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    Here's the new March/April 2014 "What The Heck Is It?" Game. Plus the Jan/Feb Winners.

    What the heck is that?? To play, come up with the right answer, or make up a silly, or inventive answer that we find funny or clever that describes the gizmo shown. We give away up to three dozen autographed copies of MAD Magazine. (Up to 12 for the correct answer, up to 24 for cute, silly answers.) IMPORTANT! The judges have very small attention spans, so make sure entries are no more than 25 words, and please make just one guess per entry. You can enter more than once, and you can enter even if you've won in the past. But you must sign your entry with a nickname, screen name, fake name, or even real name, but sign it! If it's not signed, it's not eligible.

    You'll be playing for the June 2014 issue of MAD! 

    Remember, right answers and cute or clever wrong answers can win! Please be sure to put " WTHII" in the subject line so we can pick it out quickly. And good luck! E-mail your entry to by midnight (EDT) April 30th, 2014. By entering you agree this is a game for fun and laughs. Winning answers are published on this website the 1st or 2nd of May, so come back to see if you won. Because MAD is real cheap, we have to limit mailing winning copies to the United States and Canada. If you've won, follow the directions below to claim your prize! I'll tweet a few reminders for folks to check to see if they've won when winners are announced, so follow me on Tweeter:   You can also answer in the comments below, but remember, everyone will see and know your answer. Good Luck! Winners outside the US and Canada can have their names included as a "shout-out" on an upcoming Giz Wiz Show as their prize.


    Here (and below) are the Jan/Feb 2014 "What The Heck Is It?" Winners!



    On the left is the Jan/Feb 2014 "What The Heck Is It?" gizmo. About 10 people knew what it was!  One even posted a website where you can buy it a discount.  It's a device from Quirky to hold wine glasses steady in the dishwasher. Here the people who knew what it was, or were close enough to be a winner. (See how to get your autographed MAD at the bottom of this page.)

    Cool device for helping fancy glassware stay upright and stop them crashing about in the dishwasher! Charlie 

    Ken K not only was the 1st to get it right. He provided a link where this gadget is on sale. Yes, it’s the Quirky Tether Stemware Saver – Flexible Dishwasher Attachment

    Keeps your stemware from falling over in the dishwasher. Ken

    It's a wine glass holder for the dishwasher, to keep it secure. Jim  

    It's a Tether Stemware Saver for keeping your stemware safe in the dishwasher. -/Drewcifer 

    Don't feel clever yet this morning, but this is a stemmed wine glass holder to use in your dishwasher. Cindy Colon 

    It's a Tether stemware saver! Cheers. Chase Barber 

    I think I've got it! It's a stemware teather that holds wine glasses securely on the top rack of a dish washer! OC Dan 

    it's a tether to attach to the stem of a wine glass while inside the dishwasher to keep it from tipping over and knocking into other items. Dusty's mom 

    I believe its a wine glass holder. Mike Sulak (Close enough, Mike.)

    See how to collect your autographed MAD below if you won in this category or in the "cute, clever" category below. And be sure to play the new game above for Mar/Apr.


    Here's the clever, cute, original winners of the Jan/Feb 2014 "What The Heck Is It?" game.

    Everyone on this list - and the list above - is a winner! You'll receive the April, 2014 Issue of MAD.

    The most answers, dozens of them, involved every kind of blue/purple creature! We picked several of them: 

    Since the purple Barney the Dinosaur is aging, it's his custom-made bathtub safety rail.-- devguy

     Barney's cane.  Curt Eskridge seems to be a kick starter for a Smurf's motorcycle :)  Melody Hensel 

    It's the horn from a one eyed one horned flying purple people eater.  Jim 

    That is a prosthetic trunk for a purple elephant. Chris Durkin 

    It's the original Door Handle from the failed Barney The Dinosaur's Bank & Trust prior to going Chapter 11 R.L. Stine 

    It's Gumby's wrench. Signed: PAFoxFamily 

    Looks like a replacement handle grip for my tricycle. Brian F. Hensch 

    It's a break handle for a child's bike  Bryon J. Hammer 

    Thanks for finding that for me! I haven’t been able to start my ’32 Packard for years since I lost the CRANK. Edward Wunder 

    That's easy it's wall mounted straw saver!! So you don't have to throw away your straws after one use! Carlos B.

    It's kind of obvious. It's a hat hook that mounts on a door hinge pin. – Me 

    A toilet bowl flush handle extender – Jeff 

    It is a crowbar, now available in designer fashion colors, perfect for the style-conscious thug - Donald Burr 

    It's a muted Vuvuzela. The sound is dispersed by the collar mechanism and is played pointed down so as not to wake the neighbors at 2am during your practice session. Stuart Malone 

    This is a bar that attaches to the wall next to the toilet to hold a pen or pencil. Jack 

    The blue thing's a fingernail saver, used to open drink cans. Slide under pull tab and pry open. And if it ain't, it should be! Steve W. 65 'S'

     It's a toothbrush extension for DEEP mouths. Jesse Stone 

    This is obviously the latest model of the "optigrab" made famous by Steve Martin in the movie " The Jerk". Jeff 

    It’s a kick stand for someone with a “Peg Leg”. Keno1 

    It's an attachment for aerosol cans, like spray paint or underarm deodorant for those who don't have the strength to push the button. Steve Weaver

    A tool short mothers use to grab their tall adult children by the ear to drag them along Barchyman 

    It's a kickstand for alcoholics.  Attach it to your pants leg and drink away. Lothar (We got lots of kickstand answers.) 

    A clamp on handle for a witch's broomstick for a better grip. Bobby Mathis 

    I believe this is the peg-leg (anatomically correct) accessory for the Pirate Barbie Collection. Chickenhead21 

    “Snake Safety Carrier”. Place it in the holder, behind its head, and you can safely carry your snake with you grocery shopping, going for cocktails, or watching TV! Kim Mayton

    Obviously it's a bar that mounts to your bike frame so you can have a handle to tow your skateboard friends... Casey R.

    If you won more than once, please just ask for one autographed MAD. Email me your full name & address - (US/Canada only - otherwise email me & we'll give you a shout-out on The Giz Wiz). I'll autograph your MAD with your first name & my name unless you specify Dick's name only.  Please put MAD WINNER in the subject line, so I can pick it out quickly. Thanks!!!  Dick De, The Giz Wiz & MAD's Maddest Writer.

    Don't forget to go back to the top of this page to play the new Mar/April 2014 WTHII? game. And be sure to sign your entry with a name, initials, something - or it won't be counted. Last month more than a dozen entries weren't signed and were disqualified. Thanks.