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    On these pages are gadgets I've shown over the past few years on the show. 

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    The New and Unique Gadgets from Interbike 2018 I Showed on World News Now.

    If you missed the spot on air it's here:  

    Sena Smart Cycling Helmet $229.00. Designed specifically for road cycling with seamlessly integrated Bluetooth 4.1 technology. Riders can pair their smartphone and hear GPS directions, listen to music, take phone calls, even hear cues from fitness apps. This is perfect for group riding because you can link up to 4 Sena R1 helmets to converse up to half a mile away on open terrain. None of the electronics cover your mouth or ears but you still hear perfectly through the stereo speakers and noise-canceling mic built into the helmet. Available in orange, blue or black. At the Interbike 2018 Show in Reno, NV, I put a Smart Cycling Helmet on and walked out of the exhibit area, down a long hallway and could still easily converse with the spokesperson back at the Sena booth.



    Kryptonite expands their popular USB "to see" Rechargeable Lights Line.

    Two of the just added Kryptonite Street And Avenue Sets are shipping now. In one of the kits, the 500 lumen front bike light has run times from 1.5 hrs on high steady, 24 hrs on economic flash. There are six modes including daytime and nighttime pulse for safe riding. A very clever feature is called Eco mode. When the built-in battery is at 10% or less, the light automatically switches over to lowest output mode and gives you an additional 30-45 minutes of runtime to get home safe! It ships with an easy to use “no tools” bracket and two USB charging cables, one for the headlight and one for the taillight. The F-300 kits offers the same functions with less lumens. The set is sold with the Avenue R-30 tail light (30 lumen rear tail light) and the MSRP is $61.95. Kryptonite USB rechargeable lights are also available separately. All of Kryptonite’s torch lights are fully USB rechargeable and have built-in battery indicators, letting riders know when batteries are low or fully charged. Additional features of the new torch lights include a memory function that allows the light to turn on at the last mode that was used and side illumination ports that allow for riders to be seen when riding across traffic lanes. 


    You've heard of hoverboards, but how about Hovershoes?

    There were a lot more unique gadgets at Interbike 2018 than bikes. For example it was the 1st time I ever saw Hovershoes! They're InMotion's latest invention that takes the concept of a hoverboard and splits it into two independent machines; one for each foot! The company says it's a totally new experience that feels more like rollerskating with the freedom to zip around at will and that Hovershoes X1 are easier to learn and safer than hoverboards. Well, I think they have to add  “assuming you're young, agile and well coordinated. I couldn't even get the hang of balancing on juist one of them, but then I'm not their target audience. Here are the specs of the Hovershoes X1 provided by Inmotion: Battery: 54Wh each / Motor: 250W each / Payload: 22 - 176 lbs / Max Range: 7 miles / Speed: 7 mph / Max Grade: 9° / Waterproof: IP65 / Charge Time: 1.5 hours / Weight: 6 lbs each Tire Diameter: 3.5 in.

    And the price? One pair of Hovershoes, charger, + one year warranty is $499. And they are available now.


    Hovershoes video: 



    A heavy-duty bike lock you can wear on your belt or backpack.

    A spokeperson at Interbike said one new trend these days is to have clean lines on their bikes, free from accessories bolted on. That's why his company came up with the Foldylock Clipster. This is said to be the first & only wearable folding lock. It hangs on your waist, or backpack, not your bike. It features a patented joint protection system and weighs a bit less than 2.5 pounds. (I weighed on my postal scale.) Watching their video of a person trying various way to break tthis hardened steel lock, it does appear to be quite secure. (That video is on their website.) It's was on preorder, but should be shipping early October. I checked their website on 10/1//18 and the lock is there for $80. Normal price is expected to be $85, but that price can start at any time.

    Company website:



    Green Guru Crew presents an "upcycled" backpack.


    Green Guru Commuter Backpack - Under $100 (UPDATE: I checked the company website on 10/1/18 and it was $80. I don't if or when it will return to $100.) This rugged backpack is designed with all up-cycled items. What's up-cycled? Something repurposed to a new use, almost in its original form. On this backpack you can keep your goods protected with the stormproof, upcycled bicycle inner tubes that make up the flap of the backpack. There's a huge main compartment, a separate front pocket, plus storage room behind the front pocket. It can be closed with the web strap snap, or for extra waterproofing, the top can be rolled tight and then snapped. The fabric of the backpack is up-cycled waterproof tent material from commercial venues. Even the reflector was originally part of a traffic highway sign! And there's even a loop where you can attach a red signal light to the backpack when wearing this while biking.


    Full details here: 


    It was a few bucks cheaper on Amazon here: 


    Giz Wiz Link. Pay exactly the same, the Giz Wiz gets a tiny credit to buy more stuff to show. Thank you.)


    We didn't have time on air to show this gadget from Interbike 2018, but it's one of the least expensive and most useful gadgets I saw there.  

    Keep your apps and maps conveniently accessible whether you are on a ride, running with a jogging stroller, or keeping the kids entertained in a grocery cart. The high-quality Wraptor design offers a secure hold on almost any handle. With 360 degrees of rotation, your phone can be easily changed from portrait to landscape or anywhere in between so that your screen is always easy to view. The Wraptor fits standard and plus-sized phones, with or without a case, as well as most handlebar sizes. The universal mount makes this rotating smartphone holder so versatile, it can be mounted on stems, handlebars, and more. My biggest smart device is the Samsung Note 4 at a bit over 6" with case, and it fit easily. From Nite Ize. Under $20. Best Buy or Amazon.


    Was $16.05 on Amazon as of 10/1/18 (That price can change at any time.


    Giz Wiz Link. Pay the same, The Giz Wiz get a tiny credit to buy more stuff to show.)


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