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    Bone Chilling AC for Under $90?  

    Here's a gadget that's being sold for one of the widest price ranges I ever recall. From about $30 to $89! And the claims for Arctic Air is some ads are ridiculous, like this: “This air conditioner is light, portable and super cool. Quickly cools any room. Bone chilling AC for under $90!” Bone chilling?? This ad is more on target: “Arctic air cools purifies and humidifies the air around you. Fill it up with water and just plug this into any wall outlet or USB port and enjoy cool and clean air for 8 hours.” But this too is very misleading:“This personal space cooler is a great choice for living rooms, dens offices kitchens bathrooms bedrooms basements and more.” Really? How much air can it put out when the entire thing measures 6.61" L x 6.54" W x 6.73" H. The actual instructions in the box aren't quite so boastful. They say things like: “You'll feel the most benefit when you sit directly in front of it! The 'secret' is Evaporative Air-Cooling Technology!" (And that's why they also say: 'works best in dry areas'. To use it, you fill the non-removable tank with water. Power is USB either via an A/C plug adapter or USB port. And yes, if the room is dry and you're sitting directly in front of it, it will feel cool. After about an hour I felt cool and damp because it drops the temperature a tiny bit and raise the humidity a lot! It does have an LED color panel and you can choose from 7 colors or let it cycle through them as it runs. I paid $30 for mine online, and it's okay. I doubt if I'll use it much. Bed Bath & Beyond has it for $39.99, and it's on eBay for about $30. It might be helpful to some people as a cooling device, but it will never be “BONE CHILLING”!! 

    Here's a whole page of offerings for the Artic Air on Amazon. The lowest is $24.99 plus free shipping, but not Amazon Prime. https://amzn.to/2Plm8Us


    Affiliate link. Pay the same as everyone, we get a credit to buy more stuff to demo.

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