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    After more than a dozen years as "Special Correspondent" - once a month, for a full hour, where I joined Craig Crossman and later in the series, Ben Crossman on Computer America, it was time to take a break from the series. But this longest running nationally syndicated talk show continues on! You can find the latest shows here: www.computeramerica.com


    A Phone Designed For Very Young Kids.

    The Kids Connect Phone is a parent's "all in one security solution". It is the best way for parents to obtain piece of mind while their children are away from home. The kids connect phone is GPS equipped which allows real time tracking of the phone via the android or IOS app or on any web enabled device. Parents can also see where their children have been with the location history feature. The SOS feature when activated will send a text message with the GPS location to up to 4 cell phone numbers and then it will auto-dial the numbers on the SOS list until one is answered. The SOS feature can also be programmed to call a help center where a live operator will answer the phone and assist the child at an additional cost. The geo fencing feature allows parents to set a predetermined area and receive an alert if the phone enters or leaves the area. The voice monitoring feature allows parents to send a text message to the phone and within a minute the phone will call back without activating the screen allowing them the ability to monitor the child's surroundings. The kids connect phone is equipped with 4 speed dial numbers as well as a 20 number phone book. These pre-programmed numbers are the only numbers that the child can call as well as being the only numbers that can call the phone. There are many more details and limitations of the phone and GPS at the company website, so check them out before ordering. $79.95.

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/L0FsIE4aN2s

    Company website: http://www.mykidsconnect.com/

    Amazon: (Under $65.00 here as of 7/13/17) http://amzn.to/2tjFnl9


    Gadgets From 'The Inspired Home' Event In NYC.

    Cut Your Food, Not Your Fingers.


    Middle schooler R. J. Batts started brainstorming about how his dad, a restaurant chef, could protect his fingers at work because his dad cut his fingers quite often. With the support of his parents he set out to invent a product that would shield his Dad’s fingers. While working on sketches and 3D prototypes, Batts hit upon a simple yet effective way to shield each finger thoroughly up to above the second knuckle – the areas most exposed when using kitchen knives. He continued to improve the product, first by adding prongs to hold food securely in place. Then, to make the product sanitary for professional kitchen environments, he decided to forge the “Professional” version from sturdy stainless steel, adding a series of holes to provide access for thorough cleaning. The Tip Tough was born. It's available now, while R.J. works on a home version and a child's version that might sell for about $10.00. 

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/bxKEcKOPX3U 

    Company video: https://vimeo.com/208135552 

    Company website: http://www.tiptough.com/


    Peel Boiled Eggs In Seconds.

    If the task of peeling hard-boiled eggs is a tedious and frustrating chore for you, meet The Negg Maker. It's an ingenious, yet simple new kitchen tool makes the irksome task of peeling a boiled egg quick and easy. With just a little bit of water and a few shakes, the Negg Maker peels boiled eggs in seconds with no mess. Its design, which includes egg-shaped bumps on the inside to help facilitate the removal of the shell on the sides of the egg, it's possible to peel a dozen boiled eggs in under four minutes. This handy tool is perfect for the kitchens of both chefs and home cooks. It can also be a fun way to get children involved in cooking. Perfect for anyone preparing popular dishes like deviled eggs or those adhering to high protein diet regimes like the Paleo diet, for instance. Clean-up is easy, too. The 100 percent USA-made Negg™ Maker is dishwasher-safe and BPA free. As you'll see in the video, I tried it a couple of times. My first attempt was so-so, but my second attempt was a lot better. If you just need to peel a hard-boiled egg once in a while, the $17.99, plus S&H may not be worth it. But if you have to peel a lot of hard-boiled egg, this could be a welcome gadget. 

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/IsY8WsQFFP4 

    Company website: http://www.neggmaker.com/ 

    Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2sjsXtz (No cheaper here. $17.99 + $3.50 S&H)


    Two New Counter-Top Gadgets From Hamilton Beach.

    Hamilton Beach Sound Shield 950 Blender

    Hamilton Beach says their Sound Shield Blender provides sufficiently quieter blending using a unique commercial style two-piece 'quiet shield'. They also designed the motor and motor base to dim the sound. Featuring their MultiBlend jar and blade design, this blender is ideal for icy drinks, food and more. Program operations include Smoothie, Ice Crush and Clean. Pat told me the sound shield is easily removable just by pushing a release button on each side. Model 53600 & 53601 has a MSRP of $69.99 & $79.99. They'll be available in September, 2017. 

    Hamilton Beach 6-Speed ErgoMix

     Pat, our Hamilton Beach spokesperson explained that their new ErgoMix is designed

     to minimize arm and wrist stress while maximizing control and comfort. This lightweight mixer strategically positions your elbow and wrist offering what Hamilton Beach calls Quick Burst Technology for extra power at any of it's six speeds. I tried it only for a minute or so and it does seem to be easy to move around the bowl with almost no effort. Coming in August. MSRP is $49.99 (Model 62667)

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/5Dh1Y1STMuM

    Company website:


    (This is the Hamilton Beach New Products page. As of 7/23/17 The Sound Shield Blender is there, but nothing yet about the ErgoMix. 


    My Co-Host Of The Giz Wiz Show, Chad Johnson, Finds A Gadgets From 11 Years Ago That's Still Being Made Today.

    ....and guess what, I as the Giz Wiz, still have no idea what to use this for!

    In Chad's collection of 'gadgets he doesn't use, but can't bear to part with' is the Griffin PowerMate USB. It's a new gadget Leo talked about on The Giz Wiz Show in 2006. But guess what? Eleven years later and it's still available for sale! Plus there's a new Bluetooth version. First here's an explanation of what it does from Griffin: It spins like a knob. It clicks like a mouse. But it's so much more. You can use PowerMate USB to edit home movies, or scroll through long documents, or create your next audio masterpiece. How can PowerMate USB be this cool? Because it's an assignable controller that you can program to do anything you want, in any application. You can quickly and easily program it to execute any Key Command, in any application. And if you're running Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard, we have software for you that supercharges your PowerMate. It even comes preset to work with iMovie and GarageBand, right out of the box! 

    Chad doesn't use his PowerMate USB, because he says, it really just performs just two simple operations. So why doesn't he get rid of it. Chad: “It's beautiful, it glows a tech blue color, and it just looks amazing - even if it just sits on a shelf.” 

    Must have one too? It's under $40 on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2tSBckb  

    And here's the newer Bluetooth version for about the same price:http://amzn.to/2tOw9BB