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    The Vibration Alarm is on duty when you can't be.

    Tattle Tale Vibration Alarm Under $20. Tattle Tale can detect vibration in an object or surface and sounds a distinct 3-second alarm. Good for pet training. Keeps Pets off Furniture, Counter Tops, Beds, Plant Stands, Garbage Cans, etc. It can help prevent scratching, clawing, climbing and behavioral problems in the home. Place or Hang the Tattle Tale Vibration Alarm Pet Trainer to Detect tampering of doors, drawers, windows, gates, cabinets and any 'Off-Limits' area. Automatic alarm reset with a High/Low sensitivity switch. Works in any position, hang it, set or place it anywhere. Long life continuous operation on a single 9 volt battery. Under $20.


    Ever kick the doggie's water bowl & sent water flying? This can solve that problem!

    Neater Feeder is a clever new pet feeding system that takes the mess out of meal times. It contains the spills and splashes and reduces the mess and damage that often occur around pet feeding areas. The Neater Feeder has a two-container system with protective walls and a unique colander-like draining system. This system separates spilled food from spilled water. Spilled food is contained in the upper reservoir so it can be safely eaten or easily discarded. Spilled water drains into the lower reservoir, and can be reused for your pet, your plants, or discarded. And the Neater Feeder’s clever design is ant-proof, keeping your dog or cat’s dining area more sanitary. The small Neater Feeder is appropriately sized for cats and dogs up to 35 pounds, and the large model is designed for breeds 35 to 100-plus pounds. Optional leg extensions increase feeding height for an elevated feeding position that is shown to be beneficial for dogs’ digestion and joint health. Prices start at about $35.00 

    I did a Daily Giz Wiz Podcast on Neeter Feeder. See it or HEAR it here:


    The To Go Bowl! Water for your pet even in a moving car!

    I found this device at a pet show, and I think it's very clever. The To Go Bowl was created for dog owners who love to take their furry companions on car rides. The idea came to the folks at Furry Travelers while on a long road trip with their dogs. Frustrated from trying to get them to drink at each rest stop, they thought it would be convenient to have a bowl that fit into the automobile cup holder so they could drink whenever they wanted to. That way they wouldn't have to wait to get water at a rest area.  Since there was nothing like that available, Furry Travelers decided to made one themselves! The To Go Bowl fits conveniently into your car's 3 to 4" standard and x-large cup holder in either the front or back seat. It comes complete with a splash guard and lid to reduce spilling. The unique design allows for storage of treats or dry dog food in its removable base. (The removable base even has it's own cover.) The To Go Bowl is an ideal and necessary travel tool: Your dog will stay well-hydrated throughout the trip without frequent stops. Since the bowl can also sit flat on the ground, it easily transitions from the car to the hotel room, dog park or home. And it's under $20. Available in 8 colors too.


    An interactive toy that puts on an automatic laser show to entertain your cat or dog.

    FroliCat BOLT This interactive laser toy provides hours of fun for feline friends and often dogs too. Watch your cat pounce, (and some dogs) chase and bat at the exciting laser patterns. Hold BOLT in your hand or place it on a flat surface. It can be set as an automatic laser toy that provides hours of fun for you and your pet. There’s an auto setting that starts a 15-minute play session for your cat or dog using an automatic timer. Adjust the mirror to aim the laser across a variety of surfaces and a motor moves it around creating varying patterns. As with any laser, don't point in the eyes and supervise the very young. In manual mood you control everything. Requires 4 AA batteries, which are not included. Retail is under $20, even less at Petco.


    A ball that talks to your pet and gives out snacks!

    Every Pet Parent knows that the time you're away from home might seems like forever to your dog. Time will drag more for young dogs and puppies who like to play a lot. You can make the separation more bearable with the Talk To Me Treatball. You pop out the little recording unit and record a message in your own voice (actually anyone's voice) that can last up to 15 seconds in length. Then you put the recorder back in the Treatball, and load the ball with doggie treats. (They should be small doggie treats, or broken up bigger treats.) Later when your dog plays with the Treatball and pushes it around, they'll hear your voice. But wait, there's more! As your pooch pushes the ball around, treats fall out an random intervals making it worthwhile for him or her to play even longer. It's a fun way to keep your dog occupied and hopefully from doing anything naughthy while you're away. Available in Medium/Small (for dogs 15-40 lbs.) and Large (for dogs 40-120 lbs.) sizes. It's also available in plastic or in rubber, and in two color combinations. Prices range from about $12 to $20. Best prices are found by doing a web search on Amazon.