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    I'm Dick DeBartolo, host of The Daily Giz Wiz, Special Correspondant to Computer America, and The Giz Wiz on  ABC's World News Now. More »

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    MAD Collectables!

    On this page you'll find MAD stuff I've collected over the years!

    I didn't spend a lot of time collecting this stuff. It was mostly a matter of calling the warehouse where MAD books and magazines were stored and asking to buy stuff in case lots. The plan was to store it in a warehouse until it was worth a ton of money. Then I would put it on sale and start raking in the cash! As you may have heard or read elsewhere, storing all this crap in a warehouse turned out to be quite stupid. 30 years of storage right in the heart of high rent New York City, just two blocks from Gizneyland cost about $85,000 so far! I'll never make it back, but oh well, that's water under the bridge. (So much better for me to think of it that way, than the more realistic "cash down the drain!")

    I hope you find something you like to buy for yourself, or as a gift. Anything you spend goes toward keeping Dick's Gadget Warehouse alive. Most everything that can be autographed is sent autographed. Right now this page is set up so you have to order each MAD "gem/trash" separately. Since you pay postage per item, I try to add a "surprise" to each multi-order to cover any extra money you may have paid.  Thanks for stopping by.

    MADly, Dick De

    Dick DeBartolo, MAD's Maddest Writer.



    Get your soft cover copy of GOOD DAYS AND MAD right here! And see the special 50% off second copy rip-off, I mean special offer below!

    In Dick's Gadget Warehouse I do have copies of the first printing of the soft cover edition from 1995. It has all the heartbreak, all the humor and all the typos of the original! It's exactly the same except for the cover! And it's cheaper too. Just $16.95, plus $6.99 Priority Shipping. (It usually cost more than that to send because the book alone weighs 1 and 1/2 pounds.)

    If you like the stories of the mad way William M. Gaines ran a very successful MAD Magazine that I tell on The Daily GizWiz, then you should enjoy GOOD DAYS AND MAD. It's a biographical look at the 30 some odd years I spent working for Gaines and for MAD. All the strange stories are in there - like the time Gaines took the entire staff to a subscriber's house in Haiti to beg him to renew!

    Gaines and I also became fast friends and I get to relate of some incredible things we did together. Like the time Gaines, knowing I love trains, rented a 1890's observation car and took 12 of us on a trip from NYC to Boston in total luxury. Gaines loved food and also had three chefs aboard! He arranged to have this private car hooked up to the Amtrak Metroliner! We went to Boston, spent 5 hours there sightseeing, and then the car was hooked up to another Metroliner for the trip back to NY's Penn Station. Then there was the time I arranged to get Gaines onto the torch of the Statue of Liberty. It was an incredible adventure until Bill almost got stuck trying to push through the elbow of Miss Liberty!

    The book is no longer in print, but I did squirrel away some copies in the warehouse. Each copy of GOOD DAYS AND MAD sold helps pay off the rent on Dick's Gadget Warehouse.

    Photos from Good Days & MAD / (Top right) Dick De resting in his private 'think tank' in his office. Gaines spared no expense to make me comfortable at MAD. Truth is, he let have a operating model railroad in my office!

    (Top left) John Ficarra, Editor of MAD, Dick De, and Morley Safer record a spot that appeared on 60 Minutes. I think it was in the late 1980's. Under the video section of this website you can follow a link to see it.

    (Bottom left) Dennis Wunderlin, Annie Gaines, Bill (William M.) Gaines , Dick De, and Carol Stuart on the observation platform of the private railroad car Gaines rented so he could take a few friends from New York to Boston and back! He had three chefs aboard! We had a champagne brunch on the way to Boston, and a full sit-down dinner on the return!

    (Bottom right) Bill's office wall. Look carefully. Among all the photos of Bill is an oil painting The Usual Gang of Idiots gave Gaines for Christmas one year. Yes, it's an oil painting of the back of his head! Come on, if we took a picture of him from the front, he might have suspected something!


    50% Off Deal Details!! 

    Buy one copy --- get a second copy for half price.

    Don't worry, I'll have a calculator here. One copy is $16.95. Half a copy (you still get a WHOLE book) is $8.48. That total is $25.43.  The two books together weigh more than 3 pounds - Priority mail is $10.85, but I print it online & get a discount.  So Priority shipping is $9.85. The total for two soft cover copies is $35.27. (For some reason PayPal says the total is $35.38, 11 cents more. If 11 cents is a deal breaker, let me know!)

    Details:  US orders only. And in the instructions box when you order, please put who to autograph each book to. Or write "Just your name" -- if you just want it autogaphed by Dick De, MAD's Maddest Writer! Finally, they both have to go to the same US address. Thanks!

    Remember: This is a perfect gift for a loved one. Perfect revenge for someone you hate! It's a Win-Win gift!



    More MAD Garbage From Dick's Gadget Warehouse! 

    It's the Official Alfred E. Neuman Mouse Pad! 

    It's 1996 - yes 13 years ago - and MAD came up with the Alfred E. Neuman Mouse Pad.

    These Alfred-head shaped mouse pads were designed as a give-away for people who signed up for a MAD subscription. I think it came free with a 3 year sub, but I can't remember back that far.

    Along with the Official MAD Mouse Pad there was a postcard sized "Instruction & Care" card which was written by one of the Usual Gang of Idiots, often called MAD's Maddest Writer. Oh okay, I wrote it. It includes important tips like: DRY CLEAN ONLY!

    Warnings such as: Never repeatedly run any object, such as a computer mouse, over your pad.

    And warrantee information: Lifetime Warranty will remain in effect if you do not remove your MAD Mouse Pad from its Official Shipping Envelope!

    There's more, but you'll read that when you order your own Official Alfred E. Mouse Pad! (You will order one, right?) These are not the thickest mouse pads you've ever seen, but my guess is most people won't actually use them as mouse pads. They'll be more like a conversation piece. Just show it off to your friends, and the conversation will immediately start! The first question most likely will be: "You paid HOW MUCH for that piece of garbage??" Of course to be honest, these are part of MAD's history & once they're gone, they'll be no more. Alfred is 7 1/2" high & 8" wide -- ear to ear.

    Price is $11.99 for the Official Alfred E. Mouse Padand "Instruction & Care" card. I'll autograph the back of the 'care card'. First Class postage is $3.99.

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