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    Chad's Crappy Corner & His Final 'Cheap Security Gadget' - His Theme For March, 2017

    For this show Chad's picked as his final security gadget for March: The Clear Dash HD Dash Cam.  

    Here's what Amazon says about The Clear Dash HD. Capture every ride from start to finish. With the full HD, Clear Dash HD make it their word against your video. Clear Dash HD records audio and video for 14 hours and supports up to a 32 GB SD memory card. (8 gig SD card included.) 2.5" Video Screen Mounts easily- 360° Pivot. Super Wide, HD- Vivid 120° Wide-Angle View. Clear Dash HD mounts easily on any windshield, plugs right into your car charger and starts with ignition. It is even motion activated while you are in park. As of 3/30/17 it was $15.99 + $4.89 shipping.




    And Chad's take. Chad bought his Clear Dash HD Dash Cam at a brick and mortar establishment and paid about $30. As you'll see in the video, although it's more than $150 cheaper than his normal dash cam, it seems the difference in price is really noticeable. The Clear Dash HD has a lot of features in the ad, that don't add up to much. The Vivid 120-degree wide angle lens isn't very wide when you compare it to Chad's high end dash cam. As a matter of fact most of the other dash cams on Amazon have a much wider view. The cheaper Clear Dash video is brownish and blurry. Chad also said the instructions are bad and the user interface is far from user-friendly. And when we looked at the Amazon page you'll see it got about two stars out of five and lots of complaints. So if you need more convincing just watch this week's show! One possible plus is that the cam can be set for "motion activation' so you might be able to use it a security cam. But you'd have to hope you'll be able to make out the face of the person or persons who set if off.


    See or hear this show: www.gizwiz.tv/episode/1616

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