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    Where is that *(&^^* Remote Control?

    You’ve probably said something like that more than once when the TV remote you were just using, vanishes! Here’s a perfect solution. Remote Buddy holds four remote controls and has a place for your drink. But this device has a nice twist. If you misplace one of the four remotes push the color button from the empty pocket and your remote beeps so you can find it quickly. Just stick the color-coded receiver to the back of the remote and Remote Buddy keeps track of it up to about 30 feet. It ships with a drink holder that can be clipped to the right or the left side of the Remote Battery. It also includes 5 batteries; one for the main console and one for each of the remotes. Under $60




    A great idea goes to your head!

    Panther Vision LED cap. Panther Vison has been selling LED baseball caps for years. There was the original two LED version, then a four LED version. But now after much customer feed back, there’s a whole new design for the new Panther Vision baseball cap. There are now two LED’s under the brim that point down. It’s perfect for reading, and doing projects. Then there’s one super bright LED headlight that lights your way up forward up to 30 feet ahead. For light everywhere, turn both on at once. Yes, each light has it’s own switch and battery pack. The switch is right under the brim, each press let’s you can use each light separately, and then turn them on all together. The easy-to-replace batteries are in the hidden in the brim. It will be available in colors and will be under $25. This is a brand new item and may not be on the company’s website till early June.



    One Convenient & Clever Toilet Seat for Adults & Babies.

    Early Choices is a new toilet training tool. It incorporates two seat sizes – adult & child into one convenient device. The smaller child seat clips into the lid when not in use so it’s totally out of the way. And since it’s part of the original seat, you don’t need to find a place to store it when the baby doesn’t need it. It disconnects quickly when the child grows up. A nice feature of the Early Choice is that it’s very easy to clean. You can disassemble seat with patented TWIST-N-PULL hinge pins. It takes just a few seconds. This is a brand new item and it’s not in the market place just yet. (Mid-May). But you can sign up to be notified when it actually available by going to the company’s website. Under $30




    Save Water, But Still Enjoy A Shower with Full Power!

    Oxygenics Evolution Shower Head. By mixing water with air you feel a full powerful shower spray while cutting water usage by about 30%. At the Hardware Show this company had a regular showerhead shooting water into a tank, and one of their Oxygenics Evolution Shower Heads. Both sprays were powerful, but you can see by the water meters that the Evolution was using a lot less water. A neat feature is a pushbutton to change to your choice of four invigorating spray patterns. The showerhead itself lets you set the 360° rotating face to a vertical or horizontal spray. This is great for arthritic hands, the elderly and children. Under $65.



    The 17 LED flashlight!

    It’s the Stealth LED flashlight.


    The main part of the Stealth flashlight produces a beam of bright light with its 6 LED headlight. Then there’s also a red LED light, which is designed to be used as a signal for emergencies. The base of the flashlight is magnetic which allows you to place it against metal areas of car to hold it in unique positions. There’s also a 10 LED side light bar to use as a desk lamp or to light a work area. The 10 LED side light goes on automatically when it’s lifted away from the body of the flashlight. You could use the magnetic base to stick the Stealth flashlight to the side of your car while changing a flat – assuming your not wearing your Panther Vision Cap. Under $30.