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    Got ice? We do!

    If you live in a small apartment, you probably have a small refrigerator and that means not much ice. Well the Rosewill Compact Countertop Ice Makercan solve that problem. We bought one on Amazon and put it to the test. The first ice cubes appeared in about 8 minutes. They're more like ice-shaped bullets' that are hidden at the center. You start the process by pouring water into the unit and selecting 'large or small' cubes. It makes the cubes in little batches and takes like an hour or more to fill the small ice tray. But they chill drinks quickly and don't get stuck together when sitting in the ice tray. Since this is not connected to a water supply it's perfect for a small RV, boat, kitchen, etc. It just needs a 110V outlet that accepts a 3-prong plug. The case is mostly stainless steel with the rest what looks like a very decent plastic. The company says it's able to make 26.5 lb of small or large bullet-shaped ice cubes every 24 hours. It also has automatic stop producing function, when it senses the ice tray is full. The integrated storage bin holds 1.54 lb of ice. Price is all over the place. I saw 4 different prices on Amazon alone, so we bought it the lowest we saw there: $109.99 including tax and shipping. Warrantees are often a waste of money, but a four year one for just $14 seemed like a good deal – just $3.50 a year, so we bought that too. And now that we see the moving parts in the ice maker, we're glad to have a four year warrantee.

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    UPDATE! 8/29/17 - Woke up to no ice, just water in the machine. Unplugged it, emailed the company and within two hours they said it could be returned for a full refund. They emailed me a return label. Just for laughs, I plugged it back in. It's been making ice ever since. Since I have two weeks to return it, I'm watching it carefully, but will probably return it anyway. UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Decided to return it while the offer of a full refund was in effect. Amazon even returned the money I paid for the warantee since I return the ice maker within two weeks of telling them I had a problem. Will buy another one, but going to do some more research first.

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