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Dick DeBartolo, MAD's Maddest Writer, and co-host of The Giz Wiz at GizWiz.TV, The Giz Wiz on ABC's World News Now, Tech Guy Labs on TWiT and on Computer America. But wait, there's More »

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    The Giz Wiz Show 1635 for August 11th 2017, Our 118th Independent Production. 

    We're into our third year of Independent Production thanks to our wonderful Patreon supporters! If you'd like to support OMGchad & DickDe in our independent venture (we pay for everything ourselves, including travel) just click the Patreon link at the top of our show web page: can also contribute just once via the PayPal link that's there too. And thank you for doing that! Our show wouldn't exist without our viewer's support, but a bit more support would be a big help.

    Before we get to gadgets, a solar eclipse is coming Monday, August 21st, 2017. What the eclipse will look like via zip code:

    IMPORTANT SAFETY UPDATE!!!! On the show I talked about Lunt solar eclipse glasses I bought on Amazon. Today 8/12/17 Amazon emailed: Amazon has not received confirmation from the supplier of your order that they sourced the item from a recommended manufacturer. We recommend that you DO NOT use this product to view the sun or the eclipse. (They are issuing a refund.) If you bought solar glasses from Amazon, you'll likely get the same email, but for safety, it's not worth the risk of using them unless there's a further "they're genuine, use them" update before August 21st. I sure won't be using mine.

    It's the final part of our “gifts and gadgets for the holidays”segment. Why are they in summer, so far in advance of the holidays? Some folks still find out about the latest 'hot' holiday gift ideas from the big color, slick magazines. And slick magazines need to make their picks in July and August in order to get them into the fall/winter issues. Of course with today's blog's reporters can often tell any audience what they consider a 'hot gift idea' within a few minutes of learning about, or even broadcast it live! The first few gadgets are available now. The last one will be coming October 2017.


    Real Workin' Buddies Talking Garbage Truck - Mr. Dusty.


    Here's a toy kids will love and their parents will love it too!


    Kids love to make a mess with their toys, but they hate cleaning it up. But not anymore! Real Workin' Buddies™ Mr. Dusty makes cleaning fun! He can Eat it Up, Sweep it Up & Dump it Out! He has personality with over 50 phrases, lights, and sounds! Works on both carpet and hardwood floors. Mr. Dusty will pick up most small toys (building bricks, toy cars, etc.) and use his Motorized mouth to help Eat Up the larger toys (up to 2 inch tall)! Kids will love Mr. Dusty, and parents will love him too! Under $40.00.


    Giz Wiz Video:


    See or hear this show: (Goes live late 8/11/17)


    Two Neat Products From A Company Called One Build. 

    The Good Ice: anytime, anywhere

    The device I saw at the show is called Opal. The company says it only does one thing: make chewable, craveable nugget ice. But it does a really good job at that one thing. Opal is an ice maker designed for the enthusiasts: people who drop by their favorite restaurant on the weekend to pick up a bag of that special soft ice or have googled “nugget ice maker for home” only to find that home nugget ice makers start at $2000 - $3000. Opal makes the chewable, crunchable, flavor-saving nugget ice you love. The Opal is an affordable nugget ice maker for your home- only $499. Please allow 5 - 10 business days for shipping.



    Induction Cooking Gets An Important Upgrade!

    Have you ever wondered why ovens cook at precise temperatures like 325°, but cooktops are limited to a scale of numbers or ambiguous settings like low, medium and high? Every home chef, foodie and new cook alike, has experienced the frustration of burning the first pancake, only to undercook the second. FirstBuild’s newest innovation, the Paragon mat, solves this problem by precisely controlling pan temperature. While a lot of the details are still forthcoming – the Indiegogo campaign launches Wednesday, January 4 – it operates on the same basic feedback control technology that we developed for the original Paragon Induction Cooktop. The burner receives a constant feed of information from a sensor that is in direct contact with the pan so your cookware temperature is precisely where you want it to be.

    Giz Wiz Video:


    More info: 


    How First Build Works:  


    See or hear this show: (Goes live late 8/11/17)


    A New Way To Help Keep You Balanced.

    Learning good balance is a key to staying healthy and here's a new way that might be a big help to you. M-Pad Balance Trainer: Instead of only moving from front-to-back or side-to-side, the M-Pad balance trainer uses a wider range of motion to better replicate real life movements. This combination of instability and motion provides a better method for improving balance while actively engaging and strengthening core muscles. The M-Pad balance trainer is designed for beginner and intermediate training and comes complete with adjustable footpads, allowing users to customize their workouts. The M-Pad balance trainer has a low two-inch step-on height, enabling even those who have never used a balance trainer to build confidence quickly. The three, attachable rubber base pads increase the level of difficulty with each additional pad, allowing the M-Pad balance trainer to progress with users as their balance skills improve. The M-Pad balance trainer integrates with the M-Trac app, which leverages the sensors in a smartphone to measure balance ability and track improvement. Trainers, coaches and physical therapists will find the app helpful in measuring their clients’ progress. 

