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Dick DeBartolo, MAD's Maddest Writer, and co-host of The Giz Wiz at GizWiz.TV, The Giz Wiz on ABC's World News Now, Tech Guy Labs on TWiT and on Computer America. But wait, there's More »

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    Dick's Blog & Log...

    Here's stuff that's more than 140 characters so it won't fit on TWITTER, or photos or videos, stuff that I found interesting, and hope you might find it interesting too.



    Congrats to TWiT's Mike Elgan who just passed 4 million followers over at Google+. Amazing!

    But I have to disgree on a recent post by Mike: Worst thing ever: KFC's 'Double Down Dog' - a hot dog in a bun made out of fried chicken! And mystery "cheese sauce."

    Mike must not have seen KFC's Triple By-Pass.

    (I sold the idea to MAD, but KFC, not yet. But it looks like they working in that direction.)


    Yep, I'm on my way there!

    International CES 2015 is starting in Vegas.

    Last year more than 160,00 retailers, manufacturers, press, etc. attended. It's expected to be even bigger this year! (My feet are tired already.) The year I mesured my steps, I walked 17.2 miles in 3 days. Yep, CES is big!

    Just from the press releases I've received, hundreds of them, they'll be a ton of "wearables" on display. Most focus on your health, exercise, sleep patterns, appointments, info on in-coming calls, all while telling the time. One of the different wearables I already saw is the Visijax, a wearable jacket for bikers with built-in LED turns signals. Second most received press releases are those pitched “smart home” gadgets. I already saw the Internet refrigerator that tells you when you're running low on milk, but I can tell that pretty easily when I pick up the container. They'll also be a LOT of 3D printers at the show. They are being used in many exciting ways. A friend of mine recently went to a techie dentist and only had to wait 40 minutes for a new 3D printed tooth. They'll be lots of car tech gadgets and far less interesting, tons of phone cases and tablet holders. I'll sort through as much as I can and report back on The Giz Wiz, The Tech Guy, World News Now and Computer America! In the photo is Jeff Joseph Sr. VP, CES Communications and Strategic Relationships. (He's also a nice guy.)


    Meet & Greet & Have Fun at the Annual Giz Wiz Meet-Up.

    The Meet-Up is TODAY, Sunday, October 19th, so no need to send an email if you decide you want to join us. Just show up. All the details are below. We'll be in the big white tent at the Boat Basin Cafe.

    Coming to the 2014 meet-up? It's October 19, 2014. Boat Basin Cafe, same great location as the photos below! 2 to 4 PM, rain or shine. We play games, they'll be fun and prizes too.

    If you're planning on attending, can you shoot me an email, please. Just put MEET-UP in the subject line if you attending alone, and +1, +2, etc., if you're coming with others. It's to get an idea of how much space we'll need at the Boat Basin Cafe. 

    Food is reasonable there, so you can come early for lunch. More info and menu:

    Thanks to Joe Bolanos for the photos from the 2013 meet-up!

    I never realized how many folks sport mustaches!

    Playing "What's The Price" for Prizes.

    Ol' Geek Kisses Myra's Hand - (the stone from her ring

    was suddenly missing.)

    Dick De & Dennis W arrange one of the tables with prizes to be won. (Myra Joyce took this pic.)

    Charlie looks surprised, but it's his 1st Meet-Up.

    (He thought it was a meat-up. Sorry Charlie, no

    doggie treats!)


    It's today! Join us for the 4rd Annual Giz Wiz Meet-Up in NYC on Sunday, October 20th, 2013!

    I'm hoping for a bigger turn-out than this!!It's the 4th Annual Giz Wiz Meet-Up at the Boat Basin Cafe

    Sunday, October 20th, 2013. 

     2 to 4 PM, rain or shine.

