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    The Giz Wiz is a weekly guest on The Tech Guy Show with -- who else? - The Tech Guy himself, Leo Laporte.

    Leo Laporte & I chat about some sort of fun or weird gadget weekly his The Tech Guy Radio Show. The show is syndicated by Premiere to over 180 radio stations around the country. Leo's closing in on 1.5 million listeners! I'm on the Saturday Show with The Giz Wiz Gadget of the Week. My spot is on about 1:45 PM PST / 4:45 PM EST. 

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    Below are the gadgets we've talked about on the show.


    WingLights 360 --A clever safety gadget for your bike or scooter.

    WingLights 360 Mag is a very cleverly designed new gadget that can be mounted in the ends of the handlebars of bikes and e-scooters. It it provides a dual safety function using LED lights. In the “light mode” there's a bright white LED facing front with a bright red LED facing back so cars, trucks, other bikers can see your position on the road from all angles. A 360 lens is designed to make the lights highly visible, especially at night. But wait, there's more!! Tap on either the right or left light and it adds a yellow flashing LED directional signal so drivers know which way you're going to turn. You can tap it again to go off, or let it turn off automatically after about 45 seconds. Both lights are USB rechargeable & magnetically detachable to avoid being stolen when bike is left outdoors. They come with a clever magnetic carrier with carabineer so you can hook it to belt or backpack when you're away from the bike. The company says Mag Lights offer 48 Lumens via 4 Bright Power Efficient Orange LEDs Lights per Indicator with addition of 10 lumens Red and 10 lumens White LEDs Lights per Indicator.. $79.99. There's also a version without the red & white lights for $49.99. There is also a non magnetic version for $24.95 at the company website. www.cycl.bike.

    YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/iDtVIWFmE-Q

    Turn-signals + red & white handlebar lights MSRP $79.99:


    WingLights Mag (turn signals only) $49.99 https://cycl.bike/product/winglights-mag/

    Non-magnetic version as low as $24.95. https://cycl.bike/product/winglights-pop/


    An "shockingly" fun gadget. 

    It's the High Voltage Junction Box with Led-Illuminated Jumping Frayed Live Wires and Sizzling Sound Effects. An Electrifying Prop to Complete You Spooky Halloween Party Decoration. This is great looking prank box with hanging wires and cables is 28" high. It features authentic, sizzling sound effects, "sparking" LED illumination with jumping frayed live wires and even a junction box door that slams open and closed a bit when you activate the switch! It runs on 3AA batteries which were included. But there was also a note that they were 'try the device' batteries and should be replaced when you start using your High Voltage Junction Box. There are two ways to activate it. One is with a push button that hangs out of the back of the box, and the other way is with the ON/OFF lever on the box itself. That's the more impressive way to scare the unsuspected! I bought mine on eBay for about $24.00, but strangely it came from Home Depot. You can find it at Home Depot for $19.99. Last year around Halloween they were in short supply and I the cheapest one I saw on eBay was almost $65. So shop early if you want one for as little as $20. It's for indoor use only.

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/Ev9rmUUoHz0


    This looks like the same thing on Amazon, but it's cheaper at Home Depot: https://amzn.to/2MYFFMF


    Home Depot: https://tinyurl.com/HomeDepotHighVoltageBox


    Hydralight 2 in 1 Emergency Flashlight Lantern - activated by water!

    Yep, it's the one " As Seen on TV." Here's a bit of the hype on Amazon: ACTIVATED BY WATER: Hydralight 2 in 1 doesn’t need any electric battery to charge, it runs on water and no specific type of water is required to run hydralight, any kind of water: Regular, Distilled or salt will do the job, 2 IN 1 Design: You don’t have to buy both flash light and lantern separately. Hydralight becomes flashlight and lantern. Just dip the fuel cell for 10 to 12 sec in water, shake it off, and then we're set to go, with up to 100 continuous hours on a single water dip. And it has a 25 year shelf life.

    And now the downside you don't read on the package. OMGchad said he and some of the TWiT gang learned a lot about fuel cells when he worked at the Brickhouse. The one that I never knew and will affect how you use this flashlight is this: Once activated, a fuel cell can't be turned off. So whether your flashlight is "on" or "off" the fuel cell is active. So the 100 hours of use means 100 continous hours! Basically your flashlight works for 4 days plus, then the fuel cell has to be reactived. Do this 3 times and the fuel cell is used up. A new fuel cell was $13.55 on 8/31/19! Reviews are not great on Amazon, and I'm going to return mine because the description doesn't mention needing to buy fuel cells that are more than half the price of the original flashlight.


    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/SKRYhtBuCYE


    Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2NH5q3n


    Fuel cell: https://amzn.to/2NHW0Vp


    Drinkworks, the automatic bartender you don't have to tip.

    Having a party. Here's an easy way to make everyone's drink even if they all ask for different ones. It's called Drinkworks.

    The Drinkworks drinkmaker prepares cocktails, beer, and more at home using proprietary Drinkworks Pods. The device was developed by Keurig and Anheuser-Busch. Each drink is made consistently every time using a Pod-specified mix of chilled water and carbonation. A variety of Drinkworks Pod Collections include classic and specialty cocktail offerings, leading beer brands like Beck's, Bass, and Stella Artois, and signature mixers. While it's making your drink the app tells you how long to completion, the temperature it will be, etc. Each Pod contains the specific spirit required, whether that’s actual bourbon from Kentucky for a classic Old Fashioned or Mexican agave tequila for a refreshing Margarita. Everything needed for the drink is precisely measured and poured in the Pod. The machine is $399.99, and most alcoholic drink pods are $15.99, which is $4 a drink. Sales are limited to Florida and Missouri right now, but the company says it will be available in California, around April 2020.

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/xzu-A5tpLMo

    Company website: http://www.drinkworks.com/   


    What is the MyCharge Power Lumens?

    Glad you asked. The Power Lumens is a 10,000 mAh Power Bank that features a built-in LED light. Actually, it's 20 LED lights. You can change the LED's from 'cool white' to 'warm' light' by holding the power button down. In either mode, there are four levels of brightness. The burn turn given with a fully charged battery is: Brightest Setting: ~9 hours -Second Brightest: ~15 hours - next brightest: ~22 hours and lowest brightness setting -Darkest Setting: ~41 hours. There are two USB-A charging ports that share 2.4A Max so can both power your camera and provide light while shooting video if you want. The Power Lumens Power Bank also feature a convenient metal easel so you can prop it up and direct the light where it is needed. Although it seems to be advertised as a camping light (it also does SOS) it seems to me to be perfect to use as a handy easy-to-carry fill light for photo & video shooting. It's roughly 3.8" X 3.7" X 1" thick. MSRP is $59.99.

    Giz Wiz Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43sEfKX7Efw&feature=youtu.be

    It was $59.99 on Amazon on 8/17/19, but there was a $5 off box to check. I don't how long that will be there. 


    Here's something interesting I found on a website talking about this device:"Using the battery will not affect the lamp run time and using the lamp will not affect the battery life”.  Hmmm...how that can be?

    Giz Wiz link. Pay the same as everyone else GizWizBiz gets a tiny credit to buy more stuff on Amazon. Thank you if you decide to use that link.