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    Here's the new Sept/Oct 2015 "What The Heck Is It?" Game. And the Winners of the July/Aug game!

    Here it is! Do you know what it is? To play, come up with the right answer, or make up a silly, or inventive answer that we find funny or clever that describes the gizmo shown. We give away up to three dozen autographed copies of MAD Magazine. (Up to 12 for the correct answer, up to 24 for cute, silly answers.) IMPORTANT! The judges have very small attention spans, so make sure entries are no more than 25 words, and please make just one guess per entry. You can enter more than once, and you can enter even if you've won in the past. But you must sign your entry with a nickname, screen name, fake name, or even real name, but sign it! If it's not signed, it's not eligible. You'll be playing for the December 2015 issue of MAD! 

    Remember, right answers and cute or clever wrong answers can win! Please be sure to put " WTHII" in the subject line so we can pick it out quickly. And good luck! E-mail your entry to by midnight (EDT) October 31st, 2015. By entering you agree this is a game for fun and laughs. Winning answers are published on this website the 1st or 2nd of Oct 2015, so come back to see if you won. Because MAD is real cheap, we have to limit mailing winning copies to the United States and Canada. If you've won, follow the directions below to claim your prize! I'll tweet a few reminders for folks to check to see if they've won when winners are announced, so please follow me on Twitter: Please don't answer on this website; it won't count. Good Luck! Winners outside the US and Canada can have their names included as a "shout-out" on an upcoming Giz Wiz Show as their prize. Yep, MAD is that CHEAP!


    Here are the winners of the July/Aug 2015 "What The Heck Is It?" Game!

    There was just one 'right on the money' winner:

    Darren in Kansas correctly identified the “Watch The Heck Is It?” gadget in the photo as a coffee bag clip Air lock.


    Correct! The pictured device is the MoccaMaster Stainless-steel Coffee Bag Sealer.


    MoccaMaster makes a ton of coffee makers and coffee gadgets and this is one of their lowest priced gadgets at a MSRP of $19.99.


    It's here on the company website:



    But since it looks similar to other gadgets, we decided to also call these three people winners:


    It's a chip bag closer. Allen Harris


    The device is for closing snack chip bags. Gary Bird


    chip/cereal bag sealer. Jared .


    If you've won, you'll get an autographed copy of the October issue of MAD. Just follow the directions below the other winners to claim your prize!  


    Everybody on this list and the list above is a winner and will receive the October 2015 issue of MAD.

    There were a lot of great answers this time round. So many that we're awarding 28 autographed MAD magazines instead of 24 because we couldn't agree on which 4 answers to eliminate. 

    Most given answer was some sort of tap or corer. We picked a few at random:


    A Pineapple corer. Dave Martel


    Maple Sap spout/tap - Jason Harris


    Looks like a coconut tap. Michael Gendron


    It’s a Cherry Pit Pitter Dawn Curry


    Twinkie corer. Stick it into one of the small sides of the Twinkie, push the plunger, and all that delicious marshmallow creme comes out & you can throw away that healthy sponge cake portion. Chad Masters


    We got a lot of toothpaste tube devices. We picked one at random:


    This is a super high tech tooth paste roller-upper. Ellen


    And about 10 Alien Probe answers. We picked one at random:


    It is the probe the aliens used on me the last time I was abducted. Ken Torbeck


    Other cute, funny, clever answers:


    A slide whistle for people with buck teeth Brad Farrell


    Wine bottle cork remover. Stick it in... twist it.... pull it out! Gary Van Drew


    Looks like a Q-tip for a robot. Blintze


    I think it is the tool for putting the pimento into the olive. John Zengerle


    From the fashion houses of Paris, here's a stylish bolt wearing a silver outer wrap for those special nights on the town. Dan Mottola


    simple flute in which you blow on the silver end, cup your hand around that end as well and slide the black piece to change the pitch. Curt K


    A retro modern clothes pin. JohnEE


    Simply stick the tube up one of two nostrils and pull the plunger down. VIOLA! No more need for Kleenex! Skip


    It is a "message-in-a-bottle" insertion tool for people marooned on a deserted island. Art Alto


    This is a manual cigarette roller. Wrencher2


    That is a cheese dissector. It's used to inspect the middle of the cheese wheel, if it had properly set. David Windermere, FL


    It is a curler for pig tails... Cheers Jay


    Looks like a lawn soil plug maker? Makes a hole in lawn to pull out a dirt plug. moe


    A stainless steal clothespin for the sophisticated person who has it all. Verena Fuchs


    It's a selfie stick extender. -Vesa


    It's a Tortellini Stuffer! RoryGun


    It’s a rose de-thorner. You pass a rose stem through this gizmo and it strips the thorns off.

    Baron Sekiya


    Back in the day people used it to curl their hair and it twisted their hair to make it curly. Kaylee - Ann Sissons


    It is the least fun Pez dispenser of all time.  Brian H.


    This device is used by a cosmetic surgeon to transplant little plugs of hair from one part of your body to your head. Marty


    It's a Galaxy Note 5 S-pen extraction tool. Ed


    If you won more than once, please just ask for one autographed MAD. Yes, we know some enter several times under different names. :) Email me your full name & address - (US/Canada only - otherwise email me & we'll give you a shout-out on The Giz Wiz). I'll autograph your MAD with your first name & my name unless you specify Dick's name only.  Please put MAD WINNER in the subject line, so I can pick it out quickly. Thanks!!!  Dick De, The Giz Wiz & MAD's Maddest Writer. Email me at:

    Don't forget to go back to the top of this page to play the Sept/Oct 2015 WTHII game. And be sure to sign your entry with a name, initials, something - or it won't be counted. Last month more than a dozen entries weren't signed and were disqualified. Thanks. DickDe