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    And the winners of the Nov/Dec WTHII game with the actual answer are... 

    This time around we got tons of correct answers. It seemed strange there were so many correct answers and with the exact name of the product too. Extra strange because it's such an offbeat product. I suspected I knew the reason this happened and this 1st email confirmed it: 

    It's a nozzltopp. That was wayyyy too easy lol. It comes right up on a google image search - usually your contests never come up. Al S.


    From The Giz Wiz: Yes, Al, I made a big mistake taking a shortcut and using a picture I found on Amazon. I usually shoot the WTHII picture myself so it's harder to search for. I won't make that mistake again. But we did pick a dozen right answers as winners. The one above and these 11 additional ones.


    The current "what the heck is it" is a NOZZ-L-TOPP aerosol spray can nozzle guard. Here it is on Amazon.  Steve Miller

    This is a Nozz-L-Topp. It protects aerosol spray nozzles for drops up to 48 inches. Brandon Hanke

    NOZZ-L-TOPP It's an aerosol can, nozzle protector! AO_River

    It’s the Nozz-L-Top, used to protect the nozzle of aerosol cans from accidental sprays.

    Mark Duncan


    The gizmo is an attachment that protects aerosol can spray nozzles. Massillon Tiger Fan

    that pink thing is a spray can nozzle guard! -Richard W.

    This is a NOZZ-L-TOPP spray can nozzle guard Tony

    It is a Nozz-L-Topp that protects the spray nozzle from breaking off if you drop the spray can.

    Doug Johnson


    I believe this is a spray nozzle protector. Michael in California


    Nozz-L-Topp Guard: protect your aerosol spray can nozzles from damage by drops and bumps. Taneshia Cunningham

    This is a guard for spray cans. Nicholas Poverman 

    See the bottom of the next panel on how to get your autographed MAD magazine. Thanks!

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