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    Main | After the first year of doing the Match Game rehearsals himself, Gene asked me if I would mind doing them. »

    These are actual Match Game questions! (Typed on mostly yellow cards - they're were no computers back then!)

    Keeping Dick's Gadget Warehouse for all these years and spending more than $85,000 in storage fees in 50-plus years, paid off in a really nice way today. I found more original Match Game Questions!

    So once again if you were a fan of the Match Game, you can own a small piece of its history. A small 3" X 5" piece. Actually three of them.  Read on!

    I 'm making up small Match Game souvenir packages consisting of three 30 to 40 year old Match Game questions secured in a plastic sleeve.  It's a perfect gift for anyone who was a fan of the old Match Game. Each 3 question set cost $29.99. In the same envelope I'll include an autographed copy of a 38+ year old Alfred E. Neuman picture, from my other career, MAD. I continued writing for every issue of MAD while writing the Match Game and I'm still in every issue, even though MAD has moved from NY to LA. 
    IMPORTANT: This offer is for US addresses only and your kit will be sent Priority Mail. 
    Important! I am out of original Dumb Dora and Dumb Donald question cards, but you'll get printed sheets with 18 more Match Game questions. So if you want to play the game with friends at home, with your 3 original cards, you'll have a total of 21 Match Game questions. And some of those questions on the bonus sheets ARE Dumb Donald and Dumb Dora questions!

    The number of Match Game questions I have left is now very small, so I can only send them to US addresses. (When the remaining Match Game questions are all gone you'll _______ yourself for not ordering them sooner!) I still have kits available as of 12/1/18 and will take this offer down when I run out.)