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Dick DeBartolo, MAD's Maddest Writer, and co-host of The Giz Wiz at GizWiz.TV, The Giz Wiz on ABC's World News Now, Tech Guy Labs on TWiT and on Computer America. But wait, there's More »

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    The Giz Wiz Show 1614 for March 17th, 2017. Our 97th Independent Production. 

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    Thanks to our wonderful Patreon supporters The Giz Wiz Show not only continues, but is heading toward the end of its 2nd year of independent production. If you'd like to support OMGchad & DickDe in our independent venture (we pay for everything ourselves, including travel) just click the Patreon link at the top of our show web page: You can also contribute just once via the PayPal link that's there too. And thank you for doing that! Our show wouldn't exist without our viewer's support.

    And now gadgets of the week!

    I Love My New LED Under Counter Lights. 

     I like the look of under counter lights and have used them for years. The only problem is that the normal 20 watt halogen bulb version burns hot and heats the under side of the cabinet they're connected to. That can dry out foods sitting in the cabinet right above them. And since I use them as night lights (to raid the refrigerator in the middle of the night), the bulbs burn out rather quickly. So when I saw the B-right Set of 3 LED Puck Lights on Amazon, I immediately bought a set, You get three puck lights which only consume 6 watts, or 2 watts per bulb. That's a 90% energy saving. Amazon says they're 3000K Warm White. The lamp body is made of very tech-looking aluminum material which conducts out the relatively low heat from the leds and prolongs the product's lifespan, which is rated at 50,000 hours. Installation was easy. Use the included screws to mount them or the 3M stickers which are also included. The kit includes 3 2W LED Puck Lights, 1 Power AC to 12 Volt DC Adapter with inline on/off switch, the Junction box, plus screws and 3M stickers. I paid $16.99; as of 3/16/17 they were $15.99.


    Amazon link:


    Giz Wiz Video:


    Another great find, thanks to an Amazon reviewer:


    Although the puck LED lights above are said to be non-dimmable, an Amazon reviewer found this clever 'in-line' dimmer. I bought one on Amazon for under $7.00 and it works great. It inserts right inline between the power cord and the LED's. It took just about 15 seconds to install. Just plug it in and your LED puck lights are dimmable.


    Amazon dimmer link: 


    See or hear this show: (Goes live late Friday, March17, 2017)


    See Your Name In Lights, Just Like On Old Movie Marquees.

    The Marquee Light Box I bought on Amazon is no longer listed, however this one looks like mine. It comes with many more letters and symbols, a total of 175, which is 100 more than mine! (Mine only included letters and didn't have any symbols or punctuation.) It's only about $5 more than I paid, but it can be USB powered or AC powered with a plug to AC power which is not included, but most gadget folks have. Here's what Amazon says about the  

    LEORX Cinematic Light Box LED Lightbox: Here's a neat way to display a message or other text with the old-fashioned look of a movie marquee. Black letters that are set up in tracks on a white box lit from within. Totally readable in the brightest light or in total darkness. The uses are as limitless as your imagination. Say "Happy Birthday" to a family member, or "I love you" to your spouse. Put a sign in your window so arriving guests will know they've found the right house. These are just a few of the endless uses. With the bold black letters against the lighted white background, this sign has a striking effect. the size is about 22x30cm -- the size of an A4 sheet of paper. (That's roughly 1/2" bigger all around than a piece of 8.5 X 11" paper.) It comes with 175 characters, including letters, numerals, punctuation, and many symbols such as hearts, stars, smiley faces, and common typographical symbols such as #, &, etc. 

    Giz Wiz Video:


    From the Giz Wiz: Had I seen this first, I would have bought this one, rather than the one I got. It's $22.99 (as of 3/16/17) and Amazon Prime, so free shipping for Prime members:


    Amazon link:  


    See or hear this show: (Goes live late Friday, March17, 2017)


    A White Noise Machine With Twenty Sound Choices.

    Meet The LectroFan Sound Machine.

    I can't resist those 'deal of the day' sales. So even though I already have two White Noise Machines, I bought a third one. I liked this one because it's advertised as having 'Unique, steady, non-looping sound". Here's how the company describes it: “Lectrofan sound is not just a recording. It has been developed through a proprietary algorithm that dynamically generates unique non-repeating sounds. This steady stream of sound eliminates the distracting looping that is common among many competing brands.” --- The model that was on sale was the LectroFan international model that features plugs for the US, UK and EU. These plugs can be used with the LectroFan or any USB device. This model features 10 white noise options, 10 fan sounds, and a 60-minute sleep timer, or on-all-night switch. Although the normal price is $59.99. I paid $35 the day it was on sale.

    Giz Wiz Video:

    The International Lectro Fan 20 Sound Machine:

    In doing some research, I don't think you need 20 different white noise sounds to choose from. So for about $36.00 you can get the LectroFan Jr. White Noise Sound Machine with 6 Fan and 6 White Noise Sounds plus 18 Nursery Rhyme Songs. This might be great if you have kids.  

