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    Leo finds a “whole house” way to listen to his iPod.

    Turn The Tables Tuesday, August 4th, 2009, Netcast 887


    Leo bought and loves his Eos Multi-room home audio system. It offers iPod owners a way to hear their music wherever they are. With Eos Wireless iPod speakers you can broadcast your music up to 150 feet away, inside or out. It’s all-digital, proprietary system that means no static or interference. Put your music in any room where you want -- bedroom, backyard, kitchen, bathroom, etc. You can also plug your Eos iPod speakers into your computer and wirelessly stream Pandora, Rhapsody, Last FM or thousands of Internet radio stations to your Eos wireless speakers. With iTunes and your iPhone or iPod Touch (and Apple's free Remote Application) you can browse and play your entire music library, summon up playlists and even use search to find your favorite songs and artists...all from the palm of your hand. Since Eos requires no wireless network connection you can take your Eos system everywhere you go -- even on vacation. The Eos Core System includes the base station transmitter and one satellite speaker. The base station boasts a great sounding 2.1 stereo speaker system, with two tweeters, a ported down firing subwoofer and SRS WOW! sound enhancement technology. Leo said the sound was good for the size of the speakers, but you probably wouldn’t use this as your main sound system for serious listening. $249.95

    Additional Remote Satellite Speakers are $129.95 and you can use up to four Satellite Speakers with a base unit. At the company website they offer free ground shipping & a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.



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    Like to have a backup of all the photos you have on your computer?

    Monday, August 3rd, 2009


    If you’d like a backup of all your precious photos to take over for the folks to see, to take to the office, or just to have as a safety backup, here’s a real easy way to do it!  Just plug the Picture Keep USB device into your computer, and – and well that’s it! Picture Keep has built in software to do all the work. It finds all the pictures stored on your computer and saves them safely to the device. Then the next time you plug it in, it only uploads new photos you’ve added. That way you’ll never have to worry about duplicates! When you plug Picture Keeper in the first time, it will ask if you would like to be sent a reminder email at an interval you select to remind you it’s time to backup your photos again. It really is a trouble-free device to use, especially if you’re not a computer whiz. If your computer crashes you might be able to replace your documents, but you don’t want to risk losing one-of-a-kind family photos. This way you’ll have a complete backup. When I first put Picture Keeper into my computer it indicated that I had 925 photos to backup. Then it started the process automatically.  It took about 7 minutes to save them to the USB flash drive. The Picture Keeper comes in two sizes, 4GB which holds about 4,000 pictures, and 8GB which holds about 8,000 pictures. (A lot depends on the resolutions of the photos.) I’d go for the larger size unless you’re sure you’re not going to add a lot of new photos over time. The 8GB is $39.95 on the company’s website. For some strange reason, when I did a web search on Amazon, they had the price as $59.95, which is way too high! NOTE: Picture Keeper is for photos only, not videos. More details and help:



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    The Targus Easy-to-pack, Easy-to-carry Universal AC Adapter.

    Back to Dick’s Gadget Warehouse, Friday, July 31st, 2009, Netcast 885


    I thought this was so neat the first time I saw it. It was an ultra-thin, ultra-light and ultra-portable, Universal AC Adapter from Targus. Instead of lugging the power adapter brick that came with your laptop, this one was easy to pack and way lighter. Just ½ inch thick and it weighed 8.5 ounces. It was also a perfect choice if you had to replace a lost or stolen original adapter. This universal adapter featured patented Targus PowerTips technology. They automatically controlled the voltage to match your notebook's requirements. And you could change both ends of the power block. One end could use an AC plug or the Targus Auto/Air Power Adapter for on the road or in the air. Of course airline seats with Empower capability are fading faster than the Targus Universal AC Adapter. New planes, and some older planes, which have been upgraded, now have regular AC power at the seat. In addition to powering your laptop, you could also purchase PowerTips for cell phones, PDA’s, digital cameras, portable printers, and more! It shipped with with 5 PowerTips. The output voltage (2-24 volts DC) was determined by the PowerTip that was attached. It was rated at a maximum of 70 watts. In the year 2000 retail was $120.00.

    Here’s a deal on a Mobility Laptop/Accessories charger for just $35! (Deal was good as of Thursday, July 30th. I have not used this adapter or bought anything at this place. I found it by doing a web search. But it looks like a good deal to me.)

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    Will you Envy the new LG EnV3 (VX9200)?

    Thursday, July 30th, 2009


    The EnV3 is the third in a series of very successful EnV phones from LG. Each new version updates the camera and other features. I’ve had all 3 versions. The newest version uses Verizon’s high speedEV-DOnetwork. It features a nicely redesigned keyboard and an updated 3 megapixel camera with LED flash. TheEnV3 has a small, easy-to-read  (1.6”) external display. The numeric keypad is now much larger, with easier to push keys. When you flip the phone open, there’s larger 2.6” internal display and full QWERTY keyboard. Push the dedicated button if you want to compose and send a text message quickly. When I travel, I use that a lot. Unlike the earlier models, this one includes a single charge/data cable. The USB end of the cable goes into the AC plug adapter to charge the phonevia a wall socket. It still uses microSD cards, and it still has a 2.5mm headphone jack. I wish that had changed to the 3.5mm standard. Since the EnV3 supports Bluetooth stereo, having a 3.5mm headphone jack may not be that important. As with all 3 of the LG phones, it has what I consider remarkable sound from stereo speakers which must be tiny, because the phone is so compact! The only strange thing about the keyboard is that the space bar is very small, but it didn’t turn out to be a problem when texting.  A 950mAh battery powers the phone, and I was surprised how many texts and emails I could read and send on a single charge. The earlier version had just 9 speed dial locations; this one has 998. Now I need to get more friends! It’s $79.95 with 2 year contact, and of course that's after the rebate. It’s available in Slate Blue & Maroon. I have the Slate Blue, but it sort of looks like black to me. The maroon does look maroon! Either color, I think this is a great value in a cell phone. Verizon only.



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    An easy way to charge four devices at once.

    Wednesday, July 29th, 2009, Netcast 883


    Charge4All is a new portable charging mat that makes it easy to charge four handheld device at one time for a single AC power source. True to form, as soon as I started to describe this device Leo was on the web buying one! It’s really simple to use. You unroll the soft, silicon mat, which is used as a secure place to lay out the small electronics you want to charge. The AC adapter plug goes into the wall socket and the other end plugs into the multi-charger, which has four charging ports. The Charge4All ships with the mat, the multi-charger and five of the most popular smart charging plugs, including: iPod/iPhone, Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung SCH, and LG Chocolate. Even though they say LG Chocolate it works with other models. I used it earlier today to charge my new LG EnV3. This is an easy way to recharge all of your electronic devices, including iPhones/iPods, cell phones, mp3 players, Bluetooth devices, PDA’s, digital cameras, portable GPS's, and more. The company will offer up to 29 different additional smart plugs via its website that adapt to almost all handheld devices on the market today. You get the five smart plugs mentioned above with the kit, and can buy additional plugs for $4.95 each. A car adaptor is also available for charging devices on the road. (I believe Leo bought that too!) Remember that this is for charging small devices only. The company wants reporters to make sure people understand that the Charge4All Portable Charging Mat is not designed for charging laptop computers or other high-current devices. (But you knew that!!) Price is $29.95. (I was originally told $39.95, so the new price is really good to my mind.)


    For additional information, please visit


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