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    « It’s 1980 and disco isn’t dead yet. But MAD Magazine put the first nail in its coffin with this one-of-a-kind | Main | Another MAD Paperback Book uncovered in Dick's Gadget Warehouse! »

    One of my favorite MAD paperback books, thanks to Duck Edwing's Illustrations!  

    Here's another very rare MAD paperback book! (Unfortunately, the wildly talented Duck Edwing has passed on.)

    MAD Murders the Movies!

    Another gadget warehouse book find! Uncirculatedcopies of MAD Murders the Movies! Written by Dick DeBartolo, Illustrated by Don "Duck" Edwing. Edited by Nick Meglin.

    First published in July, 1985! Reissued in November, 1990 after Dick DeBartolo discovered the 1985 issues were accidently shredded! It was a strange turn of events. In 1985 I called the warehouse to order two cases of my new book, MAD Murders the Movies. The guy at the warehouse said: "They're out of print. We just send them to shredder." I explained that I was the writer of the book and that it had just come out, would they please check again. They did check and that's when they released the book out of print was MAD About The Movie, and not MAD Murders the Movies. But it was too late, all the brand new copies from the printer had already been destroyed. Since a book just can be immediately reprinted it had to go to the back of the line of MAD books, and it took just about five years before it was printed again! Yep, that really happened!

    Satires of some of the best films of all time!

    * Groan With The Wind

    * The XXorcist

     * The Maltease Foul-Up

    * The Phantom Of The Uproar * Mutiny On The Bouncy

    * Franken Shtick         * Robbin' Hood

    * The Wizard is Odd

    On ebay a "very good condition" copy was selling for $12.00 + $3.99, BUT you can buy an uncirculatedcopy from me, autographed to you (or a friend) for $9.99 + $3.99 S & H. Sorry, US orders only.

     (Bonus!!! There is some Dick's Gadget Warehouse Yellow on the interior pages at no extra cost!) This is a 7" X 4 1/2" 196 page paperback book.  


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