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    Episode 816

    All About Woot - Wii Wii

    Ted Norris writes in about the various Woot divisions, after Dick talked about the Woot T shirts in Episode 806. There is woot.com which has a daily item with $5 shipping (up to 3 items). There is shirt.woot.com, which sells a daily shirt for $10, with free shipping. Then there is wine.woot.com which sells wine and wine accessories, also $5 shipping. Finally there is sellout.woot.com. Ted's favourite Deal of the Day was the Sony Playstation 3. Woot asked, "Woot sells PS3? Wii Wii !" See Woot's Blog. There is also the combo day and the occasional Woot Bag O' Crap (which gadget junkie and long-time listener Steve Miller wrote about in Episode 796).

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