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    Add Noise To Help You Sleep? Yes, if it's white noise.

    Meet The LectroFan Sound Machines.

    I like these 'white noise' machines because they're advertised as having 'Unique, steady, non-looping sound". Here's how the company describes it: “Lectrofan sound is not just a recording. It has been developed through a proprietary algorithm that dynamically generates unique non-repeating sounds. This steady stream of sound eliminates the distracting looping that is common among many competing brands.” --- If you've ever bought a cheap sound machine you may discover as you lay you bed trying to sleep, that it's a short recording of a sound that keeps looping over and over. So instead of falling asleep, it drives you crazy. The LectroFan Global model features plugs for the US, UK and EU. These plugs are very sturdy and can easily twisted on and off the plug base. You can also this the LectroFan with power from a laptop with the included USB cable/plug. This model features 10 white noise options, 10 fan sounds, and a 60-minute sleep timer, or on-all-night switch. On Amazon for $59.99 as of 4/16/17. Company website:

    Global Lectro Fan 20 Sound Machine: 

    Traveling only in the US? Meet the LectroFan - Micro, Wireless Sound Machine. This one has a built in battery and Bluetooth! Charge the battery and the Micro can provide white noise - a choice of ten different ones - for up to 16 hours. Pair it up with your Bluetooth device you can stream your music through it, for up to 8 hours. And your music will sound a heck of a lot better than your smart phone speaker, and probably better than your laptop speaker too. Listen to videos and movies playing on your computer through this device, even though this one is tiny. But wait there's more! Give a little twist and the built in speaker stands up so it can face the direction you want. For travel, twist it down and the Micro lives up to it's name. The price is good too. It's just about $35.00 on Amazon as of 4/16/17. 



    Have a child? There's a third white noise machine from LectroFan. It's the LectroFan Jr. White Noise Sound Machine with 6 Fan and 6 White Noise Sounds plus 18 Nursery Rhyme Songs. This might be great if you have a baby or a young tot. They'll probably fall asleep quicker with music than white noise sounds. It's about $36.00 here. Price as of 4/16/17.   


    Most Amazon links are Giz Wiz Links. You pay exactly the same as everyone else but Giz Wiz Biz gets a small credit to buy more stuff for the show. So thank you if you decide to do that. 

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