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    Funny, silly, and 'well, it could be that' answers.

    The answer given most often was something to do with a doorbell. We picked a few at random:

    A dummy doorbell button for people who don’t want to be bothered. Leon.


    Dollar-store knockoff of those "The Nest" doorbells. It rings at random times, so it's called "The Pest". - John Hattan


    Doorbell Condom? Roger A. Price


    Other winners:


    Rain cover for key hole. Diana in Yankee Land


    It's a wine press that squeezes one grape at a time. blintze


    Looks like an old Elevator call button. Scotto


    That is a pocket-sized one-hole paper punch. Carole Marciano


    Portable speaker. Carter


    It's the original red box vending machine from back in the day, and it holds just one betamax tape. Jim


    It looks like a peep hole from the other side. Doug Johnson


    This is a toilet seat for a tall very skinny guy. ---->YoYo<----


    WINNERS (Who live in the U.S.) get the December 2018 issue of MAD. It's MAD issue #4, the 4th issue produced by the new LA team. MAD moved to LA December 2017, but I'm still writing for every issue from my Gizneyland studio in NYC.

    I'll pay the class postage for each winner's MAD. Since so many people say they love playing the game, I wanted to make sure it went on.) As announced late last year winners of MAD magazine are now for US addresses only. (MAD to Canada was $11.00+ last year to send one copy.) If you live in the US, email me your full name & address and put MAD WINNER in the subject so I can pick it out easily. I'll autograph your MAD with your first name & my name unless you specify Dick's name only. If you'd rather have one of those 35+ year old Alfred E. Neuman pictures, instead of December MAD, put SEND ALFRED PIC NOT MAD in the subject line. Soon, they will be no more of those either. The remaining Alfred E pics have been shipped to MAD in LA. If you won more than once using different names, please just ask for one MAD. If you live anywhere outside of the US email me with WINNER in the subject line and I'll autograph an Alfred E. Neuman photo to you, scan it & email it to you. You can print it out & no one should know the difference. (I've done it quite a few times already and people say it looks fine.) Or, another choice is OMGchad & I can give you a shout out on the Giz Wiz Show as your prize if you want. (Tell me in your email.) Thanks! Dick De. Email me at gizwizbiz@gmail.com    



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