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    And the winners with the actual answer are ---- 

    It's been a long time since no one guessed what the "WTHII" gadget was, but it is the 

    Quake Escape Earthquake Activated 48 Hour Light With Alarm by Safe-T-Proof

    Here's what Amazon says about it: "Light Your Way to Safety with this new earthquake activated light and alarm. The IntelliSense Technology ®differentiates between earthquake motion and other vibrations. The alarm tells you to get to safety now. The LED light stays on for an amazing 48 hours!"

    I have no idea if it works and there are only two reviews on Amazon. One gave it 5 stars and the other gave it 1 star. One said: "Ingenious" and the other said: "Crappy".

    It sells for about $40 and it's here on Amazon:


    (Not an affiliate link. I have no idea if this works.)

    Since no one got it and since there were so many entries, we're going to give away 18 autographed MAD's to the cute, crappy, could-be winning answers. (Sorry, only to folks with US addresses. Like MAD, we're CHEAP.)

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