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    As East Coast Editor, I was in every issue of Powerboat Magazine for 40 years. Although Powerboat ceased publication, my love of boats, and marine gadgets continues and you can find some unique and interesting products here. If you're into Performance Boating Jason Johnson and Matt Trulio of Powerboat Magazine carry on with news for the go-fast set with their web based http://www.speedonthewater.com/.


    Before you get set to go boating, check the marine forecast.

    Sure you can get weather on your smart phone, but what if you go to an area where there’s spotty cell service. Or your phone battery power is low. And will your cell phone issue alerts if you’re not paying attention? Twenty-four hours a day, this portable Public Alert Monitor receives and displays National Weather Services weather bulletins, alerts, watches, and forecasts, U.S. Emergency All Hazards bulletins, and local Emergency Alert System (EAS) bulletins and warnings. The automatic alert system triggers the radio speaker and audible-visual alert for instant awareness of conditions affecting life and property. Featuring advanced S.A.M.E (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology, the radio can be programmed to receive information specific to your geographic area. When traveling, boating, hiking or working outdoors, the WR601 will always keep you informed. Be sure to read all the instructions and to set the code for your local area. I went to the website listed in the manual and set mine for local NYC weather alerts. And read about the various modes BEFORE you go out into a lonely area where you need to know the weather! A good feature is the non-volatile memory function. It saves settings in the event of power loss. At home you can use it on the AC adapter – which is not a charge unit, but it will save battery life. This newest version is yellow. The older model is white. Suggested retail is $39.95, but I found it on Amazon for about $30. But I have NOT shopped at that website.


    See or hear this Netcast: www.twit.tv/dgw1319


    A Mini Tool Kit You Wear On Your Keychain!

    Need we say: Keys & key ring NOT included.The folks at Swiss+Tech Tools are masters at designing multi-functional micro-devices small enough to fit on a key chain. At the National Hardware Show they were showing their newest, the MicroPlus EX 9-in-1 Key Ring Tool. This is a lightweight, pocket-sized, key-ring tool kit that includes pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper, wire crimper, bottle opener, #1 flat screwdriver, #2 flat screwdriver, #1 Phillips screwdriver and #2 Phillips screwdriver. The ANSI standard screwdrivers snap into position with ease and change tips in seconds. Open the pliers to use the wire cutter, wire stripper or wire crimper. Open the pliers completely to use the bottle opener. (Some many gadget today include a bottle opener!) Like all Swiss+Tech tools, a patented quick release mechanism securely locks the Micro-Plus EX 9-in-1 onto a key ring. Solid stainless steel construction should provide a lifetime of readiness. I asked if this little gizmo was TSA approved and the company spokesman said it was since it doesn’t contain a knife blade of any sort. On their website the price is listed as $9.95 and $14.95. It seems the only difference is that one that cost an extra $5 is gift packed. Once this gets into distribution you’ll probably find it for even less by doing a web search.


    See or hear this Netcast: www.twit.tv/dgw1315


    Here's an "Awards" satire I wrote for Powerboat Magazine a long time ago. Illustrated by John Whorrall, Sr.

    Sadly, John Whorrall, Sr. is no longer with us, but his talent lives on.


    A way for you to carry less keys....

    So you have different keys for your car, your trailer, your dock box, your bike, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use your car or truck key for all of those locks? Well you can with a series of new innovative locks from DuraSafe. The locks incorporate a patented cylinder that enables you to insert your vehicle key, turn it once, and program the lock to match your key. I saw a demo and it’s pretty neat. The cylinder is automotive grade allowing for thousands more key codes than a standard lock. Its 6-plate tumbler with sidebar makes it impossible to pick or bump. It’s being offered in a variety of DuraSafe products including trailer hitch receiver lock, padlock, cable lock, swing tongue trailer lock, spare tire lock and motorcycle disc brake lock. DuraSafe says it works with keys from over 88% of light trucks and over 70% of all Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles on the road. Prices will range from about $30 to $40.


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