    Or I think this is even better for travelers in U.S.: LectroFan - Micro, Wireless Sound Machine. This one has a built in battery and Bluetooth! So it can be portable and on trips you can play your music through it via Bluetooth from your phone, tablet, etc. And it's just about $35.00 on Amazon as of 3/16/17.   

    Giz Wiz Links. You pay exactly the same as everyone else but Giz Wiz Biz gets a small credit to buy more stuff for the show. So thank you if you decide to do that. 

    See or hear this show: (Goes live late Friday, March17, 2017) 


    Chad's Crappy Corner & Another 'Cheap Security Gadget' - His Theme For March, 2017

    USB Adpater for Android Device with OTG Function.Chad polled our great Patreon members to pick a theme for his March “Chad's Crappy (or sometimes not so crappy) Corner. They picked “Security Gadgets”. Chad's 3rd Cheap Security Gadgets is the DBPOWER ( 2-in-1 ) 2Million Pixels 5Meter USB Waterproof HD 6LED Borescope Endoscope Inspection Tube Camera.

    Here's some of what Amazon says about it: Features: 1. 100% brand new high quality waterproof endoscope. 2. 2 million pixels CMOS camera. 3. Capture snapshot image or video with 800x6001024x768,1280x720600x1200 resolutions. 4. Built-in LED light (with Brightness Control Gear Button) on camera head to illuminate the inspection area. 5. The flexible camera is waterproof with 8.5MM diameter so that you can inspect area under water, gaps and holes. 6. This inspection camera has many applications including ear, nose oral & throat treatment, HVAC inspection, vent pipe, machine equipment, engine, automotive, boat, aircraft inspection. Powered by USB 2.0 port,compatible with Windows 7,8,vista, OS, android phone or tablet(micro USB adaptor needed).Easy to install and use. $19.99.


    And Chad's take? Chad, along with me, and many folks in the chatroom thought this was pretty good gadget for just about $20.00. Chad originally thought he might use this as a bare-bones, cheap security camera, but after buying it, realized that that wouldn't work. But there are a lot of other uses for it, including using it with many Android phones! (USB Adpater for Android Device with OTG Function is included and you'll see Chad show that in the video of this week's show. Also in the video you'll see all the attachments that ship with the camera and how close you can get with it. As Chad noted, it is mainly designed for close-up work, so it does look blurry when you aim it far away.  All in all Chad likes this a lot, and if you just want to entertain yourself with one, $20 will buy you a lot of fun and exploring unknown and unseen places.


    See or hear this show: (Goes live late Friday, March17, 2017)


    Dick's Gadget Warehouse & How to Submit Your Viewer Video.

    Our viewer video this week arrived with this email:

    Hey, Dick and Chad.

    Love the show. I've been a fan since the first episode.

    I finally came across a gadget worthy enough to send in my first video. I discovered it in my father-in-law's garage after he passed a couple years ago. I hope you like it.

    Jason Sloan

    See or hear this show: (Goes live late Friday, March17, 2017)


    We’re looking for more Viewer Videos!

    We’d love to include your video in an upcoming Giz Wiz Show, so here's what we're looking for! Your home shot video – 2 to 3 minutes long, in any of the following categories:

    I bought a piece of crap: Did you buy something you ended up hating? We won't get you a refund, but we might be able to give a platform to vent your disappointment. Remember, "family friendly" language applies.

    -I invented this! Did you invent something? (Or did a friend or relative invent something.) We can't market it for you, but we can help get the word out. Show us what it is, and how it works. Even if it's a prototype, you can get our (and the audience) reactions. No professional ads please.

    -My Gadget Warehouse: Okay, so you don't have a warehouse. It doesn't matter. Just tell us about your favorite old gadget(s). When and where you bought it, and why you're still hanging on to it.

    -My Favorite Gadget (favorite old, or favorite new): Show us what it is, tell us what it does and why you love, or loved it! It can be a new gadget you just bought too.

    -Post them on YouTube and send us the link! We'll do the rest. (Or possibly nothing, but that's unlikely.) Remember, videos should be just 2 to 3 minutes long! Low production value is fine, but we should be able to hear you and see you! If we select and show your video on The Giz Wiz you’ll a tiny amount of fame (hopefully), an autographed MAD magazine and a 35-year-old Alfred E. Neuman picture. So that's one more (so-so) reason to send in your video!

    IMPORTANT: We'll just shower you with praise for your video if you live outside the US or Canada since we can't afford to send stuff outside of those two places. (Thanks for understanding.)

    All show submissions go to


    Letter of the week: 

    Do you guys watch IFC's Portlandia?  This clip (1min 47sec) from Portlandia s07e10 reminded me of Chad's Crappy Corner.

    Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein call it "instant garbage," which they define as a product with that perfect combination of hassle and price which guarantees you won't bother to return our products. Hmm, I hear 5 Below calling me. 

    I thought it was funny and true. Still a GizWiz fan! Kelly