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    Chad's Crappy Corner & His Theme For April, 2017, "Magnetic Gadgets!"

    Chad polled our amazing Patreon members and asked them to vote on a theme for April. Their choice: “Cheap Magnetic Gadgets!”

    Chad's pick this week is (Endlessly titled on Amazon) BEST MAGNETIC USB CHARGING CABLE, Perfected 3rd Generation Cord by Spherecalls, 2 in 1 Micro and Mini 8 Pin, #1 Charge Cable to Suit iPhone and Android, Does Not Support Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, Silver


    Here's some of what Amazon says about it: Effortlessly connect your device for charging or data syncing. Use our magnetic charge cable to create absolute convenience when charging your device, our usb charge cord connection acts as a dust plug to protect your device from things such as pocket lint, the magnetic function has been designed to disconnect from your device when it is tripped over to prevent your device dropping off the table top, it also offers ease when connecting your device in the dark! Our Magnetic Charge cable comes standard with 1 Micro USB Connection and 1 Mini 8 Pin Connection. 1m in length. LED light to indicate connection to charger – Green when fully charged and Blue whilst charging. Allows for fast charging with an input of Max 2.4A


    And Chad's take: Chad (and a lot of the folks in the chatroom, including me) like this magnetic device.) Although someone in the reviews claimed the magnetic power wasn't was very strong, Chad showed us how he could pick up his iPhone just using the cable. (For demo purposes, not recommended to do!) It's a breeze to charge your device once you insert the proper (iOS or microUSB dongle) into your phone. You get one of each, there is no choice to get 2 of one kind. Chad found two small drawbacks. The cables are on the short-side, 40” or 3.3 meters according to several reviewers. And although the company says the LED is blue while charging and green when charged, Chad found his LED was green all the time. Outside of that, all was good, and the price is pretty good too. $14.95. So far there is no USB-C option.


    Amazon link: (Chad pointed out, there are other options there too, but this is one he showed.)


    See your hear this show:


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