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    The Giz Wiz is a weekly Saturday guest on The Tech Guy with -- who else? - The Tech Guy, Leo Laporte.

    Leo Laporte & I chat about some sort of fun or weird gadget weekly his The Tech Guy Radio Show. The show is syndicated by Premiere to over 180 radio stations around the country. Leo's closing in on 1.5 million listeners! I'm on the Saturday Show with The Giz Wiz Gadget of the Week. My spot is on about 1:45 PM PST / 4:45 PM EST. 

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    Below are the gadgets we've talked about on the show.


    What's SNOO at CES Unveiled.

    SNOO is new and the latest invention from Dr. Harvey Karp, pediatrician and creator of the bestselling book/video, The Happiest Baby on the Block. It was designed in collaboration with MIT Media Lab engineers and industrial designer, Yves Behar. SNOO is designed to boost sleep for babies 0-6 months by imitating the rhythmic sensations babies enjoy 24/7 in the womb. When a baby wakes at night, SNOO detects fussing (via three built-in mics) and delivers the right amount of sound and motion to help lull the baby back to sleep. But wait, there's more! SNOO comes with a patented “5-second swaddle” that attaches to the sleeper to keep babies on their backs. That means parents can rest assured that their baby remains in a safe position, all night long. First, make sure that your baby’s SNOO Sack wing loops are secured on each side of the SNOO safety clips. SNOO will not activate unless it senses that your baby is secured to the safety clips. Once activated SNOO actively listens for your baby and responds to your baby’s crying. If your baby’s crying continues, SNOO will move through 4 levels of increasing sound / motion to calm your baby’s fussing. If crying continues it will send a message to the personal device you setup. The SNOO kit includes SNOO bed with legs, SNOO organic cotton fitted sheet, 3 SNOO Sacks (S, M, L) made with organic cotton,power cable and adapter. Cost is $1160.00


    One weird gadget! Put 36 cameras inside a ball and tell owners to throw it in the air to take 360 degree photos!

    Three years ago I learned about the throwable ball camera which was about to close in on their $900,000 funding campaign on Indiegogo. You don't aim this camera - actually 36 cameras - in all – you throw it in the air! At its highest point, all 36 3MP cameras fire simultaneously to capture a richly detailed panorama of everything, in every direction, including the photographer. Three years it was available to pre-order at a discounted price of $499 on Indiegogo. Well the Panono has had a long and winding life. Three years later I see that it's on display at PhotoExpo Plus. And it's finally ready for sale. But I almost fall over when I see on the press release that the price is now $1,000 more! Yes, $1499.00. Now, I'm not putting down the folks at Panono who are young, enthusiastic and super friendly. I'm just pointing out that producing and getting a product into the marketplace is not easy task. When I was talking to them, I said is it the true the new selling price is $1499.00? The answer wasn't what I expected. No, not $1499, the new selling price is $1999.00. It turns out that the units are very difficult to produce and it sounded like they were almost hand making them”. And when you throw it in the air, be sure you catch it, because they break if they hit the ground hard! I think that's why they now sell there own special selfie stick, so you can just hold it over your head. I think that added about another $50 the cost. I also read that they working on the second version of the Panono, due out in 2021. This time they gave themselves plenty of time to get it ready. I really do wish them luck. 

    Company website:


