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    Giz Wiz Show 1735 July 11, 2019 Independent Show #217

    Wow! The Giz Wiz Show started year 13 overall & our 5th year of Independent Production! (First Giz Wiz show was February 20th, 2006.) Thanks to our wonderful Patreon supporters we continue on! If it wasn't for them, the Giz Wiz Show would be gone. If you'd like to support OMGchad & DickDe in our independent venture (we pay for everything ourselves, including travel) just click the Patreon link at the top of our show web page: http://www.gizwiz.tv/.  You can also contribute just once via the PayPal link that's there too. Thank you for doing that! Our show wouldn't exist without our viewer's support, but a bit more support would be a big help. Thanks from OMGchad & DickDe!

    On this week's show- Really Cheap Techie Things! Starting with two different really small USB Powered LED lights. I was looking for something techie for a buck on Amazon and I found these super bright 3 leds light source. They're small and portable, and have hole so can attach one to your keychain or a lanyard. Be aware they are NOT powered, and they don't have an on/off switch. But they can easily plug into USB power source such as a laptop, desktop, or you simple phone charger. So make them into a flashlight, or a way to have light on or behind or computer. A package of 10 USB led lamps is $9.99, so in theory they're almost under a buck!

    Amazon 3 USB LED lights: 10 for $9.99: https://amzn.to/2jKao2R

    After I bought the 3 LED lights above, I found something I like a lot better, for just a bit more money. I bought the HUAHA 10 pcs USB Mini LED Lights. These lights each have 6 LED's, and Smart Touch Electrodeless Dimming + on/off. All done with the touch of your finger. No, neither Chad or I know what Electroless dimming is.) They also have USB contacts on both sides so you can slide them in facing either way. But wait, there' more! You get 10 LED lights, but 5 are warm white +5 bright White. It's a great idea to have that choice. Amazon adds: Compatible with all standard USB device, power bank, mobile charger,computer or laptop. Sweet Reminder: This USB light is very bright if the lights are on the up side, it will generate little warm after working for long time,but it's normal, just take care when you touch it off.

    Amazon 6 Dimmable USB LED lights - 10 for $11.99 https://amzn.to/30oHu82  

    Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/fIvtQRZ6Ypo   

    See or hear this show: www.gizwiz.tv/episode/1735

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