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    On these pages are gadgets I've shown over the past few years on the show. 

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    Useful car gadgets that can save you time, money & sanity!

    CarMD. It's like a doctor for what ails your auto!

    Car MD is designed to give drivers two things they need most when it comes to their vehicle’s health:  easy-to-use tools and empowering information. Leo said it’s very easy to use. It should work on any 1996 and newer car, light truck, SUV and minivan. To get started you plug Car MD into the data link connector (DLC) of your 1996 & newer vehicle. That gives the device access to the vehicle’s on-board computer. (Videos on the company’s website can explain a lot more.) After the CarMD gathers the info it needs, a LED light tells you to disconnect it. It usually takes less than a minute to get the info downloaded into your Car MD. Then you use your PC to upload the information and tap into the CarMD online database for a specific report about what’s ailing your vehicle. The company says their easy-to-understand reports let you determine things like why your vehicle’s “check engine” light is on and find out how severe the problem is and how much parts and labor should cost. It’s like getting a second opinion on your repair estimate by comparing your CarMD report with your mechanic’s to ensure they located the true source of your car’s pain and bill you fairly. The CarMD database has real-life fixes from thousands of ASE certified technicians across the country and a range of resources to help you decide to attempt repairs yourself or refer to a qualified mechanic. Cost is $99.


    TOY FAIR 2010!

    Folkmanis Cow Puppets are new and so cute!!What a hard-to-take assignment. Go to Toy Fair with cameraman Peter Martinez, Jr. & Giz Wiz producer Dennis Wunderlin and play with toys!  Arr-gee, okay, I'll do it!

    Here's a link to the spot from air, World News Now, Friday, February 19, 2010!/dick.debartolo?ref=profile 

    And here are most of the gadgets you saw. I didn't see the spot until air, so I'm refining this list throughout the day.

    Chompers from Wild Republic is the only toy I showed that should be available in toy stores now as they started shipping right before Toy Fair. The T-Rex and Velociraptor dinosaurs,
    Great White Shark, Tiger, White Tiger and Lion Chompers have
    oversized heads and child hand-sized bodies that open and close mouths. Kids can they show them off or even use to pick up things from the desk & floor. Colorful and about $5 each.

    The Spy Video Tracker is coming in October, 2010 & will cost about $120. This was not yet listed on their website when I checked at Toy Fair time in February.

    The Folkmanis Puppets start at about $20 and range up to about $60. For the quality and construction these puppets are a great value. There are available at  stores, but you can see the line and find retailers at:

    Puppy Tweets is available for pre-order at for $29.95, plus shipping. It contains 500 random Tweets. Depending on how active your dog is - a Tweet is sent from the internal database. Your dog does not have to know how to type! You can pre-order it now on Amazon in pink or blue. 

    Sole Skate is made by Razor & will be availble soon. It's sort of a mini skate board that's small enough to fit in a backpack. It will retail for under $50. Amazon has the price listed up to $65, but you should be able to get it for under $50.  It's prelisted already here: 

    You can reach me at:

    I have no connection to anyone at any of the links above and make no money no matter where you purchase them, so always shop for the lowest price & check the store's reputation on line. 


    What kind of weird hat is that guy wearing??

    From our friends at Gizmodo. We can't see who's wearing the TV Hat. Maybe that's a good thing!I expect to find unusual things at CES and boy did I find one. On a Daily Giz Wiz episode about a month ago I  read a press release about this device and everyone thought it was a joke. But it wasn’t, because I found it at CES! I’m talking about the TV hat: a baseball cap with a brim that's about a 9 inches long!!  There’s a clear plastic VideoMP3/iPhone/iPod holder at the tip of the cap that drops down. You put your player in there. In between your eyes and the screen is a drop-down rectangular magnifying glass that makes your video source appear much bigger. It’s on a track so you can slide it forward or back for focus. The company says it’s: “A movie theater experience absolutely anywhere!” I’m not sure about that, but I must say it does work pretty well. (But DO NOT THINK High Def, or even medium def.) Even Vinita had to admit, “you may not be able to tell at home, but this really works”. One thing is for certain. You will look truly weird wearing this device. Black flaps drop down around the cap to block out the light. The kit even include a black flap to hang from the cap behind your neck. If you don’t mind looking like the “Elephant Man”, you could use this on the plane, train, bus or even on a camping trip. A camping trip is good because less people will see you! Also the price isn’t bad. Here are the official details: Receive the As Seen On TV Hat in your choice of Cap or Visor for $19.95 plus $7.95 S&H and a FREE neck protector. You can also choose your color; choose from blue, white, red, khaki or camouflage. When you purchase 2 or more As Seen On TV Hats we will pay the additional shipping!

    Hear the Daily Giz Wiz Podcast I did on this product:  


    Here’s another gadget you wear, but this one is a bit more practical.

    Phubby. Okay, so you’re asking, what’s a Phubby? At CES I asked the same question. The Phubby is the wrist cubby. Just slip your hand through a Phubby  and it is ready to act as a cubby for your phone. You can slide your phone in and out of the concealed pouch quicker than the onset of a second ring tone. Finally the cell phone is only a cufflink away. It always feel the phone “vibrate” and it’s way never to have to search for the phone. And you won’t misplace your phone either. I found I can use my phone while it was still in the Phubby. It looks a little weird, but it’s possible! It’s also great for iPods, credit cards, keys, even cash. I wish I had one at CES because it’s ideal for noisy places especially if you’re expecting an important call. With phone on vibrate you’ll feel it right through the Phubby on your wrist no matter how loud the surrounding noise! It comes in many solid colors and patterns and it’s $12.95.


    Now you can charge your phone & get some exercise at the same time!

    CES had a lot of “green products” on display. The YoGen by Easy Energy was one of them. It’s a slim pocket-sized, hand powered electric charger that the company says produces a previously unmatched level of charging power when driven by the repeated pulling of a cord. A spokesman at the booth said it generated 5 watts of charging power, which is pretty much the same as your AC charger at home produces. The “Yo” part of the name came about because the way you use the device is sort of like using a Yo-Yo. The “Gen” part of course is for generator. Once again, quoting the company: The YoGen represents a major break-though in hand-powered chargers in that it offers an industry leading ratio of power output to input effort and that its ergonomic design allows for extended charging effort with minimal operator fatigue. When the user repeatedly pulls the YoGen’s T-handle, an internal alternator spins continuously, generating power to recharge the batteries of your cell phone or any other like-sized portable electronic device.  (Back to me.) There are several versions available depending on what you want to charge. The YoGen device is the same but you should order a package that includes the proper tip for your phone or iPod. Each package includes tips for four devices. It also comes in various colors, but I like the clear plastic model so you can see the inner workings. There’s a green LED that glows when you are sending charing power to your device. The only switch on the YouGen is one that lets you custom tailor the output of the YoGen to the gizmo you’re charging. You try either the "up" or "down" position to see which appears to be generating more power. $39.99.

    I did a podcast on this product: Hear it here: