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    On these pages are gadgets I've shown over the past few years on the show. 

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    Here are the 3 New Helpful DIY Tools & Two DIY Projects I Talked About on World News Now.

    If you missed the spot on air, I'll post a link here once it airs.

    And now on with the gadgets-

    The folks at MYCHANIC have come up with a unique and handy light. It's called POD Light and it sits on a magnetic base that lets you aim a bright light toward almost any job you're doing. It's like having someone there to hold a 250 lumen flashlight on your work. It has high and low light modes. But wait, there's more! The base of the POD Light is also magnetic, so you can fasten it to metal parts of your car when you're doing repairs, or metal parts under the sink, etc. At under $20, it won a 'value' award from the folks at the DIY Network at the 2017 National Hardware Show. And you don't see this very often: “Batteries included”. And not just any batteries, but 3 AA Duracell Coppertop batteries.


    Company website:


    A Metal Tape Measure In A Brand New Form.

    Forget the stand-up and often fall over, or even fall off the worktable tape measure. Meet the Craftsman Sidewinder. It comes in two versions, a 16' Tape Measure, or a 25' foot meassure. Both have a lay flat design and steel tang which keeps them stable when you measure. The "Easy Read" tape takes the guessing out of fractions. It locks until you are ready to retract the tape. The tape measure has a writable dry-erase surface so you cano keep track of your measurements before you forget what they were. The tape measure cases are also slip resistant. The 25' foot version MSRP is under $19.99 and a 16' version under $15.00.


    Giz Wiz Video: 


    Sears Link 25' Tape:  


    Sears Link 16' Tape:  


    These are available on Amazon too, but the prices are much better at Sears, who own Craftsman.


    The hammer has changed design in decades. Now it has!

    Meet the Flex Claw Hammer. Whether you need to hang a picture frame or are trying to pry out an old nail, the Craftsman Flex Claw Hammer delivers versatility and power to the palm of your hand. This combo flex claw features two great tools in one -a hammer and an adjustable pry bar. The claw has 4 different locking positions, so you can customize your leverage depending on the job at hand. Hammering can take its toll on your hands quickly. To try and offset some of this, the hammer has a dual-material handle to deliver some added comfort for blow after blow. This claw hammer is versatile enough to handle simple home repairs to prying stuck nails that just won't budge. The hammer comes in an 18 ounces and a 26 ounce version. MSRP price is $29.99 & $39.99, but they're cheaper than that on Sears website.

    Flex Claw Hammer18 oz


    24 oz Flex Claw Hammer:


    These are available on Amazon too, but the prices are much better at Sears, who own Craftsman.


    Meet the SnapPower SafeLight

    If you're not familar with SnapPower they make a line of outlet additions you install by just removing the AC outlet cover, then replacing it with a SnapPower cover. The newest addition to the SnapPower SafeLight. Like their other products, it easy-to-install in under a minute. Once in place, it transforms any outlet into a child friendly night-light. Self closing sliding outlet covers help prevent children from electrical shocks and hazards. The safety cover closes instantly after a power cord is removed. But wait, there's more. There's also a built in LED nightlight with 4 settings: High, Low, Off and Automatic. Under $20. The price drops if you order more than a single unit.

    Here's an assortment of Snappower accessories, including SafeLight on Amazon:



    Great Looking & Easy-To-Install LED Pucks Lights

    I like the look of under counter lights and have used them for years. The only problem is that the normal 20 watt halogen bulb version burns hot and heats the under side of the cabinet they're connected to. That can dry out foods sitting in the cabinet right above them. And since I use them as night lights (to raid the refrigerator in the middle of the night), the bulbs burn out rather quickly. So when I saw the B-right Set of 3 LED Puck Lights on Amazon, I immediately bought a set, You get three puck lights which only consume 6 watts, or 2 watts per bulb. That's a 90% energy saving. Amazon says they're 3000K Warm White. The lamp body is made of very tech-looking aluminum material which conducts out the relatively low heat from the leds and prolongs the product's lifespan, which is rated at 50,000 hours. Installation was easy. Use the included screws to mount them or the 3M stickers which are also included. The kit includes 3 2W LED Puck Lights, 1 Power AC to 12 Volt DC Adapter with inline on/off switch, the Junction box, plus screws and 3M stickers. I paid $16.99 but prices on Amazon are constantly changing. 

    Amazon link:


    More info via this Giz Wiz Video:


    Another great find, thanks to an Amazon reviewer:


    Although the puck LED lights above are said to be non-dimmable, an Amazon reviewer found this clever 'in-line' dimmer. I bought one on Amazon for under $7.00 and it works great. It inserts right inline between the power cord and the LED's. It took just about 15 seconds to install. Just plug it in and your LED puck lights are dimmable. Amazon prices can easy change but it was still $6.99 as of October 15, 2017.


    Amazon dimmer link: