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    Here's the new Nov/Dec 2015 "What The Heck Is It?" Game. And the Winners of the Sept/Oct 2015 game!

    Here it is! Do you know what it is? To play, come up with the right answer, or make up a silly, or inventive answer that we find funny or clever that describes the gizmo shown. We give away up to three dozen autographed copies of MAD Magazine. (Up to 12 for the correct answer, up to 24 for cute, silly answers.) IMPORTANT! The judges have very small attention spans, so make sure entries are no more than 25 words, and please make just one guess per entry. You can enter more than once, and you can enter even if you've won in the past. But you must sign your entry with a nickname, screen name, fake name, or even real name, but sign it! If it's not signed, it's not eligible. You'll be playing for the February 2016 issue of MAD! 

    Remember, right answers and cute or clever wrong answers can win! Please be sure to put " WTHII" in the subject line so we can pick it out quickly. And good luck! E-mail your entry to by midnight (EDT) December 31st, 2015. By entering you agree this is a game for fun and laughs. Winning answers are published on this website the 1st or 2nd of January 2016, so come back to see if you won. Because MAD is real cheap, we have to limit mailing winning copies to the United States and Canada. If you've won, follow the directions below to claim your prize! I'll tweet a few reminders for folks to check to see if they've won when winners are announced, so please follow me on Twitter: Please don't answer on this website; it won't count. Good Luck! Winners outside the US and Canada can have their names included as a "shout-out" on an upcoming Giz Wiz Show as their prize. Yep, MAD is that CHEAP!


    Here are the winners of the Sept/Oct 2015 "What The Heck Is It?" Game!

    Six people got it right! It's a corn stripper...a device to 'shave' the kernels from an ear of corn. 

    It is a corn stripper. I have a different brand, but they work very well. Stace King


    It’s a corn stripper! aKaJoE


    It's a kitchen gadget for stripping sweet corn off the cob. David Huffman


    It's a stripper, a corn stripper that is. Jesse


    There are about a dozen versions of this device on Amazon. Just search for 'corn stripper'.


    If you've won, you'll get an autographed copy of the December issue of MAD. Just follow the directions below the other winners to claim your prize!  


    Everybody on this list and the list above is a winner and will receive the October 2015 issue of MAD.

    There were a lot of great answers this time round. Actually, we got the most funny, clever answers we ever had! So many that we're awarding 31 autographed MAD magazines instead of 24 because we couldn't agree on which 7 answers to eliminate. 

     “bubble for a computer mouse for those afraid of touching filthy mice”. Jason Levine

     It is the lens for a navigation light for a boat. Arne Carlsson


    It's Gen 37 of the StarTrek communicator featuring the flip out talking port. Bill​ N


    Vacuum hose attachment to clean keyboards Jason Harris


    How did you guys get my Tamagotchi? Can you feed him please? ~Annetastic (Anne Yantha)


    a tape dispenser you wear on your wrist- NA


    This is the Star Wars mouse hover craft. Randy Luschynski


    I think it's some kind of fancy bottle opener? Mike Doreck


    Looks like a new fan dangled fingernail clippers. Justin


    This is a banana sharpener--no more dull bananas! Drew


    Shielded fingerprint scanner which blocks the bad guys from capturing your fingerprints. -Vesa


    It's a prototype Christmas light tester. Dan Mottola


    That's wonderful! It's a bumper car for a Gerbil. Rusty Frederick


    Looks like a seal cutter for a wine bottle. Ouicksilver77


    I believe it is a light for a bicycle mounting on the handlebars. Bob Christie


    A cigar clipper Ernie MacLauchlan


    It’s what actually crashed at Roswell. Steve Brennan


    It's a personal submarine unit for our navy hamsters...Daryl Brown


    Well this is obviously a kayak for mice, I am certain of it. Scott Napier


    It's a "mouse powered mouse". The actual mouse is on a break that's why he's not in it, unions. Stacy


    Unit for magnification of type, pics, etc. and then saved to a smartphone or laptop. It has a LED light for clear viewing very tiny type. H2osxx


    It's the charger base for a Feature Phone. eMikey


    It's a hamsters welding mask. Cactushead


    Device to measure your mood. You stick your finder in there and the device will turn a light on the side indicating the mood you are in by the color of the light. Al Coria


    Jacque Cousteau’s diving bell for his cat, Rose. Jim Clark


    When attached to a drone, the green and red areas provide the necessary navigation lights for night flying. Marty


    I think it is a cigarette lighter which works in the wind. (I'm in Australia) cheers
    Ian.  (You'll get a shout-out Ian!)

    A space suit for an egg. -Stevie


    Pod that Superman came to Earth in? --SuperTrooper641

    Olympic one man toboggan with a giant aiming apparatus on the front. Davemartel

    This could only be one thing, Wall-E's girlfriend, Eeeee-va, Eeeee-va (Eve).

    Thumb protector to keep scared people from sucking their thumbs during scary movies. Jim 

    CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS! If you won more than once, please just ask for one autographed MAD. Yes, we know some enter several times under different names. :) Email me your full name & address - (US/Canada only - otherwise email me & we'll give you a shout-out on The Giz Wiz). I'll autograph your MAD with your first name & my name unless you specify Dick's name only.  Please put MAD WINNER in the subject line, so I can pick it out quickly. Thanks!!!  Dick De, The Giz Wiz & MAD's Maddest Writer. Email me at:

    Don't forget to go back to the top of this page to play the Not/Dec 2015 WTHII game. And be sure to sign your entry with a name, initials, something - or it won't be counted. Last month more than a dozen entries weren't signed and were disqualified. Thanks. DickDe