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    Now you can add 3D to your iPhone or iPod Touch!

    Hasbro’s my3D turns an 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation iPod touch, iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4 into a 3D viewer. The my 3D device looks like a pair of plastic binoculars, but when you look in it you’ll actually be viewing the screen on your Apple device. If you remember the ViewMaster, this is kind of an updated digital version. It comes with four adapters for the different Apple devices. The packaging is strange. When you open the box, one of the adapters says: “Insert your iPhone or iPod touch here!” So I inserted my 4th Gen Touch, but it doesn’t seem to fit correctly. That's when I figure I better check the instructions. I can’t find the instructions until I notice some printing showing through a hole in the plastic tray the device comes in. Under the tray I find the instructions and -- what’s this? Another adapter - the one I should be using. Before you can use my 3D you need to visit the iTunes app to download games, a demo and 360-degree panoramic apps. Even though the apps are free you need to activate them with the code that’s printed on the viewer. I downloaded some apps and found using the my3D is a lot of fun. 3D photos looking amazingly deep! The movie trailers look a little less 3D, but they’re pretty good. The panoramic scene I downloaded was great. The view is a pier on the ocean and as you turn or look up or down your iPhone or Touch accelerometer makes it possible for you to see the view as if you were there. Friends enjoyed playing with the My3D too. I think the novelty will wear off quickly for adults, but kids will probably find it fascinating for a long time. Right now there are only about a half dozen 3D apps available. In case you're wondering, all of your device buttons are accessible when it's in the my3D, but using the on-screen menus can be tricky. The my3D device has two thumbholes on the bottom so you can press the buttons on the screen. Sometimes I found using them a bit tricky especially when a menu choice said: push both buttons with both thumbs at the same time. Even though it uses no batteries the construction of the plastic case seemed to make the sound of my Touch more robust. Right now it’s available at Target for $34.99. In June it will be in wider distribution.

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    The Motorola Droid X gets a make-over to become the Droid X2

    The Droid X is almost reaching its one year mark, so Motorola has released an updated version of the popular Verizon smartphone. Compared side by side, the new Droid X2 looks almost identical to its brother, but there are some  important differences. The biggest changes involve a higher resolution (and a noticeably) better screen plus a big boost in speed. The Droid X2 features one of new Nvidia dual-core 1GHz processors. And the X2 also features a qHD display – that’s an LCD panel with 540-by-960 resolution. Motorola says that's a 26 percent increase in pixels over the original Droid X's 480-by-854 screen. When I put the phones side by side and asked friends to point to the phone with the best looking picture, they picked the Droid X2. It also features a non-reflective GorillaGlass screen. Many of the other stats between the X2 and the Droid X are the same. Both have 4.3-inch-sized displays, 512MB of RAM, 8MP rear-facing cameras with 720p HD video capture, and both have mini-HDMI out ports. The newer model to some people’s disappointment, does not have a front-facing camera. (One reviewer said it was there and would be activated in a later upgrade, but I don’t see it.) One strange change is that the new model only has an 8GB micro-SD card, while the original Droid X had 16GB. But both can handle up to 32GB micro SD cards. The new Droid X2 ships with Android 2.2, (Froyo). Motorola and Verizon users will get an Android 2.3 upgrade (Gingerbread) but there’s no firm date for that yet. Motorola says users should get up to 480 minutes of talktime or 220 hours of standby from a full charge of the 1540 mAh Droid X2 battery. And be aware, even though this is one of Verizon’s newest Droids, it’s not 4G capable. The Droid X2 sells for $199.99 with a new (or upgraded) two-year contract.

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    It's Memorial Day weekend so I wanted something red, white & blue.

    I came up with The Wave! This gadget is long out of production, but it’s still available on It’s called The Wave because it’s billed as the first windless, self-waving flag. You push a button to start the realistic flag waving action. And as the flag waves, it plays one of three songs: The Star Spangled Banner, My Country Tis of Thee or Stars and Strips forever. The Wave is a touch over 17” tall.  There's a built in volume control which can be turned all the way down to zero if you just wish to watch the flag’s self-waving action.  It's battery operated and it runs on three AA batteries. The manufacturer, SRM Entertainment, partnered with the co-inventor of the Atari 2600 and a co-inventor of Furby to develop The Wave technology. This was back in 2005. Although the company website is gone, if you do a web search, you can find a couple of places that stil sell it for about $40.


    Enhance the audio coming from your iPad, iPhone iPod, and iPod Touch.

    The new iWOW 3D is from SRS Labs. They’re the folks who really know how to get the best out of almost any audio source. The SRS iWOW 3D is a small, shiny black audio device. On one end is a standard 30-pin connector for most iPads, iPhones or iPods, including the Touch. A 3-inch flexible line-out headphone jack is at other end.  Even though this gizmo is small, it utilizes many of the patented SRS technologies designed to bring sound to life. Recorded music that sounds “canned”, comes to life with the iWOW3D. A push of the single button on the device turns it on and off. When the button is illuminated, it’s on. But you’ll know for sure it’s on, by the amazing sound. The name is said to come from people saying “wow” when turning on an SRS audio enhancement device. I just listened to music, which sounded richer and deeper with the iWOW 3D. Checking reviews on the web I find people are equally impressed when using it for movies and games. The first time I plugged the iWOW 3D into my iPod TOUCH, the screen said this device requires an app that is not on my device – and would I like to download it. It’s a quick, free download. The SRS iWOW App lets you select headphones, speakers or car and optimizes the sound accordingly. There’s an “advanced mode” that lets you increase bass, increase treble and add a widened surround sound effect. Each of those three choices are either turned on or off, there’s no fine adjustment. There are two models. The basic kit contains just the SRS iWOW 3D audio enhancement adaptor and costs about $50. The higher priced kit adds five interchangeable color faceplates and a pair of very decent earbuds. That retails for about $20 more. But it’s likely you already have a favorite pair of headphones. And I happen to prefer the “tech” black of the device itself.   (Check out the prices on Amazon too.)

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    A neat travel 'natural spectrum' light.

    Verilux, famous for their natural spectrum light, has a great folding light for travel. Their Rechargeable Travel Lamp not only provides Natural Spectrum light for that dark hotel desk when you travel, but it’s great for home or work projects too. This folding flip lamp features 11 LED bulbs to provide color balance and high contrast. Verilux is famous for their daylight illumination devices. The Travel Lamp ships with rechargeable batteries or it can powered by the included AC Adapter. The AC Adapter is also used to charge the Travel Lamp. Strangely I couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere, not even on the Travel Lamp box, but there’s also USB adapter included. It’s perfect when you’re using the light at your computer. Just power it, and charge it too from your laptop. When fully charged, the Travel Lamp can run for four hours on the internal rechargeable (and user replaceable) batteries. It can also function as a reading light in bed or additional illumination in the car, boat or RV. List price is $29.95, but as of May 7th, 2011 it’s on the company website for half price! Just $14.98. (I don’t know how long that price will be effect.)

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