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    The Giz Wiz is a weekly guest on The Tech Guy Show with -- who else? - The Tech Guy himself, Leo Laporte.

    Leo Laporte & I chat about some sort of fun or weird gadget weekly his The Tech Guy Radio Show. The show is syndicated by Premiere to over 180 radio stations around the country. Leo's closing in on 1.5 million listeners! I'm on the Saturday Show with The Giz Wiz Gadget of the Week. My spot is on about 1:45 PM PST / 4:45 PM EST. 

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    Below are the gadgets we've talked about on the show.


    Traveling? Take along the Bracketron Roadtripper Travel Mount!

    Here's how the company describes their latest gadget: In the air or on the road, the Bracketron Roadtripper Travel Mount will safely and securely hold your smartphone, tablet and other portable devices. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, this is the ideal traveling accessory. To use this mount effectively, you will peel the film off the 3M adhesive and attach to your tablet or other mobile devices. You simply hook the mount around the tray table latch, attach your device to the powerful magnet and you’re ready to start streaming your favorite shows. You can easily adjust the mount, giving you optimal viewing, while on the plane with your tray table up or down. The Roadtripper transforms into a magnetic phone vent mount that works with most air vent configurations. Perfect for the frequent traveler, you can go from entertainment on the plane to navigation in the car. You can even use this mount in the hotel as a phone or tablet stand. When you’re done with the mount, you can fold it up and place in the compact travel case with room for earbuds and charging cables. MSRP: $49.99.

    Roadtripper animated demo: https://youtu.be/QD7T_7SvLZw 

    Dave from Bracketron explains how it works on an airplane seat back:




    Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Ow0ddf


    Company website: https://www.bracketron.com/roadtripper-airplane-tablet-mount#.XJ0uDZhKhaR


    This LED Fountain from Five Below Looks Like It Would Cost Five Above.

    For years I was jealous that Chad had a FiveBelow Store to go to. But now there's one right here in NYC. On 5th Avenue! I visited it 'just to look' and ending up spending $50 on a bunch of fun stuff. One of the neat things I bought was TheMirrored Wall LED Fountain. Here's what FiveBelow says about this fun gadget! “Promote relaxation with a tabletop water fountain. The mirrored wall LED fountain lights up & reflects the running water for double the ambiance! The perfect chill decor for your desk or tabletop, this small fountain runs on batteries or it can be plugged in! (It's small, roughly 4” X 5” X 7”). Includes natural river rocks. Intended for indoor use. Dual power operates on 3-volt adapter (not included) or 2 x AA batteries (not included). Brand: room 2 room™ Country of origin: china. ….I paid $5 and I think it's certainly worth it! See it in action on the Giz Wiz video below.

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/WsgYk8n3ViQ  


    FiveBelow Webpage: https://www.fivebelow.com/mirrored-wall-led-fountain.html (25 in stock on 3/23/19)


    But Wait, there's more!        


    Another fun toy that was in the store, but not online is Basket Head.


    If you like silly games, this one will be a good fit for family fun.


    Assembling the hoop and adjustable hat band is easy. The kit includes Basket Head Hoop and 20 balls, 10 white & 10 red. There are no rules, you can make up any game you like. Basket Head was also just $5. There are many versions of Basket Head online, but Five Below had one at the lowest price.


    Did you know there was such thing as LED Fireplace Lanterns?

    There are lots of them online, but I found the i-Zoom Antique LED Fireplace Lantern on a 'deal of the day' website. Here's what the company said about it: This antique-style fireplace lantern delivers a wonderful ambient glow showing off its realistic LED Flickering Flame Effect. This next-generation flickering technology gives off a stunning effect complete with glowing logs. Put one on a table top, mantel, nightstand, or use the attached folding hanger to hang it up. You can use it outdoors as well - the casing and real glass panel is weather-resistant with a IP54 rating so you can hang it on a shepherd hook on the lawn, or place it on the front porch and patio. This rating means it will hold up to harsh sun rays and cold temperature, but you don't want it sitting in a pool of water. Battery-powered, it even comes with 3 AA batteries to use right out of the box. Power switch can be set to "burn" constantly until you're ready to turn it off (or the batteries die) or set to the 6 hour timer. It makes a great night light to fall asleep to for kids and adults alike! See how it looks and how it works in this week's video, or at the link below. Outside of a switch at the bottom (on, or on for six hours) that is very hard to operate, this is a good deal at about $11.00 each when you buy two at Pulse TV.


