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Dick DeBartolo, MAD's Maddest Writer, and co-host of The Giz Wiz at GizWiz.TV, The Giz Wiz on ABC's World News Now, Tech Guy Labs on TWiT and on Computer America. But wait, there's More »

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    Dick's Blog & Log...

    Here's stuff that's more than 140 characters so it won't fit on TWITTER, or photos or videos, stuff that I found interesting, and hope you might find it interesting too.



    The 7th Annual Meet-Up takes place Sunday, October 8th, 2017 from 2 to 4 PM. 

    OMGChad is flying in from Dallas to attend so it will be a super meet-up!!! It's at the same great place as all the other meet-ups, 

    Friends, Fun, Match Game questions, some cheap, crappy prizes too! It's all free, but we'd like to know if you're coming so we can save the proper amount of space. Just send an email to and put "Meet-Up" in the subject line. If you're bringing guests, "Meet-Up +2" or whatever number of guests. Hope to see you there. Come early and treat yourself to breakfast, or stay late and treat yourself to dinner. Food is great and priced right. Menus are on the Boat Basin Cafe website. Great location too, overlooking the Hudson River. (And my little work boat is right there in the Hudson River too.)

    Thanks to Joe Bolanos for the great photo. Who knew so many people would grow mustaches for the event!

    One meet-up happened to fall on my birthday. Long time Giz Wiz fan Beckee was kind enough to bring Kazoos for all, so I had my own 'Kazoo Band' Happy Birthday. It's at the link below. Don't worry, it just lasts one minute!

    TWiT's (and Giz Fiz PM director) Alex Gumpel (red jacket back row right) has come in for two of the meet-ups. Will he be there for the 2017 meet-up? Hmmm.... Come and be surprised with the rest of us.

    The Kazoo Birthday Song:

    Hope you can make it October 8th, 2017. 


    A great summer night in August, 2017

    Docking after a little late evening run on the Hudson River.


    A memory from four years ago.

    Say "hi" or even "woof" to Charlie, the dog, formerly known as Scruffy. Charlie joined the DeBartolo-Wunderlin Clan on Saturday, July 27th (2013) when Dennis & I adopted him from They're LA based, but some shelter dogs were flown to NYC to seek new homes. We'll keep you posted. So far he's been great, and he quickly overcame his fear of the backyard trains and stopped barking at them.


    David Pogue, yes that David Pogue, Visits MAD (and takes lots of stuff.)

    David's postg on Facebook: Today, I was lucky enough to tour MAD magazine's offices--a place I've considered hallowed since I was 12 years old! (From left: senior editor Joe Raiola; 54-year writing veteran Dick DeBartolo; me; and editor John Ficarra.)

    Distressingly, I learned that MAD's corporate parent has decided to move the operation to California—and that the current staff won't be going with it. Starting in April 2018, it may be a very different magazine.

    And my post that same day:

    Tech Genius & tall person, David Pogue came for a MAD tour today. He was so complimentary & so excited about being here, no one had the heart to let him know we invited him in the hopes he could get our computers back online. But, who cares, he was a super guest!


    Some heavy hitters visit MAD magazine. (They're real MAD fans too, which is great!)

    I promised Lin-Manuel Miranda (a huge MAD fan & a huge star!) a tour of MAD & today was the day. Great fun till Alfred E. showed up and pushed his way in!