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    On these pages are gadgets I've shown over the past few years on the show. 

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    About an inch thick and the size of ruler - it's a portable scanner.

    The VuPoint Solution Magic Wand Portable Scanner lets you scan documents, photos, receipts, etc. anywhere and save them on a Micro SD card. You choose between 300 x 300 dpi standard resolution and 600 x 600 dpi high resolution. You copy in color or black and white (monochrome). Setting up the Magic Wand is very easy. Insert the batteries, which are included, scan the white sheet of paper (also included) until the green light goes out to indicate the device is calibrated. Then starting scanning. Outside of being a little lopsided, because I didn’t scan in a straight line, my first scan was really good. This is a perfect, inexpensive device that will let you turn stacks of documents into organized digital files. Scan just the portion of a book you need. Or a recipe from a cookbook. It features a Contact Image Sensor, scanning status LCD display and Optical Character Recognition software. Scan speed is about 13 seconds for high resolution with color and 3 for standard with color. Your speed may vary. The Magic Wand supports Micro SD cards up to 32GB (card not included). Works with Windows / Mac OS 10.4 or above. The kit includes USB cable, software, carrying pouch and 2 AA batteries. Although there are a few other mini portable scanners on the market, this one does an excellent jou and  retails for less than $100. Available on the web, or at Bed, Bath & Beyond. $99.99.

    Company website:


    Back to school gadgets ---- from World News Now.

    They're called the iSafe Laptop Backpacks. The company recommends their bags be used for children 8 years old and up. The model I showed, the iSafe Ultimate Backpack, is the top of the line and is designed for ages 14 & up.) The company says that children should be old enough to understand that the iSafe bag is an alarm system, not a toy. It should be used as a tool to help them escape dangerous or harmful situations. The alarm system is concealed in the lower section of a pouch that is in a pocket on the one of the front straps within easy reach. To activate the alarm system the child pulls the activation cord. That will disengage the safety pin instantaneously activating the alarm. To deactivate, reinsert the pin. It emits two siren signals in opposite directions, away from the user's ears, which should attract attention all around. The iSafe Bag is water resistant and shock resistant. The alarm can run up to 2 continuous hours, assuming the batteries are new. Because of the way the straps are located it should be extremely difficult and time consuming for an attacker to remove the iSafe backpack. (It is important that the company’s instructions are followed when wearing the backpack.) The Ulltimate Backpack fits laptops with up to 15.4 screens. There are ten pockets to store everything a college and high school student needs on the go. An audio device portal can accommodate mobile gear and more in secured compartments. There’s a feed-through for headphone cables. iSafe Backpacks prices range from about $60 to $100. The Collegiate is $99.99. It weighs 3.1lbs w/batteries. 


    Gateway all-in-one computer.

    The only wire you need is the AC plug!

    It's the new Gateway ZV6900-01e Under $1000 –  a hot new All-In-One Computer that's gotten some great reviews. It's great for cramped dorm rooms because everything is built in! There's a wireless keyboard & mouse. It's powered by the new Intel i3 Processor and has a 640 GB Hard Drive. The 23" high def Touch Screen Display can be operated with just a touch of your finger for many applications. Other features include 4GB Memory, built in webcam, mic, even a built in combination BluRay Player/DVD Burner! There's an HDMI output so you can use the BluRay player to show movies on a big screen HD TV (It has Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD). The Gateway One ZX6900-01e also includes a Multi-in-1 media reader, built-in high-speed wireless LAN (802.11b/g/n) and 6 high speed USB ports! Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64-bit operating system preinstalled. The high tech glossy black case has chrome and clear plastic accents and it looks like to cost far more than it does. With all the features, people often guessed it cost twice the price you can purchase it for. The stand in the back is a little akward to use, but once you set it to the angle you want, it works fine. List price is $1019.00. There are several models in this line, but the 6900-01e is the top-of-line. (For now anyway.)

    Best Buy is currently selling this model for $930.00

    UPDATE: In the Sunday newspaper, August 22, 2010 Best Buy ad shows the price cut to $899.99.  Direct Link to this computer at Best Buy:



    Now go green with your lunch box.

    Lunchopolis Trash Free Lunch Box

    Under $30

    Guess how much waste there is every year from lunch box garbage! 

    Lunchopolis helps eliminate the 3.5 billion pounds of lunchbox garbage generated annually. Uses BPA free, microwave safe, dishwater safe, reusable drink & food containers in an insulated lead-free fabric lunch box.


    From World News Now, Pet Gadgets! It aired July 30th. All 8 gadgets I showed are below.

    Here's a way your pet can tell you when it wants to come in -- or go out (depending on where you place it.)

    When your pet steps on the Pet Doorbell Wireless Chime Mat a chime lets you know your pet is ready to come in or go out. There’s no training required. Your pet quickly learns the fastest way in or out is to step on the mat. The transmitter is "water proof" and the mat is heat, cold and water resistant. The company says it can detect the weight of an animal as low as 2 pounds. There are12 selectable chimes with a blue visual flashing light to let you know the pet has triggered the mat alarm. A wireless transmitter activates the attractive chime unit up to100 feet away. The wireless signal passes through doors, walls and floors. The pet doorbell wireless chime mat transmitter uses one 12-volt battery which is included. The chime takes three C cell batteries, which you supply. The Pet Doorbell Mat is 16”x14”x1/2”. Under $80.00