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    « After the first year of doing the Match Game rehearsals himself, Gene asked me if I would mind doing them. | Main | One of my favorite things ever from the Match Game, the early version of the show recorded in New York City. »

    Here's more info on owning original Match Game questions.

    So Dick, how can I own a small piece of history?

    I'm so glad you asked! 'm making up small Match Game souvenir packages consisting of three  30 to 40 year old Match Game questions secured in a plastic sleeve.  It's a perfect gift for anyone who was a fan of the old Match Game. Each 3 question set cost $29.99. In the same envelope I'll include an autographed copy of a 35+ year old Alfred E. Neuman picture, from my other career. I continued writing for every issue of MAD while writing the Match Game and I'm still in every issue. This is for US addresses only and it's sent Priority Mail. 
    Important! I am out of original Dumb Dora and Dumb Donald question cards, but you'll get 4 printed sheets with 18 more Match Game questions. So if you want to play the game with friends at home, with your 3 original cards, you'll have a total of 21 Match Game questions. And some of those questions on the bonus sheets ARE Dumb Donald and Dumb Dora questions!

    The number of Match Game questions I have left is now very small, so I can only send them to US addresses. (When the remaining Match Game questions are all gone you'll _______ yourself for not ordering them sooner!)