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    On these pages are gadgets I've shown over the past few years on the show. 

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    The Giz Wiz Takes To The Water With A New Engine + Some New Boating Gadgets.

    If you missed it, here's my boating gadgets spot as it appeared on World News Now, May 26, 2017:

    The boat you saw me driving on World News Now is a Farallon 23 Sport.It's not a new boat, but dates back to the year 2000. Farallon still builds that boat and other larger models, but they're built more as heavy duty workboats, police or sheriff boats, or fishing boats, rather than a pleasure craft. I decided to buy one because the fully enclosed cabin means I can use it year round on the Hudson River here in NYC. Also, it's a ruggedly built boat for when the Hudson turns rough.

     The New Yamaha Outboard. 

    But the Yamaha outboard engine is brand new. That's me at the 2017 NY Boat Show when I decided to buy the F250. It replaces a 15 year old Yamaha outboard. I new one I bought is the 2017 Yamaha 4.2L F250. It's one of Yamaha's Big Bore High Output Four Stroke V6 Outboards which include the F225, F250 & F300 hp engines. For the techies out there, here are just a few of the features via Yamaha: Plasma-Fused Sleeveless Cylinders, Narrow 60° Block Design, Variable Camshaft Timing, Electronic Multi-Point Fuel Injection and Complete Engine Warning System. All in a Compact, Lightweight Design. It's 25% more powerful than my previous Yamaha engine, but weighs less. I have the 30" shaft version which weighs in at 571 pound. My old 225 hp four stroke with a 3.3L engine and weighed in at 600+ pounds. This new F250 4.2L outboard is far more responsive as well as powerful! New technology is not inexpensive. MSRP is well over $25,000, but I paid $20,900 for mine. With an expected lifespan of over 20 years, I look at it as about 1,000 a year. 

    The Yamaha LCD Display

    The  6YC Yamaha Information Stationfeatures a five-inch, full-color, high-resolution LCD display. All on one Yamaha’s new digital gauge provides engine RPM, fuel levels, fuel burn, fuel economy, engine water pressure, etc., all in one customizable gauge. You customize your display with a variety of color options, digital and analog display styles, and day/night backlighting. Choose what you want to see and how you want to see it. So instead of my old three separates gauges, this one display unit does it all. I misspoke when I said the gauge I have is good for up to four engines. My gauge show info for up two two outboards, but Yamaha offers other digital displays that can be set up to display info for up to four outboards. Price will depend on number of engines and connections to other components on your boat.

    Brand new and available just about now, May 2017, is the new Yamaha CL7 touchscreen display and a newly-designed, more robust 7" Command Link Plus gateway.

    More info on the new display is here:

    The prop on the boat is a Yamaha Saltwater Series IIwith SDS Technology, which is their Shift Dampening System that takes the old 'clank' out of changing gears.


    The Giz Wiz Is A Fan of this Fan. 

    The Caframo Sirocco II (II is new version) 7" 12 and 24 Volt fan features a unique gimbaled design that allows airflow to be directed in any direction of the cabin - 360°. I like that it can also be folded flat and out of the way against the bulkhead when not in use. It's a 3 speed fan with an extra features I really like. A 3, 6, 9, and 12 hour timer setting. I used to worry about leaving the cabin fan on when I left the battery which would mean coming back to a dead battery. But with the timer setting it will go off automatically after the number of hours you choose. It has manual on/off too if you want that. The is also very quiet and the blades shouldn't hurt your fingers if for some reason you (or maybe the kid's stick their fingers in.) I stuck my fingers in and they stopped the blades with doing any damage, as least to my fingers. This is a premium fan that should last for years. MSRP is $129.99, but it's available for under $100 online.

    It was $95.80 here as of 6/7/17 with free shipping, but not Amazon Prime.

    Company website:


    A boat bucket with lots of features - and some unique options.

    This is a very clever idea. A bucket with a padded lid, so it can double as a seat. Plus a bucket base so the bucket won't tip or slide around. The Deluxe ONE Bucket System includes:
    The Shurhold Deluxe One Bucket System
    World's Best Rope Handle 5 gallon Bucket in black or white.
    Bucket Lid / Padded Seat combo Bucket Base (So your bucket won't slip or tip) Buckt Grate (Keeps your wash utensils in clean water) Bucket Caddy (Keeps everything you store in your bucket organized) MSRP: $59.99

    Company website:


    The Shurhold New Boater Kit

    Storage space is limited on a boat, so why waste it with a handle for everything?  Shurhold's exclusive SHUR-LOK quick release system positively locks the Shurhold handle quickly and easily with over 40 different Shurhold attachments.  Why clutter limited space with multiple tools when one will do the job of 40? The New Boater Kit is perfect for just that: the new boater! It provides the tools to do the simple, required tasks to keep a boat in good shape.

    The heart of this kit is the 6' (183 cm) telescoping handle. Each handle is made of high grade aluminum, heat treated and triple anodized. It quickly locks at four different lengths from 40"-72" (101 cm-182 cm).

    (If you own a Go-Pro there's even an optional camera adapter you can buy. It snaps onto the end of the 6' handle to create one of the longest selfie-sticks around! There's an optional PFD Kit too that lets your handle float if you accidentally drop it overboard.)

    Along with the 6' (183 cm) handle, these Items are included in the kit: Soft Deck Brush attachment /3 in 1 Boat Hook attachment / String Mop / Brite Wash Multi-Purpose Boat Soap (32 oz.) /MSRP: $100.00 

    ---   It's under $75.00 on Amazon here, as of 5/24/17

    Giz Wiz link. Pay the same as everyone else, we get a small credit to buy more stuffsd to write about.

    Company link: 


    One Tool - Many Marine Uses. And for other outdoors adventures too.

    Snap Tool Multi-Key. Davis calls this their deck plate key with attitude! Many tools in one, this new multi-key wants to go along on your next outdoor adventure! The Snap Tool Multi-Key is a pocket-sized stainless steel tool that is handy, universal, and strong–-perfect for all outdoor activities. It's Many Tools in One:
    •Deck plate key: Fits most caps: water, fuel, waste
    •Un-Snap Canvas Snaps/Snap Canvas Snaps: Handling button snaps made easy, especially on shrunken canvas or corroded snaps
    •Zipper Puller: Tames stiff, sticky oroxidized zippers
    •Cutting Tool: Fishing line, paracord, webbing, cardboard boxes, emergency use
    •Hex Wrench: Popular sizes: 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, and 1/2 inch
    •Screwdrivers: Both Phillips and slot
    •Scraper: Removes labels, tape, dry paint
    •Pin Shackle Key: Titghtens or loosens pins on most galvanized anchor shackles and stainless steel pin shackles
    •And of course, A Bottle Opener!

    MSRP $12.99

    It was here for a $1.50 ($14.59 as of 5/24/17) more on Amazon with free Prime 2-day shipping for Prime Members, and a bit cheaper if look on the right side of this page: 

    Company website: