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    Chad's Crappy Corner & His New Theme For June.

    Chad polled our loyal Patreon members and asked them to vote on his cheap theme for June. Their choice was “Cheap Summer Fun” gadgets!

    Chad's first Cheap Summer Fun gadget is Little Kids Candylicious Bubbles with Wand- they're bubbles you blow and eat!


    Here's what Amazon says about them: Blowing and catching bubbles have always been a fun activity. Now they also taste delicious with these great new bubbles by Little Kids. You can still blow tons of bubbles, but now you can create these great burst-able tasty spheres and pop them with your tongue. Each includes a characterized "Bubble Ninja" wand, and a scrumptious packet 20ML of bubble solution in the following flavors: Cherry, Grape, Bubble Gum, and Tutti-Frutti. Blow'em! Catch 'em! Eat 'em! Candylicious bubbles are made in the USA with FDA approved ingredients. Candylicious bubbles are non-toxic. The bubble solution contains no dyes and does not stain. Candylicious bubbles blow great bubbles, just like regular bubbles. The difference is the taste! Candylicious bubbles are delicious!


    And Chad's take: Chad liked these. You'll see him catch several on his tongue in this week's video. The one flavor Chad did not like was Chocolate. He said he tasted chemical-like. Chad bought his at Target for $3 a package. On Amazon, a four pack (which doesn't include chocolate) is less than a dollar more than 4 of them at the $3 each price.


    4 flavor pack. $12.87. Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Ltay71


    See or hear this episode: www.gizwiz.tv/episode/1678  


    Most Amazon links are GizWiz.Biz are affiliate links. You pay the same as everyone else, but Giz Wiz Biz gets a small credit to buy more stuff. Thank you.

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