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Dick DeBartolo, MAD's Maddest Writer, and co-host of The Giz Wiz at GizWiz.TV, The Giz Wiz on ABC's World News Now, Tech Guy Labs on TWiT and on Computer America. But wait, there's More »

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    Dick's Blog & Log...

    Here's stuff that's more than 140 characters so it won't fit on TWITTER, or photos or videos, stuff that I found interesting, and hope you might find it interesting too.



    Can't Wait Until October! (But I'll have to.)


    Had a dream come true recently. I got to co-host an evening of movie satires on Turner Classic Movies, sitting in one those famous red leather chairs, opposite the wonderful, knowledgeable Robert Osborne. (We're seen here with producer Sean Cameron.) We had a real fun time! It will air on Turner Classic Movies in October, 2013. When I have a firm air date, I'll post it. I brought an ages-old Alfred E. Neuman pin for Robert, and he was kind enough to wear it throughout the show. What us worry? It's a block of four movies, each with a different satirical take. Several of them may be on your list of favorite movie satires, but for sure I bet one of them is: This is Spinal Tap!


    Hurricane Tape - lots of uses, hopefully a hurricane is not one of them!

    I saw this tape at the 2013 National Hardware Show. They were showing a video of how a window protected by Hurricane Tape could break, but not send flying glass everywhere. The demo reminded me of a car windshield where a film holds on to the broken pieces of glass. Here's more info on this unique product from the company: Hurricane Tape's unique bi-directional weave pattern provides an extremely strong tear threshold. in fact it's 100 times stronger than a premium duct tape. Available in 1", 2" and 3" thicknesses. Hurricane tape is reinforced with a plastic substrate laminate to ensure the longevity of the product. The water-based, acrylic adhesive is ideal for application in cold and wet conditions. Features a clean release property for up to 7 days after application. Leaves no adhesion residue. Additional features include: - water and mold resistant - Adheres below water line with proper application - UV and Decay resistant - Color: white. It's widely available on places like Amazon, selling for $6 to $16 depending on width and size of the roll. It's from Bunker Industries.



    Let's see if Scott Jordan, creator of the Scott-E-Vest has a sense of humor.

    Here's my satire on one of his ads!


    Why it's Jackie! Jackie the Joke Man!


    Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling visits MAD magazine. Jackie sent me an email complaining that a cover of a magazine he got in the mail in 1981 was torn. So I invited him our to the MAD offices, and we replaced it with the current issue. We're easy at MAD. (Your experience here may vary!)


    Sadly, Roger Ebert passes on.


    So sorry to hear Roger Ebert passed away. He was a fan of MAD and MAD was of his. In the forward of a book of MAD movie satires Roger wrote that MAD Magazine inspired him to become a movie critic. I met him once at a press party and I could not believe how gracious he was. While we were chatting, his movie review partner Gene Siskel come over and said the star of the movie had just entered the reception. Roger said, "Who wants to talk to the star of the movie, I'm talking to Dick DeBartolo from MAD Magazine." I was blown away to get such a great compliment from someone I admired so much. --- Thank you, Roger. When you get to heaven say "hi" to William M. Gaines.