    Giz Wiz Video:

    Company Video:

    Company website:

    See or hear this show: (Goes live late 8/11/17)


    Chad's Crappy Corner And Gadget Two Of His New August Theme.

    Chad polls our faithful Patrons to determine each month's theme for 'Chad's Crappy Corner'. This month our patron's voted on a theme Chad is very excited about. It's “Cheap Tech Gadgets from Thrift Shops'. In this week's edition, Chad found out not all techy things at Thift Stores are a bargain. He bought “The Crayola Crayon Maker” - a way to make new crayons from all the little bits and pieces of old crayons. But, when checking the box contents Chad realized half of the crayon mold was missing, making the device useless. But Chad also bought the Original Babycakes Nonstick Coated Pie Pop Maker. It's designed to bake 6 Mini Pie Pops in 4 minutes or less. The baking surface is nonstick coated and it came with a bunch of accessories. They included: 25 Pie Pop Treat Sticks, Pie Pop Stand, Stainless Steel Crust Cutter. On Amazon it got 3.5 stars out of 5 from 14 customer reviews. And it was under $18 as of 8/11/17 here:

    And Chad's take? Well, he thought it was pretty good. He took a short cut by buying pie crust at the store, plus a can of pie filling. As you'll see in the video, Chad did a pretty good job assembling some little pies which did indeed bake in under four minutes. They looked good on camera and Chad said they tasted okay. So this is probably a good project for kids to do with their parents supervision. It's does involve an electric appliance which heats up enough to actually bake the dough. So Chad's $5 investment actually paid off, at least on this device. Chad also pointed out that this company makes a Cake Pop Maker in addition to the Pie Pop Maker.


    See or hear this show:   Goes live late 8/4/17


    Dick's Gadget Warehouse And How To Submit Your Video!

    Dick's Gadget Warehouse

    This week's Gadget Warehouse is about a new gadget that might be just want you need to add more storage above your flat screen TV or computer monitor. It's from a frequent contributor to the show, Mo Torres. Here's his email;:

    Hi Dick & Chad

    I just got this item, thought you guys would like it. I tried it on my flat screen TV, but the legs were not long enough. It worked for my CPU monitor, & I really like it. This is for anyone who needs more space for speakers, mic or any other Computer peripheral, without out cluttering your desktop space.

    Jestik Medium-Size TV Top Shelf Mount Bracket (24" Length) For Media Box, AV Receivers, Speakers and Other Small Media Devices. (About $22)

    Amazon Link:

    Mo's YouTube Video:

    PS. If you show this, can you make out the Magazine & Picture, to my beautiful wife. "Ivette" Thanx Mo 


    We’re looking for more Viewer Videos! 

    We’d love to include your video in an upcoming Giz Wiz Show, so here's what we're looking for! Your home shot video – 2 to 3 minutes long, in any of the following categories:

    I bought a piece of crap: Did you buy something you ended up hating? We won't get you a refund, but we might be able to give a platform to vent your disappointment. Remember, "family friendly" language applies.


    I invented this! Did you invent something? (Or did a friend or relative invent something.) We can't market it for you, but we can help get the word out. Show us what it is, and how it works. Even if it's a prototype, you can get our (and the audience) reactions. No professional ads please.


    My Gadget Warehouse: Okay, so you don't have a warehouse. It doesn't matter. Just tell us about your favorite old gadget(s). When and where you bought it, and why you're still hanging on to it.


    My Favorite Gadget (favorite old, or favorite new): Show us what it is, tell us what it does and why you love, or loved it! It can be a new gadget you just bought too.


    Post them on YouTube and send us the link! We'll do the rest. (Or possibly nothing, but that's unlikely.) Remember, videos should be just 2 to 3 minutes long! Low production value is fine, but we should be able to hear you and see you! If we select and show your video on The Giz Wiz you’ll a tiny amount of fame (hopefully), an autographed MAD magazine and a 35-year-old Alfred E. Neuman picture. So that's one more (so-so) reason to send in your video!

    IMPORTANT: We'll just shower you with praise for your video if you live outside the US or Canada since we can't afford to send stuff outside of those two places. (Thanks for understanding.)

    All show submissions go to


    Letter of the week: 

    Remember on our week's show, the letter of the week from Ranger Rick was about strange LED eyelashes on Kickstarter: The Youtube site is

    This week's letter from Bob Davis is about

    LED Lashes on amazon - NOW $7

    or search amazon for “LED LASHES”

    Seems like same as Kickstarter, Kickstarter con?

    Bob Davis