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    On these pages, MAD stuff!



    A rare item from Dick's Gadget Warehouse has been sold!

    It's a watch! It's a clock! It's the giant Alfred E. Neuman Watch/Clock 

    The dollar bill is there to show the scale. The clock has a 6" diameter.At last I found something that's probably worth something at Dick's Gadget Warehouse. It's the Alfred E. Neuman Clock that looks exactly like a GIANT version of the Alfred E. Neuman wristwatch. The clock face is a full 6" across. And the case is 24K plastic-looking gold. (Because it IS plastic, or somethinglike it!) It was put out in 1987 as part of MAD’s 35th Anniversary. It was produced by Concepts Plus, Inc. In late 1987, or early 1988 Concepts Plus joined with, or became Applause. The clock/watch was not wildly popular, but who cares - that makes this one more valuable.  On the clock, as on the watch, MAD’s mascot Alfred E. Neuman is in a straightjacket with his often quoted  “What, Me Worry?” printed next to him. MAD publisher William M. Gaines didn't want Concepts Plus to merely take one of their regular watches and just put the MAD logo on it. He wanted it to really be a MAD Watch. So on this clock (and the Alfred E. watches) that's how Alfred ended up in a straight jacket. Since he can't use his hands, his animated legs function as the hands. In small print on left side of the clock dial it says: Concepts Plus, Inc. And one the right side of the dial it says: 35th Anniversary Edition ©1987 E.C. Publications Inc. The one pictured here hung on my office wall at MAD's 485 MADison Avenue address for a few years. Then when William M. Gaines passed on and Time Warner moved MAD Magazine headquarters to DC Comics, I packed up everything in my office and sent it to Dick's Gadget Warehouse. (Time Warner told us we'd have to be a lot neater at the new MAD offices.)  So this clock has been in the warehouse for almost 20 years. But the warehouse costs $355 a month and I've been storing crap, I mean, storing valuable memorabilia there for all those years and now it's time to sell stuff and pay down that bill! So this rare some-of-a-kind item will be offered on Ebay. I'll post a link when it's up t here. The fastest way to know about the auction & other MAD items I find at the warehouse is to follow me on Twitter. Add me as a friend

    Here's a video with more about this unique Alfred E. Clock:

    Hear this Netcast:

    The Ebay auction for this some-of-a-kind item is over. It brought in $510! After fees, that will still be enough money to pay for 1 and 1/2 months rent on Dick's Gadget Warehouse!! 

    Another auction has started for more MAD stuff from Dick's Gadget Warehouse. Details above!


    MAD Collectables from past EBay auctions.

    Produced as a bonus given to the top 100 MAD wholesalers was this Alfred E. Neuman Memo Pad!

    You can bid on this rare MAD Collector's item at the link below. (Auction Ends April 19th,13:36:30 PDT 2010.) Here's the background story: Every year magazine wholesalers met with the publishers of magazine they sold. There was a lot of  thank you "swag" given to the wholesalers. Watches, leather goods, jewelry, etc. But MAD was always "cheap" and it was hard to compete given the tight budget Bill Gaines (MAD's publisher then)  provided. So the only way to get some attention was to produce a different MAD-type gag gift every year.

    This Alfred E. Neuman Memo Pad was the gift for one of those years. The gag was that the entire pad - every single page -was printed the same as the top one. So there was almost no room for a memo to be written. But we knew no one would really use it as a memo pad. They would take it home as a MAD souvenir! And that would be perfect - and cheap - advertising for us. Now you can own one.

    This auction end!  The Alfred E. Pad sold for $36.60.


    The Alfred E. Neuman Twe Dollar Bill. A whole pack of 'em!

    This is not legal tender. And it's NOT illegal tender either. It's Alfred E. Neuman money.

    Another year we produced this package of Alfred E. Neuman Twe Dollars Bills as a giveaway at trade shows and other media-type conventions. This packet contains 14 identical TWE (Three) Dollar $ Bills. They are a bit smaller than a real dollar bill, most likely because MAD once in trouble by producing a regular sized fake bill that did not please the Treasury Department. This item comes direct from Dick's Gadget warehouse, and is in MINT condition.

    The auction for it is on now and runs through Monday, April 19th 13:42:50 PDT. 2010.

    This auction ended. The Alfred E. money pack sold for $56.00.

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