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    Two Small, But Very Useful Marine Gadgets.

    Snap Tool Multi-Key. Davis calls this their deck plate key with attitude! Many tools in one, this new multi-key wants to go along on your next outdoor adventure! The Snap Tool Multi-Key is a pocket-sized stainless steel tool that is handy, universal, and strong–-perfect for all outdoor activities. It's Many Tools in One: A deck plate key that fits most caps: water, fuel, and waste. •Un-Snap Canvas Snaps/Snap Canvas Snaps: Handling button snaps made easy, especially on shrunken canvas or corroded snaps •Zipper Puller: Tames stiff, sticky oroxidized zippers •Cutting Tool: Fishing line, paracord, webbing, cardboard boxes, emergency use •Hex Wrench: Popular sizes: 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, and 1/2 inch •Screwdrivers: Both Phillips and slot
    •Scraper: Removes labels, tape, dry paint •Pin Shackle Key: Titghtens or loosens pins on most galvanized anchor shackles and stainless steel pin shackles •And of course, A Bottle Opener! MSRP $12.99

    It was here for a $1.50 more ($14.59 as of 5/24/17) on Amazon with free Prime 2-day shipping for Prime Members, and a bit cheaper if look on the right side of this page: 

    Company website: 

    Giz Wiz Video: 

    And of course, Davis is famous for ----

    The self-inflating Key Buoy.  It can help can end the nightmare of keys dropped overboard. Even if your keys are on the Key Buoy, if you drop them into the drink, they disappear from view. But wait about 30 seconds to a minute and your keys start to be retreived from the bottom. Once you see that inflated orange tube breaking the surface you have approximately 25 minutes to grab them. (It starts to deflate after about 30 minutes.) I wondered how it worked. The guys at the Davis Instrument booth were happy to explain. When you drop the Key Buoy in the water, a tiny piece of sponge inside the device expands and forces the plastic clam shell to open. When it opens, a tightly folded 14” plastic tube is released. Then a small tablet which contains baking soda dissolves. This creates a gas that fills the tube that floats your keys. The package says the Key Buoy is suitable for items weighing up to 2.8 ounces. That's about as many as 5 keys. Davis Instruments said you can even attach them to other things that often fall in the water like the water fill or gas cap key providing it doesn't weight more than 2.8 ounces. We that in this week's photo shoot for World News Now and it did work. These are single use devices, but cost $7 TO $10. And if it saves your keys, I think you'll say it's worth it! This gadget has been around for a long time, but I figured a lot of people probably don't know about, so I'm showing it again. As reporters say: If you never saw it before, it's a 'new gadget'!

    Company website:


    Giz Wiz Video: (same as video above for Multi-Key)


    It's on Amazon for under $6.00, but not Amazon Prime members. (Price as of 6/16/17)


    Davis Instruments Key Buoy

     Giz Wiz link. You pay whatever the Amazon price normally is, and Giz Wiz Biz gets a small credit to buy more stuff to show on the air.


    See or hear this show:

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