady-on, which the cheaper set doesn't have.


    Here's the $7.99 Amazon version. It's Amazon Prime so free 2-day shipping.



    And don't forget to check your local drug store. They may have them too.


    Meet Minion's Stuart Cam

    Stuart HD WiFi Camera. This lovable Minion, can keep his eye on your favorite people, pets and places. This HD WiFi camera provides fun, affordable home monitoring when you can’t be there. Simple plug-and-play setup. If you want, a built-in motion sensor can trigger Stuart Cam to automatically begin recording when movement is detected. Users can even receive an instant notification via the Tend app, as well as review captured footage and get a live view of what Stuart Cam sees in real time. Night vision helps provide round-the-clock monitoring. App works with iOS or Android mobile devices. And if you're using it to watch your child, the friendly Stuart is a nice way to do. Walmart says each camera comes with 24 hours of free and secure cloud storage, allowing users to review recorded footage from any iOS or Android mobile device. Licensed by Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment Minion Stuart Cam HD Wifi Camera: Exclusive to Walmart. $49.00


    An easy to set clock, designed for kids!

    Big Red Rooster Projection Alarm Clocks are great fun for the kids bedroom. Big Red Rooster makes a line of fun projection clocks. There's a dog, a cat, dino, space ship and more. Whimsical designs project the time and 1 of 4 images on the ceiling. Casts a 30" diameter projection so it can also function as a great night light. Images and nightlight can be set to go off after 10 or 30 minutes. Comes with AC adapter, but can run on 3 C batteries, not included. Under $30. Here's a link to a variety of Big Red Rooster Projection Clocks on Amazon. BE AWARE though the 1st listings are all under $30, and many of them are Prime, so free 2-day shipping for Prime Members. But further on down the page the prices go up to $83!! The MSRP is $29.99, so don't any more than that!



    And a clock for olders folks.

    The folks at Witti come up with a lot of neat designs. One of the newest is their BEDDI Style Clock. This clock has a lot of nice features for it size. It offers four alarms with customizable snooze button settings. A very decent sounding Bluetooth speaker lets you stream your favorite tunes via Bluetooth. You can even wake up to the music you choose. The Beddi free app lets you use this clock as a sound machine with white noise or four other sounds of nature. The mood light base light offers endless color variations and different brightness levels. There's even a USB port for charging a phone or tablet overnight. $49.99. You can also buy additional face plates to customize the look of your clock even more.



    This lamp can bend over backwards to put the light where you want it.

    The Aukey Rechargeable Folding Lamp is a sleek portable LED desk lamp that offers 2 brightness levels with a built-in push bottom on top. It's built of a handsome aluminum alloy that's 360° adjustable for easy positioning in any situation. Great for reading, workshop, crafts, on the nightstand, etc. It has a rechargeable battery that runs for about 3 hours on a full charge. It's lightweight and low profile. It also folds flat for portability and only weighs 9.2oz; so it's ideal for travel too. Uses just 3 watts of power but generates 150 lumens of light. It ships with a USB Charging Cable and a hanging Mount. Add an optional AC to USB plug and you can run it from wall power too. It's $24.99 on Amazon. (As of 12/11/16)