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Dick DeBartolo, MAD's Maddest Writer, and co-host of The Giz Wiz at GizWiz.TV, The Giz Wiz on ABC's World News Now, Tech Guy Labs on TWiT and on Computer America. But wait, there's More »

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    The Giz Wiz is a weekly Saturday guest on The Tech Guy with -- who else? - The Tech Guy, Leo Laporte.

    Leo Laporte & I chat about some sort of fun or weird gadget weekly his The Tech Guy Radio Show. The show is syndicated by Premiere to over 180 radio stations around the country. Leo's closing in on 1.5 million listeners! I'm on the Saturday Show with The Giz Wiz Gadget of the Week. My spot is on about 1:45 PM PST / 4:45 PM EST. 

    And if you watch The Tech Guy stay tuned. Because after the Tech Guy Show  Leo does The New Screen Savers Show, and then I return to do Giz Fiz PM, a show with viewer questions, Match Game questions, videos, guest of the week and more! That starts when New Screen Saver ends..about 5:00 PM PST/ 8:00 PM EST. Watch it all at

    All The Tech Guy Labs show notes, shows & info can be found here: 

    Below are the gadgets we've talked about on the show.


    A keyboard that's good for QWERTY typists & 'hunt 'n pecker' typists!

    There have been many keyboards designed especially for Hunt 'n Peckers, those folks who don’t know how to use the standard QWERY keyboard. They prefer to hit the letters one-at-a-time as they ‘hunt & peck’. The Fastfingers Keyboard has several unique advantages for all kinds of typists. If two people share the computer and one is a touch typist and one is a ‘hunt ‘n pecker’, the Fastfingers Keyboard works for both. Instead of having to plug in and use two different keyboards, you just touch a button to toggle to the alphabetical (ABC) or the standard (QWERTY) key layout. It’s Plug & Play, just plug into a USB Port and select the layout option that works best for you. But wait! There’s more! If you’re into instant-messaging, there are shortcut keys to common acronyms like: LOL, BRB, etc.) Other Internet shortcut buttons provide instant access to web browsing and e-mail , plus there are media shortcut buttons that allows easy music or video playback and volume control. Compatible with PC and Mac computers. $29.99.

    It’s under $25 at Things you never knew existed:

    Take your own speed typing test:

    (I took it a couple of times & average 54 words per minute.)

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    The most "wire-mess-free" way I know to charge 3 gadgets at once.

    This is a new way to charge three gizmos at the same time. The IDAPT I3 charging station works for just about all your portable devices and eliminates the pain of finding and switching around AC adapters. This neatly organized power dock charges up to three of your devices simultaneously.  What’s nice about it is that there are no messy wires dangling everywhere. The only cable you'll see is the one running from the IDAPT platform to your wall outlet and that’s at the back of the unit. The charging station comes with a variety of interchangeable tips — you plug in the three that you use most often. To release & change any of the interchangeable tips is easy. Just push down to the two silver tabs at the base and it pops out. I have my IDAPT I3 set up for charging my cell phone, my MP3 player and my mini camcorder. The included tips cover a wide range of smartphones, mobile phones, GPS units, point-and shoot cameras, and more. Additional tips are available separately, including one that can charge rechargeable AA batteries. I recommend using a bit of care when plugging and unplugging your device since your gizmo will be suspended over the IDAPT via the charging port. It’s not a big worry, just something to be careful of. I had no problems charging my devices. If you go to the company’s website you can see a list of the tips the unit ships with and the optional tips that are available. There is also a two device charging IDAPT, but who has only two devices to charge? UPDATE:  I just spoke to Matt Shumate at IDAPT’s PR agency and got the lowdown on the rechargeable battery tip. Here it is:

    The IDAPT i3 does not have a rechargeable battery tip as one of the 6 tips in the pre-packaged box.  However, you can customize the IDAPT online to include 4 tips you select, for the same price as getting 6 of the most popular tips. If you do that route, you can choose to get a battery charger tip, which is really a two AA or AAA charger for rechargeable batteries.  Battery tips are available for sale as are all other extra tips at  and amazon: direct link:

    To my mind the way to go would be to order the exact four tips you want instead getting the six that are prepackaged. But you can decide for yourself after checking out both websites above and comparing prices. The 2 device IDAPT I2 is under $40, and the three device version IDAPT I3 is under $50. There are available in black, silver and red.

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    You asked for it! You got it. Navigation Lights for the Toilet!

