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    USB Cables That Can Be Inserted Right-side or Upside-Down.

    EnacFire Reversible PowerLine[2-Pack] Premium Micro USB Cable Fastest Charging Flash Data Syncing Tensile Tested Nylon Cord Braided Cover Velcro Strap Arranged(Red)

    Reversible USB cables --- both ends ---- USB-A and the micro-USB side can be plugged in and it won't be the wrong way. It's about time!

    You get two cables -- a one foot and a five foot cable and even a little black velcro strap to hold them. They're under $10. I like the red nylon cover and reinforced ends. There are cheaper versions on Amazon, a couple of which I also bought, but I liked these better.

    They're here on Amazon:

    If you don't like red, I also bought these. They also look very well made but are a bit more expensive, $12.99 for two - as of 11/19/16. 

    And I bought these too! Yes, I wanted to see what different prices brought. With these you get three black USB reversible cables, but they don't seem as well made as the others. However, they are under $8 for 3 different sizes, as of 11/19/16


    Never Tie A Shoe Lace Again.

    Homar No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults - 

    Waterproof Silicon Flat Elastic Athletic Running Shoe Laces with Multicolor for Sneaker Boots Board Shoes and Casual Shoes.

    Make sure you order the right size. It took me about 5 minutes to install them, but you do it just once for the life the shoes. As a mini-test I left shoelaces on one sneaker and put these laces on the other and wore them for a day. None of the No Tie Shoelaces popped out and felt more comfortable than the 'real shoe lace' side. At least for me, I like the No Tie laces better - and there's nothing to lace or untie! They're available in many different colors, in either Child or Adult size. I paid $8 here on Amazon: 

    And on Amazon here, I see 3 pair of kid's laces for $11.99:


    Smart Remote Wins Three CES 2017 Innovation Awards.

    It's a dream we all have. Being able to pick up one single remove to control everything in your home. Well now the folks at Seven Hugs say that can happen. That their Smart Remote instantly adapts to anything you point at. Anything?? Well, pretty close. Smart Remote is compatible with over 25,000 devices and counting. It gives you the ability to control any device via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared. That includes devices like Smart TVs, Philips Hue and LIFX smart bulbs, Sonos speakers, Nest Learning Thermostats, and many more. Their point and control technology enables Smart Remote’s screen to adapt instantly to any device and display intuitive touch-screen controls customized for each device you point at. It uses motion tracking sensors and an indoor positioning system. It allows users to control their devices and more. Even get instant access to popular services like Uber. Order a ride by pointing Smart Remote at your front door or check the weather forecast by pointing it at your window. Do people want this? Well Sevenhugs’ Kickstarter campaign goal for Smart Remote was $50,000. When I checked on 11/21/16 they were already at the $650,.000 mark with weeks still to go! Smart Remote will be available at select retailers in Fall ‘17 for $299.99. But depending on when you're reading this, there may still be early-bird Kickstarter pricing. You can get there via their website link below.


    Giz Wiz Video:



    Is that 'electromagnetic radiation' in your underwear, or are you just happy to see me?

    Radiation blocking undergarment? Do you need it? Well, this is what SPARTAN Boxer says: Wireless technology has changed the way we live. But between Wi-Fi and cellphone signals, we are exposing ourselves to a great amount of electromagnetic radiation all day long. This is far from harmless! A number of major scientific institutions around the world have raised alarms over the harmful effects of wireless radiation. By replicating dozens of studies, they have confirmed that wireless radiation has an adverse effect on male fertility. These are just the short-term effects. It’s the long term we need to be concerned about – we could be facing a real societal problem. --- So now the next question is up to you. Are you worried enough to change to SPARTAN underwear? They say that their exclusive fabric, made of silver fibers and cotton, blocks over 99% of wireless radiation such as cellphone and wifi radiation. And that having been designed in Paris they offer exceptional fit and amazing design. And the price? About $45 a pair. 

    Giz Wiz Video


    Company website:  


    Love VR? Meet another 2017 CES Innovation Awards Honoree....

    If you're a gamer, and even if you're not, you probably know the name MSI. They're famous for building high-powered, high tech, high concept computers. At CES they unveiled their VR One, a VR­ready wearable gaming powerhouse. It's the world’s thinnest and lightest VR backpack PC. "The VR One ushers the future of VR gaming by delivering superb performance in a truly mobile way, whether you prefer immersing yourself on a desk or completely untethering from wires,” says Andy Tung, president of MSI Pan America. The VR backpack PC weighs only 7.5 lbs. Powered by a unique cooling system to prolong gaming sessions, it comes with swappable batteries, eliminates cables and chords, and is now available to deliver a truly wireless VR experience. Other features include: Windows 10 - Latest 6th Generation Intel® Core i7-6820HK processor - VR Ready graphics with NVIDIA GeForce® GTX1070 or GeForce® GTX 1060 - Directional cooling - Powerful personalization and customization with the Dragon Center application - 360° virtual surround sound powered by Nahimic - Networking with Killer DoubleShot Pro -Thunderbolt 3 certified. There are two models. One at about $2000 & the other about $2300.  

    Giz Wiz Video:


    Company website VR info:


    The new Trident models also shown in the video are here: