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    Cute, Clever & 'Could be' Winners. 

    Since there were only 3 winners with the correct answer, and since we got SO many cute, clever answers, instead of 12, we picked 16 winners instead of 12.

    It's a Caterpillar incubator. David Story (We got lots of incubator answers - we picked this one at random)


    It's a device that slips onto the handle of your grocery cart to hold your grocery list and keep it in place. Bryon J. Hammer


    That’s an acrylic container that keeps your string cheese fresh. Carole Marciano


    Ultraviolet hot dog warmer - Jeffrey Slomovitz


    A banana tanning bed jacktx42


    It's a gadget you slide a Ziploc bag top through to seal it shut. Keith Phillip


    It's a butter spreader kitchen gadget for corn on the cob. - Nancy S.


    Device you put on your car door window, to use as a spacer on hot summer days to let the air flow through. Frank Dean


    Magnetic toothbrush holder with leds - Ben from omaha Nebraska


    Hotdog holder for people who do not eat bread. David Marande NJ


    Lifesaver holder with a non-slip grip” Eric Gee


    Looks like a tube roller, like for toothpaste etc. With the clip to keep it rolled. William Panzone


    Waterproof case for Necco wafers. Dave Martel


    It's The Incredible Hulk's custom reading glasses case, and it's green too. -TRMDJ-


    Pocket celery holder and squeegee. Tim Wood


    Golf assist device. Line the ball up with the hole and putt through it.  Ian Winkler


    WINNERS (Who live in the U.S.) get the August 2019 issue of MAD. It's issue #8 produced by the LA team. MAD moved to LA December 2017, but I'm still writing for every issue from my Gizneyland studio in NYC. I'm continuing the WTHII game and sending out MAD magazines to winners since so many people say they love to play it. As announced over a year ago winners of MAD magazine are for US addresses only. (MAD postage to Canada was $11.00+ last year to send one copy.) If you live in the US, email me your full name & address and put MAD WINNER in the subject so I can pick it out easily. I'll autograph your MAD with your first name & my name unless you specify "Dick's name only". If you'd rather have one of those 38+ year old Alfred E. Neuman pictures, instead of August MAD, put "SEND ALFRED PIC NOT MAD" in the subject line. Soon, they will be no more of those either. The remaining Alfred E pics were shipped to MAD in LA. If you won more than once using different names, please just ask for one MAD. If you live anywhere outside of the US email me with WINNER in the subject line and I'll autograph an Alfred E. Neuman photo to you, scan it & email it to you. You can print it out & no one should know the difference. (I've done it quite a few times already and people say it looks fine.) Or, another choice is OMGchad & I can give you a shout out on the Giz Wiz Show as your prize if you want. (Tell me in your email.) Thanks! Dick De.

     Email me at gizwizbiz@gmail.com   

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