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Dick DeBartolo, MAD's Maddest Writer, and co-host of The Giz Wiz at GizWiz.TV, The Giz Wiz on ABC's World News Now, Tech Guy Labs on TWiT and on Computer America. But wait, there's More »

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    On these pages are gadgets I've shown over the past few years on the show. 

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    A great gift for the kid detective! Under $17.00

    The Spy Gear Evidence Kit is perfect for kids who love the detective shows on TV or just want to play detective at home, school, etc. The Evidence Kit is a mobile forensics set that includes a 30X microscope, UV light, fingerprint kit & glow-in-the-dark powder. Collect fingerprints of potential suspects and file them on your ID card. Use the dusting brush to cover surfaces with fingerprint powder, then shine the ultra-violet light and glowing evidence will appear. Use lifting tape to transport untainted prints back to headquarters where you can inspect them at 30-times their original size. For nighttime sleuthing, attach the light to the microscope to illuminate your enlarged specimens. There are tweezers to collect additional clues – hairs, clothing fibers, crumbs, etc. Place them in sterile bags to avoid contamination. Compare the prints you collect with those on your ID card for positive identification. When kids get home from school, they can check their doorknob for prints and figure out if anyone was snooping in their room. Parents, in turn, can use the Evidence Kit to determine if kids were spying! The Evidence Kit comes with a 30X microscope, LED flashlight, UV blacklight, glow-in-the-dark powder, ink pad, tweezers, ID card, dusting brush, collection bags, double-sided lifting tapes, storage compartments and carrying case. Requires 3 button cell batteries, included.  $16.99


    Here's dog you won't have to walk, or feed. Just play with!

    I think kids will love WowWee Sleeping Cuties. I had the Labradoodle Puppy on the World News Now set. He's an adorable, cuddly sleepy pet with a poseable head. He knows when you pick him up. Pet him and he will curl up, make himself cozy and get ready to fall asleep. Pet him again and he will wake up and uncurl while making gentle slumbering sounds. He will make baby animal sounds to tell you how happy he is. There are several different WowWee Sleeping Cuties available. Age 3+ Under $35.00



    An easy clock to use. Just talk to it!

    Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock Under $25.00 An travel alarm clock you set just by talking. Moshi Travel Alarm Clocks are great at home, but even better on the road. The new, sleek, and compact Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock comes in four-color options, making it the perfect addition to any traveler's suitcase. The last thing you want to do is try to futz with those confusing hotel alarm clocks or untrustworthy automated wake-up calls. With the Moshi VC Travel Alarm Clock simply say, "Set Alarm…7:30am,” and sleep with ease anywhere in the world. And it's inexpensive, under $25! It's also backlit when you push the buttons on the top of the clock. Uses two AA batteries.


    A camcorder at a price so low, you probably won't believe it!

    The SNAPP CAM3000 from Coby Electronics is a pocket-sized digital camcorder shaped very much like the Flip. You can use it to shoot video, take pictures, and play back your files on the built-in color 1.5" LCD screen. There’s a tiny bit of built-in memory, 32MB, but you’ll most likely just be using the built-in SD card slot. It can handle SD/SDHC cards up to 8 GB. That should give you more than 2 hours of recording time. But how does it record? Actually for the money – the results are amazing! You can see for yourself at the link below. When a friend who does PR for Coby said she wanted to try their new under $40 camcorder, I thought: “Under $40, this must be junk!”. Surprise, it shoot very decent video. This is a great camcorder for the kids. You can find it for as low as $29.95 if you do a price search on the web. That way the kids can have their own camera and they’ll leave yours alone. It ships with ArcSoft video editing software and YouTube uploader. I didn’t use the software but uploaded the video to YouTube from putting the SD card from the Coby directly into my computer’s card reader.  A USB cable and hand strap are also included. It runs on 4 AAA batteries which are also included.  Connects easily to computer for use as a webcam (driver included and installation required). Here’s a short piece of video I shot with the Coby right out of the box. I'm not using the zoom, but actually moving closer to this great little squirrel!

    And another video I shot with the Snapp camera. It's my outdoor backyard railroad.

    I haven’t shopped here, but this place sells it for $30.52


    Here's a way to have endless batteries for your holiday gadgets!

    Batteries! Our gadget can’t live without them. Well the ones that take batteries, that is! Batteries aren’t very sexy, but thanks to a Daily Giz Wiz fan (whose email I can’t find) told me to check out this new LaCrosse Battery Charger from Think Geek. (Yep, the same LaCrosse who make neat weather gadgets!) This battery charger has lots of geeky features! It works with all NiCd and NiMH "AA" and "AAA" rechargeable batteries and it can charge AA & AAA batteries simultaneously. The LCD display shows the capacity for each of the batteries when charging is complete. It won’t charge defective batteries and has overheat detection to protect over-charging. But wait there’s more! The battery charger can also be put in one of four different modes: Charge, Discharge, Refresh and Test mode. The Refresh mode can help to restore old re-chargeable batteries to their optimum condition. The LCD display provides an individual readout for each of the four compartments and can show charging current (in mA), time elapsed (in hh:mm), terminal voltage (in V) and accumulated capacities (in mAh or Ah). But wait, there’s even more! You not only get the LCD charger, the kit also includes: 4 ”AA” NiMH 1.2v Batteries and 4 ”AAA” NiMH 1.2v Batteries! Yep, there’s more still! , You get a durable Nylon Travel Bag, AC Power Adapter, plus 4 ”C” Size Battery Adapters, and 4”D” Size Battery Adapters. That means you can use your charged AA or AAA batteries in devices that take C or D batteries! (Model BC-9009) Price is a very reasonable $39.99!


    The MAD book I showed on the air is called 1001 MAD Pages You Must Read Before you Die! It's a new hardcover book that is available only at Barnes & Noble for under $10.00. I have several stories in that book including The Calamityville Horror and a take off on the popular game show I call We'll Make A Fortune! If you're a Barnes & Noble member, the book is under $9.00. Now that is CHEAP!

    Here's a synopsis from the Barnes & Noble website:

    MAD is the world’s leading satire magazine published under that title. Started in 1952, it was the brainchild of William M. Gaines, who has been operating on a reduced work schedule since his death in 1992. Although MAD Magazine has never won the coveted Pulitzer Prize, its writers continue to use many of the same words as the award-winning authors!

    1001 MAD Pages You Must Read Before You Die (Crammed into 864 Actual Pages) is the ultimate critical collection of the best MAD Magazine articles ever, spanning 500 issues of outstanding humor and satire. (Granted, we set the bar extremely low!) Featuring classic movie parodies, Spy vs. Spy, Don Martin, and more, this is the one book—as its title suggests—that you must read before you die. Best of all, once you’re done reading it, you can die in peace, with a smile on your stupid face. We’ll miss you, but we’ll still have the memories…and your money!