    Boat Basin Cafe Info:

    The Boat Basin Cafe is right on the Hudson River at West 79th Street, just two and a half blocks from the subway stop at 79th Street & Broadway. The 104 bus stops on the corner of Broadway & 79th Street too. And the #5 bus stops on the corner of 79th Street & Riverside Drive, just half a block away! It's so convenient to get to.This is the patio right above the marina.

    Since it's today, there's no need to email me. You can just show up! So we can plan, please let us know if you can attend and how many people in your party. (Appox.) Even if it's just you, please join us too! Drop an email to Just put MEET UP in the subject line so it's easy to pick out. Bringing guests? Just put MEET UP + 1, 2, or whatever number you think you're bringing. Thanks! If that number changes, don't worry about. We just need an approximate number so John, the manager of the Boat Basic Cafe can figure out which area to block off for us.

    Hope to see you there!

    Dick De, The Giz Wiz.  I'll be there! Will you?

    Come early and have brunch, or after the meet-up, stay and enjoy a late lunch/early dinner. Or buy a drink at the bar & bring it back to the meet-up area.

    Menus and prices are here:  (Prices are reasonable, especially for a trendy place in a location like this!) 

    Like last year we'll play Match Game, The Price Is Right, etc. and they'll be gadget prizes, MAD prizes, etc. 

    Myra, Dr. Mom, Beckee & Joe B from the chatroom will be there. Dennis too. And I'll be here! I mean, I'll be there!

    Thanks all. This will be fun once again!  (Dress code: Some sort of clothing would be good.)

    Dick De, The Giz Wiz and MAD's Maddest Writer.


    It's happened! I got to cohost a night of movies satires with the amazing Robert Osborne.


    It was night I'll never forget. Co-hosting with the man who knows just about everything about movies, Robert Osborne. My Turner Classic Movie night was Wednesday, October 9th. We talked about and showed four great satirical movies. The evening started at 8 PM EDT (5 PM, West Coast Time) and ended about 2:30AM EDT / 11:30 PDT.
    It took a few years to happen, but I finally got to sit in one those plush red leather chairs with one of my long-time idols, Robert Osborne.
    Seems someone has uploaded the intros and the outtros to each film on YouTube here, but I don't know for how long they'll be there:
    Here's the schedule and the movies we showed.

    8:00 PM EDT/ 5:00 PM PDT
    Love And Death (1975)
    A devout coward vows to assassinate Napoleon in the name of love.
    Dir: Woody Allen Cast:  Woody Allen , Diane Keaton , Georges Adet .

    9:30 PM EDT / 6:30 PDT
    Murder by Death (1976)
    A criminal madman invites the world's greatest detectives for a night of dinner and murder. Dir: Robert Moore Cast: Peter Falk, Truman Capote, Alec Guinness, Maggie Smith, Nancy Walker, David Niven, many other film greats.

    11:15 PM EDT / 8:15 PDT
    Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969)
    A cowboy drifts into a lawless town and brings things back together.
    Dir: Burt Kennedy Cast:  James Garner , Joan Hackett , Walter Brennan .

    1:00 AM EDT / 10 PM PDT
    This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
    A filmmaker documents the history of Spinal Tap, the world's loudest rock band.
    Dir: Rob Reiner Cast:  Harry Shearer , Christopher Guest , Michael McKean and more funny folks.
    Before each movie, I got to explain why I liked that particular satire. All these movies are satires, as opposed to just comedies. In doing some research for this appearance I found an interesting fact (I'm assuming it's a fact) posted by a die-hard MAD fan. It seems of all the Usual Gang of Idiots, I've written the most movie satires. That's 145 of them, or 31.87% of all the published MAD movie satires.
    Even though all the movie satires I picked are in color, I thought a black & white picture w/Robert fit in with my (and our) love of old B&W movies. (Photo at very top of this page.)  Hope you were able to join us that night. I did get quite a few emails during the movies and into the next day. It was great to hear from many folks from the past, (one I haven't heard from in 30 years!) who tuned in and found me sitting in one of the famous red leather chairs.