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I'm Dick DeBartolo, MAD's Maddest Writer, host of The Giz Wiz on TWiT, The Giz Wiz on ABC's World News Now and on Computer America. But wait, there's More »

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    Here's the new July/August 2014 "What The Heck Is It?" Game + the May/June Winners!

    This is going to be one of the most fun "What the heck is it?" games ever. Why?? Because I honestly can't remember what that thing is! I saw it online and I bought it to maybe show on The Giz Wiz. It showed up in a plain box with no name, no label and no instructions. It didn't come from Amazon, so it wasn't in my "past orders" file. So do you know what it is? Maybe you'll jog my memory. To play, come up with the right answer, or make up a silly, or inventive answer that we find funny or clever that describes the gizmo shown. We give away up to three dozen autographed copies of MAD Magazine. (Up to 12 for the correct answer, up to 24 for cute, silly answers.) IMPORTANT! The judges have very small attention spans, so make sure entries are no more than 25 words, and please make just one guess per entry. You can enter more than once, and you can enter even if you've won in the past. But you must sign your entry with a nickname, screen name, fake name, or even real name, but sign it! If it's not signed, it's not eligible.

    You'll be playing for the October 2014 issue of MAD! 

    I have two things in that issue. My favorite is a satire on Shark Tank, with wonderful art by Tom Richmond. It features several of the folks at TWiT in the piece called Snark Tank.

    Remember, right answers and cute or clever wrong answers can win! Please be sure to put " WTHII" in the subject line so we can pick it out quickly. And good luck! E-mail your entry to by midnight (EDT) August 31st, 2014. By entering you agree this is a game for fun and laughs. Winning answers are published on this website the 1st or 2nd of September, so come back to see if you won. Because MAD is real cheap, we have to limit mailing winning copies to the United States and Canada. If you've won, follow the directions below to claim your prize! I'll tweet a few reminders for folks to check to see if they've won when winners are announced, so follow me on Twitter:   If you answer in the comments below, everyone will see and know your answer, so that's not a good idea. Good Luck! Winners outside the US and Canada can have their names included as a "shout-out" on an upcoming Giz Wiz Show as their prize. Yep, MAD is that CHEAP!


    Here (and below) are the May/June 2014 "What The Heck Is It?" Winners!

    Here's the May/June 2014 "What The Heck Is It?" gizmo. (See how to get your autographed MAD at the bottom of this page.) It's the PocketLoop, a headphone cable management system.

    We made a rare exception in this case. This 1st entry below wasn’t signed. Since we cut and paste the answers before we judge them, we don’t have time to go back and try to match an answer up with its sender if it’s not signed. But since this was only truly correct answer, we did go back to find the sender. SO SIGN YOUR ENTRIES PLEASE! 

    Its "The Loop" to keep earbuds from tangling in a pocket.   Ross Palmer. 

    Giz Wiz: There are a couple of short, humorous Loop videos at that link Ross included. 

    Since there was only one winner in this category, we picked six more that were sort of in the right area: 

    A wild cord wrapper. Allows for multiple cords to exit as needed. Cassandra 

    I think it is a wire separator or organizer.   Bigg52 

    a spool for line or thread Rich McCormack It is a cable spool for blue cables. Tweaky the Twidget

    It’s a cord keeper, Kentastic

    It is a Cable organizer. Marc Kennedy

    See how to collect your autographed MAD below if you won in this category or in the "cute, clever" category below. And be sure to play the new game above for July?August game.


    Here's the clever, cute, original winners of the May/June 2014 "What The Heck Is It?" game.

    Everyone on this list - and the list above - is a winner! You'll receive the August, 2014 Issue of MAD.

    There were about 50 Smurf or Ninja Answers: We picked these: 

    It's a Smurf Throwing Star for Smurf Ninjas.  Todd Glovka 

    It's a dishwasher safe Ninja throwing blade.  Krappy Kliff

    Other winning answers: 

    It is a buzz saw for the Fisher Price Tool Shop Set - Bryon Hammer 

    It is a safety circular saw blade.  Guaranteed not to dismember. Roland Fay 

    It's Sonic the Hedgehog at High speed. Dennis Hickey 

    My guess is it is a teething ring for a baby sonic the hedgehog. Rodney 

    I believe this is a special Frisbee for Aqua Man that he uses in the ocean & needs something blue, looks invisible to cut fishing lines. DeeBye Meyers 

    Combo Frisbee/men’s razor. Taken off the market almost immediately after several bloody accidents. Tom Johnson 

    The new device looks like a yarn cutter :)  Modi 

    It’s a laurel wreath from The Hunger Games trilogy! Al Williams 

    It’s  a teething ring for godzila’s new baby!!!!   Shunilb 

    My Son TIM Osborne thinks it is a spool of lawn trimmer string. 

    It's a "multiplayer letter opener" for up to ten users to use simultaneously. Mike Vaughn 

    It's a Blue Raspberry throat lozenge most commonly enjoyed by masochists. "Chillynorth"

    The gizmo pictured is an ice tire for a motorcycle. Greenone

    updated version of the Laurel wreath awarded to winners at the ancient Olympic Games. Cliff Hamblen

    front tire from the toy Harley Davidson motorcycle included with the new "Hell's Angels Barbie" playset. Chris Durkin

    Shark Protector Life Preserver. Gary Barclay

    It's a counter-clockwise cyclone starter =) Brad Buntin

    It's a hula hoop of death. Kya Wolf

    An envelope opener for your power drill.  Dan S.

    I would think this is a device that allows you to braid pieces of dental floss into usable rope. Tiger Fan

    A device to put on a soda bottle cap to give you grip to open / scare people away from it prevent from stealing a sip.  Bigredishott

    It’s a toy model of the little icon you see on a pc when it’s busy. Terry Baldwin

    If you won more than once, please just ask for one autographed MAD. Email me your full name & address - (US/Canada only - otherwise email me & we'll give you a shout-out on The Giz Wiz). I'll autograph your MAD with your first name & my name unless you specify Dick's name only.  Please put MAD WINNER in the subject line, so I can pick it out quickly. Thanks!!!  Dick De, The Giz Wiz & MAD's Maddest Writer.

    Don't forget to go back to the top of this page to play the new July/August 2014 WTHII? game. And be sure to sign your entry with a name, initials, something - or it won't be counted. Last month more than a dozen entries weren't signed and were disqualified. Thanks.