    A New Lower Priced Theta Camera From Ricoh

    At the PhotoExpo Plus Expo, Ricoh was showing their new THETA SC, a lighter, less expensive version of their now year-old THETA S 360 degree camera. It's RICOH THETA'snewest model in their line of compact cameras that capture 360-degree scenes. I was told most of the specs are the same between the new SC model and the Flagship S model. Both capture high-resolution 360 degree images of about 14 megapixels and both can record 360 degree (spherical) video in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels at 30fps). But there is a difference in recording time of the video. The Flagship S model can record up to 25 minutes using the 8GB of built in memory, while the new model SC records only 5 minutes of video. Actually, what's interesting about that is people probably only shoot a few minutes of 360 degree video. It's something exciting to show friends at the office or over lunch, but you don't want to bore them with an endless video. Also Ricoh removed the Micro-HDMI port on the SC, which means you can't live stream video with the new camera. That's something else that probably wasn't done all that often with the higher end model. Also the Theta S app (iOS and Android) is said to be more user friendly. Removing a couple of features from the high end model gets this camera to just under $300 in price. ($299.99) which is about $50 less than the THETA S. The spokesperson at the show said the lower price should bring more people into 360 degree photography. I shot some video (link below) with the Theta S when it was introduced a year ago. Since the optics are the basically the same, you can check it out. Be sure to use your mouse and move it all around and up and down to see all of Times Square. I've seen a lot of 360 degree cameras, but this is one of the slimmest and most compact models. The SC case is resin and it comes in multiple colors, white, beige, blue and pink. (There's an entry level model for even less, but it shoots at 15 fps and doesn't have nearly as good reviews.)


    Company website: 


    Something new from Logitech for all you folks who are (or want to) streaming video!

    The Logitech C920 has been around for quite a while, but there's a new cam in town. It's the Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam. It lets you can broadcast in 1080P at 30 fps or 720P at 60 fps for a more fluid motion. It's aimed at gamers and all those who stream video these days. The webcam software also includes a dynamic background replacement feature that uses intelligent shape recognition to separate the gamer from their background. Basically what that means is there is no need for a green screen. Gamers can overlay video of themselves on the gaming stream with popular broadcasting apps such as OBS and XSplit. (By the way, it seems that in order to set the camera for 720P / 60 fps, you have to that using the XSplit software.) I tried both the camera at 1080P and the included Personify customizable background replacement software. The camera video is great, and is excellent in low light. But the Personify 'green screen' replacement software needs a bit of work to look good. You can't have a crowded background and it's best if your background is brightly lit and doesn't have a lot of different colors. If you sit mildly still, the software does a pretty good job isolating you, but if you move around, it can often cut off your ear or part of the your head as it tries to figure out which is really you. But it's free with the camera, so you can have fun seeing what you can do with it. Other features of the C922 include automatic low light correction and autofocus. There's also dual omni-directional noise cancelling microphones built in which will be better than almost any mic built into your computer. But for a more professional video, I'd opt for a separate higher end mic. And this is good news. The C922 webcam comes bundled with a 3-month XSplit Premium license, which includes complete access to the professional-grade tools and features of both XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster. That means you can quickly and easily start streaming any type of content right out of the box. (Box included!) The camera ships two ways. As the C922, it also include a mini-tripod. And as the C922x, it doesnt include a tripod, but it does include six months of free Xsplit, rather than three. I think that's a better deal since the tripod isn't all that robust. The C922 is $99.99, the same price as the older C920.

    Here's the C922x on Amazon. No tripod, but you get six months of free Xsplit! 


    Another clever multi-purpose gadget from Joby.

    For years Joby has come up with useful and inventive ways for people to hold cameras, small camcorders and smartphones. At PhotoPlus Expo at the Javits in New York City, they were demonstrating one of their latest gadgets, the JOBY GripTight POV Kit. This small, lightweight device has many useful functions. It provides a handheld, stable locking smartphone grip. With the handle folded behind the smart phone it's a great camera grip. With the handle folded under the smart phone, it's a steady video grip. Folded slightly open, the handle makes the POV into a handy viewing stand. But wait there's more! The integrated Impulse Bluetooth remote attaches to the GripTight POV Kit providing a point-and-shoot shutter feature while also enabling users to capture photos and videos from afar. (This may not turn video on and off on some phones, but it should work has a universal shutter button on almost all smart phones via Bluetooth. Constructed with durable ABS plastic, TPE grip pads, and stainless steel plates, the lightweight GripTight POV Kit weighs 2.1 ounces. The removable handle exposes a pin joint GoPro accessory connection. It's compatible with Android and iOS and no app is needed. Fits smart devices 2.2 to 3.6" wide in the horizontal position. And finally there's a cold shoe adapter at the bottom to accommodate accessories such as a light. It retails for $49.99, and should be available late October, early November, 2016.

    More info: