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    The Giz Wiz is a weekly guest on The Tech Guy Show with -- who else? - The Tech Guy himself, Leo Laporte.

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    Below are the gadgets we've talked about on the show.


    I promise - your dishwasher CANNOT do this!

    Wash your dishes, clean your hats, cook your dinner --- all in one really small appliance! Yep, that's what the company says.


    The Heatworks Tetra, an internet-connected compact countertop dishwasher requires no plumbing and can be placed and used anywhere with a standard electrical outlet. With a smaller capacity than the average dishwasher Tetra holds two full place settings or 10 plates or 12 pint glasses. There are no faucet connections required and water is loaded by hand so users know exactly how much water is being used - about a half a gallon per load. Tetra is transparent so you can see exactly where in the dishwashing cycle it is. It's powered by Heatworks' patented Ohmic Array Technology. It does not use traditional metal heating elements that can rust and scale over time. Instead, through graphite electrodes and advanced electronic controls, the naturally occurring minerals in water are excited, directly and efficiently heating the water. But wait, there's a LOT more! The company says because of the precise temperature control you can easily use the Tetra to sanitize baby products, wash plastic storage containers without melting, cook seafood, clean fruit, or run a load of wine glasses on a gentler cycle. All this in just 10 minutes a load. Now one of their press releases says Tetra will cost under $300 and will be available for purchase in late 2018.Wait a minute! It is late 2018, and at CES Unveiled 2019 we learned we would see a working model at CES 2019 in January. So it would seem the 'on sale' date is still far away.


    Company video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4UgIijI0Z0


    Compay website: http://www.myheatworks.com/  


    Make Drinking Water Out Of Air!

    At CES Unveiled 2019, which place November 8, 2018 in NYC, I drank clear, cool water from a machine that made it by magic. Well, not really magic, but it did make the drinking water out of air! The new technology, developed by Watergen, an Israel-based tech company, is currently being showcased in Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi. Here's they explain what happens inside their Watergen device. The atmospheric water generator called Genny, takes in ambient air through a filter, and cools at its dew point, extracting water through condensation. The water is then purified, mineralized, and is ready and safe to drink. The spokesperson told me the prototype unit was producing five gallons of clean drinking water per day, but the company expected the final production unit would produce eight gallons a day. It comes with a built-in reservoir and a water treatment system. Large scale units are designed to provide water to approximately 2500 people per day, and can be installed on a rooftop and connected directly to the building’s water grid. The machines only need electric to operate and can be installed anywhere. A mobile water generator could provide drinking water on the go anywhere at any time. The company also points out that the use of atmospheric water generators could drastically reduce plastic waste. The home unit price has not be set, but it's expected to be less than $1500. 

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/izbYeCaVNpE




    A Tee-shirt Like One You've Never Seen Or Worn Before!

    The Virtuali-Tee offers a guided tour inside your body! It's easy. Put the Virtuali-Tee shirt on, open the app and point your device’s camera at the Virtuali-Tee. The app scans the Virtuali-Tee and you'll see an image of the internal body system. Then you can - and kids will love this part – you can virtually dissect the organs in gross detail!Tap anywhere on the screen to peel back the layers of the body and interact with the different systems and organs by clicking on the hotspots. The app can also work in selfie mode, so anyone wearing the t-shirt can use the front camera to explore the internal systems on themselves. But wait, there's more! If you have a VR headset you can also activate VR mode by tapping on the VR goggles icon. The app is compatible in most cardboard headsets as long as they allow camera access. Hans Glover is the anatomy expert that will guide and talk you through all the different systems and organs. The newest feature is the Heart Rate tracker that allows users to test their own heart rate directly through their device camera and then actually visualize their own heart rate beating live in AR through the app. The inventor says this can be a fantastic addition to science lessons, bringing an immersive new dimension to learning about the Heart and Circulatory System.

    Company website: https://www.curiscope.com/ 

    Company video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z19NV4wsw2M 

    MSRP $29.95, but on 11/2/18 it was under $24 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2qp0Nht


    Giz Wiz Link. Pay the same as everyone else Giz Wiz gets a small credit to buy more stuff for the show.


    An instant print camera that can shoot video?

    When a Fuji press release about a new Instax (Instant printing camera) mentioned shooting 15 seconds of video I wondered “how could that work?” At PhotoExpo 2018 I got to see the new model, the Instax Square SQ20 in person, and yes it is able to capture video clips up to 15 seconds long. While you’re able to view them on the 2.7” TFT Color LCD monitor and store them on an SD card, the object is not to watch them as a video. (Besides, it doesn't record sound with the video.) You use the “motion mode” jog wheel to pick the frame you like best, and then print that one. That process can save you from wasting the 1920 x 1920 resolution 2.4” x 2.4” film sheets which are about a $1.00 a print. You can also add one of the 16 effects like blurring the motion, double exposure, collage, color filters, etc. It seems the new camera (released October 20, 2018) has also been given a smaller sensor. It's 1/4-inch on the earlier SQ10 and 1/5-inch on the new SQ20. The lens is said to be the same, with an f/2.4 aperture. Although it will most likely lessen the photo quality, there's also a 4X digital zoom function. The camera is now showing up online at $199.95 and the square instant film packs are a bit more than the smaller Fuji format prints at about $15 for 10 sheets. However in multi-packs, it can drop down it to a buck or a bit less per photo. More details about the new camera are here:



    It's $199.95 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2EJNX7t (In stock on Nov 4)


    It's also at BH Photo for the same price $199.95.


    Amazon link is an affiliate link. Pay exactly the same but Giz Wiz Biz gets a small credit to buy more stuff to talk about.


    Big Digit Alarm Clock with a lot of choices when you set it.

    Big Digit Alarm Clock with a lot of choices when you set it.


    When I saw “Large 9” LED display alarm clock” I thought the digits would be huge. But after I bought the clock I was a bit disappointed. Each digit is 3” high, certainly bigger than most clocks in the home. So they do make checking the time easy. I realize now the 'large 9” display” means measuring it diagonally, the way they measure TV's. You set the time, alarms, snooze, etc. with UP and DOWN arrows near the top of the clock. The back of the clock features two USB 5V 1A charging ports for charging small devices like smartphones. A dimmer setting can be adjusted for the brightness you prefer for sleep. Dual alarms mean you can set two separate wake-up times. A snooze button on the top allows you to have 5-60 minutes (you set that too) more to stay in bed before the alarm sounds again. All functions work under AC power, the backup battery (included) is for a memory function to back up time and alarm settings in case of AC power failure. There will be no display digits on the clock if the power goes out. But when the power comes back it will remember all your settings. Under $26.00 as of 10/20/18.


    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/j8awrmF344w  


    Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2RW8Q25


    Giz Wiz Link: Pay the same as everyone else. Giz Wiz gets a small credit to buy more stuff to talk about.