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    Below are the gadgets we've talked about on the show.


    A neat travel 'natural spectrum' light.

    Verilux, famous for their natural spectrum light, has a great folding light for travel. Their Rechargeable Travel Lamp not only provides Natural Spectrum light for that dark hotel desk when you travel, but it’s great for home or work projects too. This folding flip lamp features 11 LED bulbs to provide color balance and high contrast. Verilux is famous for their daylight illumination devices. The Travel Lamp ships with rechargeable batteries or it can powered by the included AC Adapter. The AC Adapter is also used to charge the Travel Lamp. Strangely I couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere, not even on the Travel Lamp box, but there’s also USB adapter included. It’s perfect when you’re using the light at your computer. Just power it, and charge it too from your laptop. When fully charged, the Travel Lamp can run for four hours on the internal rechargeable (and user replaceable) batteries. It can also function as a reading light in bed or additional illumination in the car, boat or RV. List price is $29.95, but as of May 7th, 2011 it’s on the company website for half price! Just $14.98. (I don’t know how long that price will be effect.)

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    A kitchen mash-up that's really unique!

    Some weeks ago a reader let us know about sort of strange new merging of devices for the kitchen. It was the Breville Toaster with built in Internet Radio. It's not yet available in the US. But there's another new gadget that IS available here in the US. ADE Germany, respected for its hospital, industrial and kitchen scales, has entered the market with it’s own unique mash-up. Called the Joy scale, it’s the first electronic kitchen scale with a built in licensed iPod docking/charging station. So now you can cook while listening to your favorite tunes. On a crowded kitchen counter it eliminates having to have a a stand alone iPod docking station. The Joy Scale offers results in pounds, fluid ounces, or grams and it weighs dry and liquid ingredients in increments of .04 ounces / 1 gram. The add-and-weigh (tare) function allows for weighing all ingredients in the same container. Battery and overload indicators keep users alerted to how the system is functioning, and an automatic shut off helps preserve battery life. The large weighing surface is made of safety glass, for worry-free weighing. The docking port is compatible with all current iPods. And need we say it, no iPod product is included! The single speaker is located in the base and provides decent sound for its size. Obviously you’ll be using this a background music player as you cook. The scale is powered by one CR 2043 lithium battery, included. You must use the AC adapter, which is also included to power the speaker and charge your iPod while it’s docked in the Joy Scale. Price under $100.

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    You've heard of an undershirt, but have you heard of a Thundershirt?

    Fairway models her Thundershirt outside the Gizneyland Studio. The wet sidewalk shows we just had a rainstorm.At a Pet Show a gentlemen asked if I knew about ThunderShirt.  I didn't, and was willing to listen, especially when he said he was great for dogs who got upset during thunder storms. ThunderShirt is designed to apply gentle pressure on a dog’s torso which offers a calming effect. It sure worked great on my dog a few days before I showed this product on the air. NYC had several loud thunder storms with pounding rain. Instead of hiding in the bathroom, my 10 year old dog (Fairway) stayed in the living room! And during one storm she actually ate her dinner while wearing her ThunderShirt. The company says that the Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or over-excited. Based on surveys completed by over two thousand customers, over 80% of dogs show significant improvement in symptoms when using Thundershirt. It should fit snugly, so check out the correct size for your dog on their website. $36.

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    Did you drop a screw or a key in a hard to reach place? Here's your solution to getting it back!

    Here’s an easy way to end the aggravation of dropped screws, nail, paper clips and other small metal items. If you ever dropped a key down a sewer this could be a big help. It’s the Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool. It extends from about 7.5 inches to 32 inches and features a powerful magnetic tip and a bright built-in LED light to help you find objects even in poorly lit areas. Down on my boat this will be ideal to pick up metal object that fall into the bilge. The company says the magnet has a 6 pound capacity. I tested it up to about 3 pounds. The LED light has an on/off twist switch. It’s metal with soft grip handle. For some bizarre reason it has a pocket clip. I can’t image how or why you’d wear this in a shirt pocket. It’s powered by three AG13 button cell batteries, which are included.

    There a video of The Giz Wiz testing it out here:

    And it’s available here for under $7.00 + Shipping.

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    Make your own 'crank' calls - by generating your own power.

    Eton often teams up with the American Red Cross to produce useful safety devices. One of their newest products is the Axis self-powered Weather radio and “safety hub”. (Model Safety starts with being able to power this device from three different power sources. You can use 3 AAA batteries, AC power, or hand power. The person powered (meaning you!) aluminum crank charges the internal rechargeable NiMH battery. The NiMH battery is included. (But it’s not connected, so do that first if you get this radio.) The AC adapter is optional. I guess Eton figured you’ll mostly be carrying this device in the great outdoors, miles away from power. The Axis contains a digital AM and FM tuner with bright red LED readout. For emergencies, all seven NOAA weather band channels are available. The radio can alert you to oncoming storms. The company says you’ll get 15 minutes of radio or light power for every 90 seconds of hand cranking. But wait, there’s more! There’s a built in white LED flashlight and a red flashing LED light for emergencies. And this is really great for emergencies: a USB port that can provide power for charging many cell phones! Connectors on the Axis have rubber gaskets and plugs so you won’t have to worry about moisture out in the elements. On a camping trip you can listen to the tuner with your headphone via the built in 3.5 mm headphone jack. You can also listen to your own MP3 tunes via the Aux-In jack. To help improve radio reception in the wild, there’s an adjustable telescoping antenna. With the built in battery and 3 AAA batteries installed, the Axis weighs one pound six ounces according to my MyWeigh postage scale. Height: 6.38 inches Length: 6.63 inches Width: 2.13 inches Suggested retail is $69.95. Amazon and Brookstone should have it by the time you read this.

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