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    Here's the new Sept/Oct 2014 "What The Heck Is It?" Game + the July/Aug Winners!

    So do you know what it is? To play, come up with the right answer, or make up a silly, or inventive answer that we find funny or clever that describes the gizmo shown. We give away up to three dozen autographed copies of MAD Magazine. (Up to 12 for the correct answer, up to 24 for cute, silly answers.) IMPORTANT! The judges have very small attention spans, so make sure entries are no more than 25 words, and please make just one guess per entry. You can enter more than once, and you can enter even if you've won in the past. But you must sign your entry with a nickname, screen name, fake name, or even real name, but sign it! If it's not signed, it's not eligible.

    You'll be playing for the December 2014 issue of MAD! 

    Remember, right answers and cute or clever wrong answers can win! Please be sure to put " WTHII" in the subject line so we can pick it out quickly. And good luck! E-mail your entry to by midnight (EDT) October 31st, 2014. By entering you agree this is a game for fun and laughs. Winning answers are published on this website the 1st or 2nd of November, so come back to see if you won. Because MAD is real cheap, we have to limit mailing winning copies to the United States and Canada. If you've won, follow the directions below to claim your prize! I'll tweet a few reminders for folks to check to see if they've won when winners are announced, so follow me on   If you answer in the comments below, everyone will see and know your answer, so that's not a good idea. Good Luck! Winners outside the US and Canada can have their names included as a "shout-out" on an upcoming Giz Wiz Show as their prize. Yep, MAD is that CHEAP!


    Here are the winners of the July/August 2014 "What The Heck Is It?" Game!

    This was one of the most fun "What the heck is it?" games ever. Why?? Because I couldn't remember what that thing was! I saw it online and it showed up in a plain box with no name, no label and no instructions. It didn't come from Amazon, so it wasn't in my "past orders" file. 

    There were 10 correct answers. The 1st two even have the exact web page where you can find this What The Heck Is It Gadget. Yes, it’s a plastic shoe-stacker.

    Winners with the right, or close-to-right answers: 

    Adjustable Double Layers Plastic Shoe Rack - Blue    Jerry Brace - George Ackerman  

    Multi-dimensional shoe elevator! Place shoe on bottom platform and it lowers into another dimension to maximize closet space! Sean Carruthers  

    Shoe stacker for the many people like you in Manhattan who cannot fit their shoes next to each other in the minuscule  apartments of NYC ---Wesley Deland  

    This is a portable space saving device that allows you to stack your shoes, thus saving closet space. - Mark Sheppard 

    A device to stack your shoes in the Closet to save space. — Pizzagew, Lake Nacimiento, CA  

    Its a shoe holder for your closet.  Jimmy Kersey 

    I think it's a "shoe leveler", which allows the stacking of shoes in a closet without squishing them or causing deformations. Pablo del Moral (real name) (or is it?)  

    Space saver for shoes. Saves space since your shoes take up 50% less area. :)  Kurt Lewis  

    Close enough: It's for when you're at the beach & it's raining, you'll have a place to put your shoes to keep 'em dry!  Sean W.  

    It's a shoe organizer for clowns. NoLa Gil

    The ten people above, plus the folks below have won an autographed October issue of MAD. I have two things in that issue. My favorite is a satire on Shark Tank, with wonderful art by Tom Richmond. Several of the folks at TWiT are featured in the piece called Snark Tank. They include OMGChad, Leo Laporte, Lisa Kentzell, even a caricature of DickDe. I also wrote "Positive Things About The Time Warner Cable/Comcast Merger in that issue. Tom Bunk did the zany art.

    If you've won, follow the directions below to claim your prize! 


    Here's the clever, cute, original winners of the July/Aug 2014 "What The Heck Is It?" game.

    Everyone on this list - and the list above - is a winner! You'll receive the October, 2014 Issue of MAD. There were so many clever answers we're giving away more than 24 autographs MAD's.

    The most given answers was some sort of diving board, or ironing board. There were more than 200 of them! We picked a few: 

    It’s A Portable Table Top Ironing Board !!  Terry Henderson 

    It's an ironing board so you can iron both legs of a pair of pants at the same time. Ian Winkler 

    It's a surfboard for people who are self conscious about their height. -srp45 

    It's a clip on diving board for the Smurfs' swimming pool! Dan Shernicoff 

    This is a puddle diving board for small birds. Set it into any rain puddle and watch the neighborhood birds flock for fun. Jean Carter 

    Other silly answers we liked: 

    Alligator dentures? Blintze 

    Prosthetic duck bill  Graycat98    (There were dozens of people who said something like this. We pick this one at random.)

    Ear muffs for the easter bunny   Jlfcdf 

    It's a Duck mouth guard to prevent snoring!  Bigredishott

    It is a giant's nose clip. - Matt G 

    This is a dryer for your gloves or mittens, You set the device so both long pieces are straight up in the air, slide gloves on, and presto….sent by lancevskiwi 

    I am pretty sure it is a finger splint for Godzilla.  You should see the roll of tape to adhere it! Signed:  iftaman 

    It's a pair of tweezers for removing very wide splinters. Lil 

    Skateboard garage  Burl 

    Silicon toast tong.  Used for removing your toast from the toaster without getting crumbs on your hands. Tony 

    It’s a splint for a stork’s beak. -Stephen Wright  (Lots of similar answers. We picked this one at random.) 

    This is obviously an alligator or crocodile tongue depressor. Jim Beckerson 

    ToasTite for French bread. Gilbert Jagot (Gil in NoLa) 

    This is a clamp for your Dagwood sandwich. Richard  aka "slim2none" 

    a portable piano pedal. Obvious, right? ;) Elizabeth Whitmire 

    It is an accessory to help make the perfect duck-face selfie. Justin Karguth 

    It's for putting sliced bread into bags. Luis 

    Worst helicopter blade design... ever! - Tim Davies 

    Giant Sized Bagel Tongs  -CoasterDean 

    It’s the charging station for the Hoverboard, from Back to the Future. -Rich McGee 

    It's a spare set of wings for biplane pilots! Tom Hedeen 

    It's a revolutionary tongue-scraper for *both* top and bottom of your tongue :P dflachbart

    If you won more than once, please just ask for one autographed MAD. Email me your full name & address - (US/Canada only - otherwise email me & we'll give you a shout-out on The Giz Wiz). I'll autograph your MAD with your first name & my name unless you specify Dick's name only.  Please put MAD WINNER in the subject line, so I can pick it out quickly. Thanks!!!  Dick De, The Giz Wiz & MAD's Maddest Writer.

    Don't forget to go back to the top of this page to play the new Sept/Oct 2014 WTHII? game. And be sure to sign your entry with a name, initials, something - or it won't be counted. Last month more than a dozen entries weren't signed and were disqualified. Thanks.