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    As seen on World News Now, here are some unique & useful car gadgets you may not know about.

    If you missed my spot on air it's here: https://abcnews.go.com/WNN/video/top-car-gadgets-63248578

    The SUV/Car Step. This clever device is 5 in 1 Multifunctional Vehicle Latch Door Step so you have easy access to the car roof rack. The step is also equipped with a Safety Hammer and a Seat Belt Cutter. Although I try to use every gadget I report on, I don't own a car, but this device was suggested by a viewer and ex-policeman, Mo Torres. After I saw Mo's demo I did a little web searching a found the same type of device, but with some added features. The company says the step itself is made from aluminum alloy, and the car doorstep is small, sturdy and easy to install. With the folding design, it is easy to carry and store. The added features are a Safety Hammer - to be able to break a car window in an emergency and a seat belt cutter, also for an emergency. This upgraded folding vehicle hook doorstep has another added feature - soft rubber cover to protect car paint and you from injury by covering the pointing window breaker. But wait there's more. A fold down brace lets you place this device behind a tire to help prevent the car from rolling. Compatible with all kinds of SUV, RV, Jeep, Truck, Van or off-road car. The company says their car doorstep can support around 500 pounds. Dimensions:3 inches by 6.18 inches. Weight: 0.78 lb.

    Was about $16.00 as of 5/23/19, but Amazon prices can change at any time.


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    Whether you own or rent a car this seems like a great inexpensive car gadget.

    While looking for helpful auto gadgets for this ABC News spot I found this device. Amazon calls it a multifunctional 6 in 1 Car Phone Charger Adapter, Seat Belt Cutter, Window Breaker, LED Torch Flashlight, Red Flashing Warming Beacon and Portable Power Bank. This could actually help save a life if you have to escape a life-threatening situation like being trapped in a sinking, over-turned, or burning car and find you can't release your seatbelt, or open a window to escape. The safeguarded sharp blade is recessed in the device to help prevent accidental injuries. A hidden pin in the charging tip acts as window breaker. Also built in the 2200 mAH rechargeable external power bank is a two level white light flashlight plus a red flashing beacon. But wait, there's more. A fold out handle on the back opens so you can use to prevent the car from rolling, perhaps when changing a tire. The price was $15.99 on 5/23/19, but that change at any time on Amazon. There are other devices on Amazon page that look exactly like this one and they have the same description, but sell for more. My guess is this is one of those gadgets from a huge company overseas and private labeled by various buyers to sell online. Here's a 3 minute video I did on the device:


    Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2M2ih0S 

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    Google Home Can Now Leave Home & Get Into Your Car.

    Reporters learned about the Roav Bolt at CES 2019, but it's just now coming into the marketplace. The Roav Bolt is an aftermarket device by Anker that brings the Google Assistant to almost any car. Optimized for Android devices, just say, “Hey Google,” or tap the button on Roav Bolt to find the nearest coffee shop, play your favorite song or podcast, navigate home, read texts, make calls, set reminders, and check your schedule for the day. If you have an iPhone, the company says there's a beta version that doesn't have all the features of the Android version right now. It’s super easy to set up. Just plug the Bolt into your car’s charging socket and connect it to your phone’s Bluetooth and your car’s stereo. (There's a 3.5mm AUX cable in the box if there's no Bluetooth in your car.) The twin built in noise reduction mics are designed to help ensure your Assistant hears you clearly, even if your phone is locked or stashed away. The front of the device has the same four familiar LED lights as the Google home mini. On the side there are two 2.4v USB inputs to charge devices as you drive. It's available now at Best Buy & Anker online, other places soon.... $49.99 MSRP. I did not see it on Amazon yet, as of 5/23/19.

    Company website page: https://www.anker.com/store/roav-bolt/R5360011


    Add charging ports for both your front and back seats.

    The folks from RapidX, a company big in useful in tech offers the X5+ Multi-Device High Speed Car Charger. It features a detachable USB cable and a combination of 5 USB Ports. For the front seat passengers there's one QC 3.0/ QualComm® Quick Charge port, and one USB Type-C port. The detachable 3-port hub, designed for the back seat, can be removed and stored in the glove box until it is needed for additional passengers. You can easily attach the 3-port hub and charge up to 5 devices simultaneously. A 5 foot cable connects them, which can be feed under the rug to the back seat if you want to have it available all the time. It's available in 7 color combinations. MSRP: $34.95. On 5/23/19 I saw it on Amazon for $24.00 and it was Amazon Prime. That price could change at any time.  

    Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2K2n2VB 

    Company website: http://www.rapidx.io/


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    Here's an auto accessory you probably don't have in your car.

    Did you know about the Steering Wheel Tray? I'm always on the lookout for weird or offbeat gadgets. Especially gadgets people may not know about. I think I found it with the Steering Wheel Tray. It hooks onto your steering wheel for an instant desk, sturdy enough, the company says to support a laptop or lunch and a drink. It has two sides, an eating side and a working side. Mounts on most steering wheels in seconds, but the company says if you have a thickly padded steering wheel it might not fit. The 11 inch X 16.5 inch X 0.79 inch tray is small enough to store away before you start your car and drive off. NO YOU DON'T HAVE IT IN PLACE WHILE DRIVING! Fortunately, it's big enough so you probably wouldn't actually able to drive with it in place. Besides anything on the tray would go flying at the first turn of the steering wheel. And it's only about $12 on Amazon. At the link below it's was available only in black. On some other links there on Amazon it was available in grey at a higher price. Price as of 5/23/19. 

    Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2HyVo0H 


    Amazon links are Giz Wiz Links. Pay the same as everyone else, GizWizBiz gets a small credit to buy more stuff. Thank you.