    Giz Wiz Video: (It was still available as of 3/23/19)


    PulseTV website: https://www.pulsetv.com/prodinfo.asp?number=8537 



    Have a device that goes thru a lot of AA or AAA batteries, maybe like the lantern above? 

    If so, then you should know about the Everlasting Glow 93977 AA Battery Converter - Battery replacement device. If you have a battery operated device you love to leave on, but find it's using endless amounts of batteries, here's a way to end that with a device I found on Amazon. Some info from the company: “Save money by converting your AA battery operated device with this adapter. Light up LED candles and holiday décor without the worry of batteries giving out before the night is through with this power source. Insert the lead battery, then add enough blank batteries to fill your device and turn the switch to on, you can now use the switch on the cord to turn your device on and off. Extend the enjoyment of all your battery-operated decor with this clever adapter that will save you both time and money.” And now back to me. In this week's video you'll see me replace the 3 AA batteries in the LED fireplace lantern using this kit, and make it a device that now runs on AC. It did seems to be eating up a lot of batteries even though it's LED powered. But I assume there's some sort of small motor in the lantern generating the fake flames. Now it can stay on night and day even though the company says "unplug if you go to sleep, or leave the house."  Something Chad & I couldn't figure out is why does the kit seem to be designed for devices with four batteries (a total of 6 volts at 1.5v per battery) when the kit only provides 4.5 Volts. It works great in the Fireplace Lantern which does take 4.5 Volts - 3 1.5V AA batteries. Will a device with 4 AA batteries operate as well with 4.5 Volts. Can this be used in a device that only uses two AA batteries? If you know the answer, please email us so we can read your answer on the show! mail@gizwiz.tv. Thanks.

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/t1znFghFSAg  


    Amazon website: https://amzn.to/2TIF7yg  NOT AMAZON PRIME $10.19 + $4.49 shipping


    I found the AAA version for $10.26 & Amazon Prime (as of 3/15/19)



    Have a roof rack on your SUV? Here's an easy way to reach it.

    This clever device is 4 in 1 Multifunctional Vehicle Latch Door so you have easy access to the car roof rack. The step is also equipped with a Safety Hammer and a Seat Belt Cutter. Although I try to use every gadget I report on, I don't own a car, but this device was suggested by a viewer and ex-policeman, Mo Torres. After I saw Mo's demo I did a little web searching a found the same type of device, but with some added features. The company says the step itself is made from aluminum alloy, and the car doorstep is small, sturdy and easy to install. With the folding design, it is easy to carry and store. The added features are a Safety Hammer - to be able to break a car window in an emergency and a seat belt cutter, also for an emergency. This upgraded folding vehicle hook doorstep has another added feature - soft rubber cover to protect car paint and you from injury by covering the pointing window breaker. Compatible with all kinds of SUV, RV, Jeep, Truck, Van or off-road car. The company says their car doorstep can support around 500 pounds. Dimensions:3 inches by 6.18 inches. Weight: 0.78 lb.

    $18.79 as of 3/16/19 + as of that date that was a $4 off checkbox. Prices can change at any time on Amazon.


    Quickie Demo by Mo Torres: https://youtu.be/w292e7BkVuA

    Giz Wiz Link. Pay the same as everyone else GizWizBiz gets a small credit to buy more stuff. Thank you.


    Toy Fair Is Not Only For Toys! They Offer A "New Product Launch"

    Here's a clever device designed by Katrina, a 7 year old girl! The whole story about how she used empty toilet paper rolls to build her Kindle-phone-tablet holding device is in the video below. It's told by her older brother Chris who made getting this device to market his Capstone Project for his MBA. The iCaddy is designed to hold your tablet or smartphone while you're working, playing or viewing a movie. So you never have to go looking for them, it also has a place to safely carry headphones, and headphones with a mic are included. But wait, there's more! It even has a built in 2600 mAh charger and it comes with a charging cable. It's available in many different designs and it's all packed in an attractive kit, perfect for gift giving. And it's under $25.00

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/2f-KdhP6OWA  


    Company website: http://www.shopicaddy.com/