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    Winners of the May/June 'WTHII game' with the correct answer.

    50 or 60 people knew the right answer. Seems a lot of people used Google picture search to get the answer. (They told me so.) We picked a dozen out of the 50 or 60 right answers at random. It's sold as a device to prevent tubs from overflowing and it's also said to alert you if the water is too hot. I bought one because I thought it would make a good 'WTHII?" gadget, but never tried it. At least one person has one and says it works.

    Winners picked at random from the dozens of right answers:

    MAGIPLUG - Best used for dementia - rocksolidsushi

    (GIZ WIZ: - Yes, that's what it says in the description of this gadget on their sales page:) 

    This looks to be the Magiplug anti flood overflow stopper for sink and bath. Scott Williams 

    Magiplug. It keeps the tub from overflowing by using the pressure of the water to open a valve at a specific water level. It also changes color based on water temperature to prevent scalding. Brandon Hanke


    The device is MagiPlug used on tub or sink drain to detect water temperature and open on overfill. Bill Hall


    Magiplugs pressure release mechanism allows a bath or sink to be filled to a specific level and then if left unattended, releases excess water to prevent overflow. Gary Scroggins


    Although it looks like an air freshener, I am pretty sure it monitors the water level in a bath tub. Often used for dementia patients. George VII


    It's a bath and sink safety plug to help prevent scalding and flooding. Bruce D


    the answer is Magiplug....its a bath plug that is supposed to let water out on its own based on water level.....thank you Stumbleupon for sending me this the other day...Billy Buntin


    It's a Anti flood overflow device plug and stopper for sink and bath. has a nice video on how it works looks neat. Gerry Dorion


    A person from Direction Home, Area Agency on Aging, had suggested this Magiplug to prevent bathtub over-flow, for my elderly aunt Zora - - it works! Massillon Tiger Fan


    The gadget is a plug for sink or bathtub that will open up the drain and release water to prevent overflow and prevent flooding. JAFO


    This is a sensor so your bathtub does not over flow. --Nicholas Poverman 


    Prices are all over the place, as high as $40 some places. It was $16.00 or so here, with $8 shipping on Amazon as of 7/1/17:


    See bottom of next panel down on how to claim your MAD magazine. 


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