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    Episode 820


    Rick Ankrum also eschews Dick's iFlyz (Episode 783) and Leo's In Your Face Viewbase (Episode 802), and has yet another self-help solution to finding an iPod Touch stand (after a listener pointed out in Episode 808 that one came with the iPod Touch itself).  It's the Portable Folding Clear Plastic iPod Touch Holder, more commonly known as a cassette tape case.

    Leo is now reduced to using his In Your Face Viewbase for holding up his Leo Puppet.  Watch the Leo Puppet below (video clip from odtv.me):


    Bathroom Emergency

    Leo talks about the economy passenger who got charged with a felony for using the business-class bathroom.  The unfortunate man's name is Joao Correa, who was flying on Delta Airlines.  Read the story on the New York Times.


    Episode 819

    TWiT Shirts

    In this week's recording session, during the intermission just before this episode, Dane Golden shows Dick some of the new shirts made for the TWiT network.  No word that they're available to fans, presumably just for the TWiT staff?  However, TWiT T-shirts, designed by Lori LeBeau Walsh (who designs the Album Art for the TWiT netcasts), are available from Art and Tech Tees.

    Here are the TWiT shirts (video clip from odtv.me).


    Refrigerator LED Light

    John Fiedler from The Woodlands, Texas may not be a huge gadget fanatic by GizWiz standards, but shares with the crew certain gadget fascinations, such as flashlights, radios and LED lights.  Recently his 20-year-old refrigerator finally broke down.  He was surprised to find that the GE Profile Series uses an array of LED lights.  The conventional 40W incandescent bulb has been replaced by a blue LED. Opening a fridge has never felt so comforting.


    Episode 818

    Samsung Charging Stations

    Talk of airports (Episode 802) has got Toyota Boy writing in again, noting that not only are airports not designed for sleeping, but they are also not designed for gadgets in distress and in need of power, as power outlets are hard to come by.  In rides the white knight, in the form of Samsung Mobile, who has sponsored the installation of free charging stations at various airports in the States, 14 of them so far.

    A Samsung Charging Station



    Episode 817

    From Soy Milk to Maid-Infirm

    Leo uses soy milk with his coffee, despite his unfounded fear of getting man-boobs from a substance in soy milk called phytoestrogen which has some properties similar to oestrogen, the female hormone.  This reminds Leo of Maidenform and MAD's parody of the Maidenform ad ("Maidinfirm"), which had a huge effect on Leo (which Leo does not specify and we don't really want to know). Here's one of the Maidenform Bra ads:

    An old Maidenform Bra adLeo can't find the parody ad on the internet. It's in MAD Issue No.70, in 1962.  The ad did not appear on the back cover of that issue as Leo remembers, but the parody was:

    "I dreamed I went to a Fraternity Smoker in my Panic Magazine!", quoting from an article by Richard Corliss of Time Magazine on EC Comics and the Senate Subcommittee hearing (from page 4 of the article).


    From a Cafn8ed Follower

    Warren Owen (WOnet on Twitter) has followed Leo from his Screen Savers days, through the KFI Tech Guy, and now Leo's many podcasts.  He has heard Leo mention Starbucks' instant coffee in his podcasts, and most recently in Episode 801 of DGW. Warren is a bit of a barista himself and has sent some of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew for Leo to try.  He's also going to start a coffee podcast. Signed, "Your cafn8ed follower".


    Episode 816

    All About Woot - Wii Wii

    Ted Norris writes in about the various Woot divisions, after Dick talked about the Woot T shirts in Episode 806. There is woot.com which has a daily item with $5 shipping (up to 3 items). There is shirt.woot.com, which sells a daily shirt for $10, with free shipping. Then there is wine.woot.com which sells wine and wine accessories, also $5 shipping. Finally there is sellout.woot.com. Ted's favourite Deal of the Day was the Sony Playstation 3. Woot asked, "Woot sells PS3? Wii Wii !" See Woot's Blog. There is also the combo day and the occasional Woot Bag O' Crap (which gadget junkie and long-time listener Steve Miller wrote about in Episode 796).

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