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    Chad is one of the first to try out Monoprice's under $160 3D Printer!

    Yes, this week Chad's get to review a gadget he's very excited about.

    Chad got to try out the new Monoprice MP Mini Delta 3D Printer. They call it the lowest price professional quality 3D printer in the world. Here's some info from Monoprice: Auto bed leveling. The delta self-calibrates before every print, so you will never have to struggle with bed leveling. It arrives fully Assembled, ready to print right out of the box. It comes as a unibody, all-metal construction, that requires no hardware to put together. Simply attach the filament holder, load the filament and you're ready to print! And you won't be locked into one maker of filament. You can use any 1.75mm filament from any of the leading brands, including Monoprice’s own. And there's a heated print bed. The heated build plate maintains a temperature from 50-100°C to improve print quality and reliability with different filaments. It's also removable, making it easy to remove your finished print. And now back to the Giz Wiz: The printer is only $159.99 and is already wildly popular. It reached 700% of its Indiegogo goal within its first week. As of 8/18/17 it wasn't on sale to the general public yet, but units are shipping to the original backers on Indiegogo. You can sign up to be put on the list to get one at the link below.

    And Chad's take? Chad likes this 3D printer a lot! But, he says you really have to know something about 3D printers to get the most out of it. Chad said there was some set-up needed before using it and he did have to consult other websites and 3D printer groups to find answers to questions he had about the MP Mini Delta 3D. With that said, Chad could hardly believe a 3D printer so well built, and so versatile would only cost $159.99. Watch this week's show for all of Chad's comments and to see some 3D models he already built with the new Monoprice printer.


    Monoprice Link: https://mpminidelta.monoprice.com/


    See or hear this show: www.gizwiz.tv/episode/1636

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