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    Now you can charge your phone & get some exercise at the same time!

    CES had a lot of “green products” on display. The YoGen by Easy Energy was one of them. It’s a slim pocket-sized, hand powered electric charger that the company says produces a previously unmatched level of charging power when driven by the repeated pulling of a cord. A spokesman at the booth said it generated 5 watts of charging power, which is pretty much the same as your AC charger at home produces. The “Yo” part of the name came about because the way you use the device is sort of like using a Yo-Yo. The “Gen” part of course is for generator. Once again, quoting the company: The YoGen represents a major break-though in hand-powered chargers in that it offers an industry leading ratio of power output to input effort and that its ergonomic design allows for extended charging effort with minimal operator fatigue. When the user repeatedly pulls the YoGen’s T-handle, an internal alternator spins continuously, generating power to recharge the batteries of your cell phone or any other like-sized portable electronic device.  (Back to me.) There are several versions available depending on what you want to charge. The YoGen device is the same but you should order a package that includes the proper tip for your phone or iPod. Each package includes tips for four devices. It also comes in various colors, but I like the clear plastic model so you can see the inner workings. There’s a green LED that glows when you are sending charing power to your device. The only switch on the YouGen is one that lets you custom tailor the output of the YoGen to the gizmo you’re charging. You try either the "up" or "down" position to see which appears to be generating more power. $39.99.


    I did a podcast on this product: Hear it here: www.twit.tv/dgw1006


    Here's a radar unit that fits in your pocket. Guess that's why it's called Pocket Radar!

    How fast is your kid’s fastball? How fast is your favorite car going at that NASCAR event you’re at? How fast did the neighbor’s kid drive past your house?  It’s easy to find out with Pocket Radar. It’s about the size of a pack of playing cards, but this device utilizes a Doppler radar signal detection and processing system coupled with re-engineered microwave and antenna components to deliver the same powerful performance of traditional bulky radar guns! Designed to be used by both professionals and everyday consumers in a wide range of applications, from coaches clocking baseball pitch speeds, to athletes seeking improved performance, Pocket Radar forges a new standard in speed radar performance. Accurate to within 1 mile per hour, Pocket Radar is able to take 10,000 speed measurements using one set of AAA batteries. Its small size and easy-to-use point-and-shoot functionality means that Pocket Radar users can get right to the action, while others are still setting up and turning on their traditional, bulky radar speed guns. $249.99 But there is an introductory offer if you pre-order at the company’s website. You pay $199.99, so you’ll save $50. 



    Combine up to three Bluetooth cell phones with your landline at home.

    This is pretty nifty. The Gigaset One lets you pair up to 3 different Bluetooth cell phones. Then plug a line from the Gigaset into your home phone jack. You can now make and get cell phone calls from any phone in your home – wired or cordless. You still get regular phone calls too if you still have a landline. So you know who’s cell phone is ringing, there are different ring patterns. It also works if you don’t have landline phone service anymore. You can still use the phones in your home connected to the old landline wiring to answer your cell phone calls. You can leave the cell phone in an area where the reception is best. It should within ten feet of the Gigaset One unit, which requires AC power. All the details on how the system works are at the company’s website. $99. The Gigaset has been rolling out across the country and is now available everywhere. If you do a web search you’ll be able to find a lower price than the $99!



    Hate getting up to lower the volume on that *&^%$ commercial??

    SRS Tru-Volume is the answer. For a couple of years now you could buy a TV with SRS TruVolume built in. It designed to Stop the Spikes In TV Ads! I had a demo and it does put an end to the annoying television audio spikes that universally aggravate TV viewers when changing between channels or when programming switches to commercial. After the first demo I saw about two years ago I said “Great, I’ll buy one!” That’s when I found out it was only available if you bought certain TV sets that had it pre-installed. I already had a new TV, so I was out of luck. But now you can buy a small easy to install adaptor that will put an end to disruptive volume fluctuations once and for all! It installs using RCA jacks in and out. You know what they are. It’s those little red & white plugs, which mark left & right audio. The tiny Tru-Volume adaptor goes between your cable box, gaming console, DVR, etc. (audio out jacks) and your TV (audio in jacks). Then hook it to AC power with the little transformer that’s in the box. It’s under $50. A version for HDMI connections for HDTV’s will be along in the spring for under $100.



    Now you can design your own "skin" (cover) for your iPod/iPhone/iTouch.

    iaPeel  under $22. There were dozens of companies selling designer iPod Skins to custom cover your iPod/iPhone. But iaPeel says they’re the only company that lets you design your own skin, print it and apply it at home. All you need is an inkjet printer to produce your own photo-quality skins at home. There's a built-in precision alignment system that ensures a perfect fit every time. Just pull up the tabs and your device fits right inside. No more worries about putting it on crooked. Plus, iaPeel skins are made from a durable vinyl material with high tech adhesive that leaves no residue whatsoever. That means you can create a ton of custom designs and swap 'em out to match your mood, without leaving any sticky stuff behind. You get the software and five blank skin in a pack for under $22. Rember, so they fit correctly you have to order the kit for your exact device. The company will be adding more as time goes on if it's not up on their website yet.