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    On these pages are gadgets I've shown over the past few years on the show. 

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    Useful & unique 'back to school' gadgets I showed on World News Now.

    If you missed the spot on air, it's here at ABC:

    The Star Sports Backpack was created by Josie Moncada, a sports mom, for sports fans. She wanted something better than what was already out there, so she designed these. She wanted them to be incredibly durable, have extra padding and be lightweight (They weigh about 2 pounds; very light for a backpack.) Inside is a padded computer sleeve for laptop and cables, plus a separate compartment for other school needs. There are two side mesh water bottle pockets. The backpack measures 16" D x 11.5" W x 18" H. I learned that founder Josie Moncada uses it as a carry-on personal item for air travel. She started with one backpack Ohio State, the one I showed on the air, and now there are 30+ backpacks. That number is growing with NCAA licensing in addition to NCAA teams. There are also customizable blank bags in a variety of colors so you can design your own backpack. Currently Star Sports is focused on football, but the company says they will be expanding to more sports as the demand grows. They retail for under $50. 


    Carry coffee to class, at the exact temperature you like, all day long!

    Cauldryn, the company behind the first travel mug to boil water from a rechargeable battery, announces their latest innovation, the Cauldryn Coffee, which could be called ‘the Swiss army knife of travel mugs’. It's a 16 oz. vacuum sealed modular travel mug that allows coffee drinkers to actually grind and percolate coffee right in the Cauldyn Coffee, and it also allows coffee and tea drinkers the ability to maintain liquid temperatures for up to 10 hours. An LCD screen adjusts temperatures within two degrees from room temperature to boiling (78°-212°F). Key features include Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone accessibility, and attachable accessories that will include a percolator, blender, lantern, and Bluetooth speaker. (I don't see the lantern or BT speaker on their website yet.) MSRP is $129.99 & $149.99 for their various combos which can see on their website. You'll also see the optional blender base with one speed (On/Off) for blending beverages and crushing ice in this week's video. A pulse function that can grind coffee beans is coming soon.  


    The Giz Wiz with Jason from Cauldryn:  


    More details and pricing:


    Here's a Very Handy, Inexpensive Rechargable LED Book Light 

    This compact bendable LED light is USB rechargeable and offers 4 brightness levels. It has a removable clip that can be used as a bookmark if you happen to still own a real book. It's also flexible for reading on a Kindle, text book, etc. It can also be powered directly from USB without the use of a cable. The bottom of this flexible book light can plug directly into a USB port for power. When plugged into USB and the light is shut off, it will go into the charging mode, and a red LED will illuminate until the charge is complete. Plugged into the a USB port on a laptop is a great way to illuminate a keyboard in a darkened study hall or dorm room. It was under $10 when I purchased two of them on Amazon. The one I bought has disapeared fromt Amazon, but this one looks like it has the same features and it's even cheaper than the ones I bought.

    Amazon link:  

    Affiliate link, pay the same, Giz Wiz gets a small credit to buy more stuff to show.


    You'll Certainly Want to Go to School with an External Battery Charger.

    Whenever I buy a new gadget, I try to find one with new features I may not have known about. That why I bought this Gorilla Gadget Wireless Charger/External Battery Pack. Like some other gadgets, this Gorilla Gadget device can charge 2 devices at the same time: charge any Qi-compatible device wirelessly (your phone must be Qi-compatible like many iPhones and my LG G6) and at the same time you can use the USB output to charge another device. But wait, there's more. The Gorilla Gadget device itself can be charged wirelessly. So if you own more than one wireless charger, like many gadget freaks do, you can change this one by placing it on the charging surface of another wireless charger. I did that, and then placed my LG G6 on top of that and charged both at once. The company says this is one of the smallest and lightest true 10000 mAh portable Qi power banks that can be charged itself wirelessly or via USB-C. I should add it can be charged by regular USB-A, or the newer USB-C, which is another I liked this device. I paid under $30 for it on Amazon, and as of 8/22/18, it was still under $30. But Amazon prices can change at any time. If you buy one be sure to check the 5% off box if it's still there.

    Amazon link:  See below --

    9 PM -- 8/22/18 OUT OF STOCK. Looks like there was a run on these on Amazon. But is available in white only (the white part is only a ring in the center of the device) at manufacturer's website for $29.95 + $5 S&H as of 8/23/18:


    Turn One AC Outlet Into Six.

    Yes, you can use one AC outlet and turn into six this TESSAN Power Strip. Students need multiple outlets and multiple ways to power and charge their electronic devices in the dorm room. This compact cube offers 3 non-interfering outlets and 3 USB charging ports, up to 2.4A per port. Company says all USB ports for the small power strip are equipped with smart IC which can intelligently deliver proper current according to different devices up to 5V 2.4A per port, 3A 15W total. The USB charging station are compatible with most of 5V USB devices, like phone, tablet, music players, power bank, cameras, Bluetooth and other digital devices. A mechanical switch (on/off button) can completely shut off all electronics, saving energy when not in use. Soft LED indicator let you know the desktop charger is working or not while not disturb you in the dark. The TESSAN power strip is made of PC & ABS plastic material making it fireproof of up to 750℃. --- Now back to me. I have to add that the LED indicator is indeed there, but it's tiny. You'll see if you look for it, so it fine to let you know that the outlet you plugged this device into is indeed powered when it lights up. Prices on Amazon change quickly. As of 8/22/18 it was $17.99 and there was a 10% box to check which would bring to under the $17 I paid a few weeks agoo when I bought mine.

    Amazon link:

    Pay the same as everyone else, The Giz Wiz gets a small credit to buy more stuff for the show.

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