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    Chad's Crappy Corner & Two More Gadgets For His Theme For June, 2017.

    Chad came up with a different idea for the June theme. He polled our loyal Patreon members and had them vote of a type of store Chad where should buy all the gadgets for the month of June. That way listeners would have a better chance of finding the same item Chad reviewed at a store near them. Our Patreon members picked “Large Drug Store Chains” as the place Chad should find Cheap Gadgets for June. So at his local Walgreen's Drug Store Chad bought two gadgets.

    The Rapid Brownie Baker is said to be the world's fastest and easiest way to bake brownies! Everyone loves fresh baked goods, but precise measurements, long bake times, and dirty dishes can be major turn offs. This product solves all of these problems! The Rapid Brownie Easy Ingredient Box uses fill lines to take measuring and guess work completely out of the equation. The Rapid Brownie Baker Pan then bakes perfect brownies in the microwave in just 3:30 minutes! $4.99 is what Chad paid at Walgreen's, but it's a buck more on Amazon, but did get pretty good reviews.



    And Chad's take? The Rapid Brownie Baker turned out to work better than the Beer Chiller Stick. As you'll see in the video, Chad mixed all the ingredients in the one measuring container and then baked the brownies in the provided baking dish. And yes in 3:30 minutes he had baked brownies, although they didn't raise newly as high as shown in the box photo. Chad said they tasted pretty good right out of the oven, but after a while became as hard as a brick! So eat them fast.


    Beer Chill Stick


    First the hype: Gone are the days of warm beers! Hoorah we hear you say. This incredible invention allows you to instantly cool your beer whilst you drink from it and don't worry it stays cold until the very last sip. To use, freeze your Chill Stick for about an hour. Before use take a drink of beer to make room for the Chill Stick. Insert the Chill Stick into the bottle. Press firmly to create a tight seal. Note: Use caution when first inserting as some beers may foam up slightly. Enjoy your cold beer from the first sip to the last. A 2-pack was $8.99 on Amazon & Amazon Prime on 6/15/17



    And Chad's take? Chad didn't have as much luck with the Beer Chill Stick. He followed the instructions and found it made the beer less warm, but not chilled. Perhaps the use would be to keep cold beer colder longer by inserting the Chill Stick right after removing a beer from the refrigerator. Chad paid $7.99 for his at Walgreens. I couldn't find it on the Walgreen's website, but I found what looks like the same items on Amazon for a bit less. Two of them for $8.99. (Link above.)  


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