    Yes, it’s no joke. Well, it might bring laughs, but this gadget is so simple, it will “bowl” you over. (Sorry about that.) LavNav is the Lavatory Navigation Night Light. The less pleasant sounding name: Toilet Night Lights. Bathroom lights can be so blinding in the middle of the night when you flip on the switch. And they can  disturb your partner's sleep, especially in a small apartment. Sure you can use a nightlight, but non-LED nightlights waste electricity all night long. Worse, they occupy valuable electrical sockets and they don't put light where you need it. The LavNav solves those problems. A motion sensor turns it on when you approach in the dark, and turns it off after you leave. It shines a gentle light that is sufficient for you to do what you have to do. But wait there’s more!! The LavNav uses a RED or GREEN light to cleverly show the position of the seat. RED means the seat is up. Green means the seat is down. This can also end fights between male and females who share the same bathroom. I’ve used LavNav for a couple of days now and it works great. It uses two AA batteries, which you supply. To install them follow the “slide direction arrow” on the front of the LavNav. Pop off the cover and insert the batteries. There is no on/off switch; it’s all automatic. It installs to the toilet seat cover (in the open position, of course) in seconds. Just peel the backing off the attached adhesive tape and follow the two easy-to-understand photos on the package. Now you’re set to “go”. (Sorry again.) $19.95    


    A device that warns you if you're walking away & leaving your Bluetooth cell phone behind.

    ZOMM can come to the rescue if you leave your cell phone behind. It’s called the world’s first Bluetooth wireless leash for mobile phones. With billions of mobile phones being used worldwide, thousands of people walk away and accidentally leave their phone behind on a daily basis. (See, you’re not alone!) If you forget your cell phone (it must be Bluetooth enabled) ZOMM will first start blinking the built-in LED lights, then sound an alarm if you walk away even further from your mobile phone. That way you know you have to go back for it. I tried the ZOOM at the Gizneyland studio. After I paired my EnV3 Bluetooth phone with the ZOMM, I left the phone on my desk and walked out the door with the ZOOM. About 30 feet away, the unit started vibrating and blinking. I kept walking. About 50 feet away the alarm went off. It worked fine! But wait there’s more! The device itself also features call notification with speakerphone, a panic alarm and a feature that allows you to call emergency assistance from anywhere with just a press of a button. (I didn’t try those last features.) ZOMM is about the size of a very fat poker chip and easily attaches to a key ring. Or you can carry it in your pocket or purse. There’s also clip in the kit so you can even attach it clothing or workout gear. But wait. There’s still more!  With call notification, ZOMM will vibrate, flash lights and provide a sound alert for incoming calls when your mobile phone is out of sight; in a purse, gym bag or in a noisy environment. To answer a call just press a button and ZOMM is a fully functioning speakerphone. To send to voice mail, just press the multifunction button twice. As a personal security device, ZOMM will sound a panic alarm and/or call for emergency assistance. You can speak to emergency personnel without ever touching your mobile phone via the built in speakerphone. It uses a lithium-ion battery that should last about 3 days with a single charge. It comes with a standard micro USB wall charger and a micro USB charger. You can order ZOMM in black or while. $79.99. 

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    A device that just might make boring meetings go faster & end quicker!

    This is a very different kind of clock. You bring it to meetings, not to watch the time, but to watch how much that time costs a company! TIM stands for Time is Money. Brutally long business meetings are not only boring, but they’re expensive. The Bring TIM! Clock can give you the power to break the cycle. It prominently displays the total cost of everyone's time that ticks by. When people understand the cost, the discussion becomes brief, topical, and productive. To use Bring TIM you take the best guess (unless you know exactly) how much each person makes per hour. You enter that into the clock. It can be set in $5 increments from $5 to $995. Next you enter the number of people in the meeting, any number from 1 to 99 people. Then as the meeting goes on you can see the total cost of having all those people discussing things. It’s probably a lot higher than anyone would have guessed! The inventor, Brad Johnson says: “The inspiration in developing Bring TIM! came from working at a company that regularly held 4 hour weekly staff meetings. (Yes - that’s right - 4 hour staff meetings!!!) At the end of each meeting, I walked away wondering what did that accomplish? It became my personal quest to make sure no one endures that type of torture in the workplace! The Bring TIM! office clock is designed to keep your business meetings on track. Everyone will appreciate that this lighthearted device might actually keep your meetings more focused, effective, and shorter in duration. So the next time you want a shorter, more effective business meeting...Bring TIM! - The ultimate Office Clock & Meeting Cost Calculator!”  $24.99 

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