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Dick DeBartolo, MAD's Maddest Writer, and co-host of The Giz Wiz at GizWiz.TV, The Giz Wiz on ABC's World News Now, Tech Guy Labs on TWiT and on Computer America. But wait, there's More »

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    Dick's Blog & Log...

    Here's stuff that's more than 140 characters so it won't fit on TWITTER, or photos or videos, stuff that I found interesting, and hope you might find it interesting too.



    Dog Day Afternoon in Central Park - for hundreds of dogs! Me too!

    Petco and Sony (strange bedfellow, eh?) will attempt to break a Guinness World Record for having the largest gathering of adopted pets and their owners. It’s taking place this Tuesday, October 4th in Central Park. I believe the current record is 250 people and their pets, so hopefully the turn out will be bigger than that! If you want to join in, show up with your pet – and this is important -- proof of adoption.

    I asked the PR people how Sony figured in, and it’s quite a nice match. They’ll be on hand with tips on how to take great photos of your pets. And The Petco National Adoption Reunion will be accepting photographs of your pet(s) online. For every photograph received, Sony will donate a dollar (up to $10,000) to help pets that are in need. There’s also a chance to win a trip to San Francisco for the best pet photograph submitted. More details are at the link below.

    I’ll be there to shoot video there for World News Now, so please say “hi”  or even “woof” if you see me roaming around there.


    Foreign Editions of MAD pushed the envelope quite far...

    Here's a Netherland's Edition of MAD Magazine, from November, 1998. The photo tells all!


    I knew Steven Spielberg was getting an Inkpot Award, but I nearly fell over when I received one too.

    I wondered why after all these years the San Diego Comic Con invited me to be their guest at this year's show. I was thrilled to go and appear on several panels. What I didn't know, was that before my "Spotlight" panel, I was to be given my own Inkpot Award. I was speechless - for a good ten seconds - a new record! Thank you so much San Diego Comic Con!

    (From a Comic Con press release:)


    Dick's also an Inkpot winner from Comic Con this year.

    Dick's been a writer for Mad Magazine going back to 1966. As of this year, he's been in over 409 consecutive issues. His Mad-type humor was evident throughout the panel. Dick's most interesting stories were about his days on Match Game. The game show was about to be cancelled when, with nothing to lose, he wrote the first of the risque questions that the show would become known for. Thinking the show was done, they came back to him and told him he had to keep writing quesitons like that - for the next 18 years he worked on the show. The questions on the Match Game P.M. would push the boundaries even further. He talked of writing really filthy questions so that his risque ones would seem so bad. His favorite question - "Unlucky Louie was so unlucky. When he lost weight, he lost two inches from his (blank)." Dick finished the hour with a slideshow of some of the best Mad covers and stories behind them.


    The Green-ish Lantern (dis)Graces the Cover of MAD #510

    In this issue I wrote the satire on Pawn Stars, rated #1 in cable shows for many months now. I call it Yawn Stars. Illustrated by the off-the-wall style of Tom Bunk. A satire of the Green Lantern called The Green Lunkhead is in the issue too. Written by the lovely and talented Desmond Devlin and illustrated by the ever-popular Tom Richmond!


    The Yogo Movie Opens & I Don't Even Get A Special Invite!

    Yogi movie opens & I'm not in it. Guess who IS Yogi Bear w/the REAL Bill Hanna on an old To Tell The Truth!

    We had Bill Hanna as a guest on the show and I thought "hey maybe we could have Yogi Bear could pick him out." Bill Hanna liked the idea and said he'd ship a Yogi outfit to the studio. Since it was mine idea, the producer decided I'd be Yogi. Of course I wanted to BE Yogi!

    Holy Cow. It turns out that video clip from the 1970's is on You Tube! After that show Bill Hanna said I looked so at home as Yogi, did I want to go to Virginia to help open the new park. And I did!